Yokaw, Ameek!  

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Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Night of Shadows
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Night of Shadows Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

You can obtain this task from Nikao Twiga in Firefall Pass. You can find Nikao Twiga at /waypoint 693, -61, 4. He/she is on the find tool as well CTRL F.

You say, 'Hail, Nikao Twiga'

Nikao Twiga jumps in fright. She nearly trips and falls into the crevasse.

Nikao Twiga says, 'K-k-KWEEEEE! Loma, za'bu unana Twiga! [Please]....'

You say, 'Please calm down!'

Nikao Twiga says, 'Y-you talk? Aiee, skii na glim. Twiga is so scared since the [big rock shaking]. Everything wants to eat Twiga!'

You say, 'Big rock shaking?'

Nikao Twiga says, 'Miya! Yes! Not long ago, the walls around Twiga and the other [Onokiwans] started to shake and fall. It sounded like the roar of a big [beast] made the stones burst! Twiga came here to see the big, broken rock.'

You say, 'Who are the Onokiwans?'

Nikao Twiga says, 'Onokiwans are Twiga's family. Muma loa Paebala naya ono kiwan. In Twiga's [language], ono means 'no' and kiwan means 'home.' We are Paebala with no home. Old, old, old Onokiwans, a long time ago, came here. We have lived here ever since.'

You say, 'Did you see the beast?'

Nikao Twiga says, 'Twiga only heard it. Onokiwans have so many other [problems]. There is no time to worry about the roar.'

You say, 'Why you can speak the common language?'

Nikao Twiga says, 'Old Onokiwans needed to know the common tongue to help them travel. It was important to them, so we still teach it to younglings today.'

You say, 'What kind of problems?'

Nikao Twiga says, 'So. Many. Problems. Old, old, old Onokiwans travelled across the Outside, but one day became trapped in a rock.' She points to the rock wall to her right. 'There was no way to leave until the big rock shaking broke it. So... this is the first time any currently living Onokiwans have seen the [Outside]. Many are scared. But...' Nikao Twiga points to the dark sky. 'Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? There is so much to love here.'

You say, 'You've never been outside?'

Nikao Twiga says, 'Miya. We never imagined the Outside would look like this. It has caused many problems. Maybe because you are an Outsider, you can help! You must know so much! This is the best idea Twiga has ever had. Keep walking up this hill. The Onokiwan cave is on the right. Give Za'Aknila Tikus a big 'Yokaw!' for Twiga. That means 'hello.' He will let you into the [cave]! Do not scare him like you scared Twiga, yiyiyiyi.'

You say, 'I will go to the cave.'

You have been assigned the task 'Yokaw, Ameek!'.

Nikao Twiga says, 'Kwee! Skii mu, Outsider! Twiga thinks you and Twiga could be ameeks. That means 'friend,' yiyiyi.'

A powerful earthquake ravaged in Firefall Pass and cleaved one of its many mountains in half. This came as a great shock to the Onokiwans, a tribe of ratfolk who lived their entire lives within the confines of a cave deep within said mountain. Though they had heard about the "Outside" before, nothing could prepare them for this new reality. The earthquake also wrecked their homes. Tunnels collapsed and belongs were lost in rubble. They've cleaned a substantial amount of the mess, but a cheerful rat named Twiga thinks there's a log you could help with.

  • 1. Meet Za`Aknila Tikus 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Speak to Za`Aknila Tikus, who is guarding the entrance to the Onokiwan cave.

    You say, 'Hail, Za`Aknila Tikus'

    Za`Aknila Tikus hisses before you finish your greeting. 'Ika! IKA! Tikus wo midennar mu stou mu jugin yuut.' He points his [weapon] at you.

    You say, 'Put down your weapon! Twiga sent me! Yokaw!'

    Za`Aknila Tikus sniffs you intensely. 'You smell... gross. Yucky. Flug. Crowa. Tikus does not trust bad smells. But if Twiga sent you... and you spoke in rat language....' He scowls. 'Grawk! Tikus trusts Twiga, even if Tikus does not like you. Outsider, tell me why you have come to our [cave]? To eat us? To help? Tell Tikus the truth!'

    You say, 'Twiga told me I could help with problems in the cave.'

    Za`Aknila Tikus says, 'Tikus does not believe you. But... if the Outsider IS telling the truth... help would be nice....' Za'Aknila Tikus grits his teeth. 'Grawk. Tikus cannot say 'no' to help. You may go into our cave, but Tikus is watching you. Talk to Za'Aknila Kingi. Kingi is usually around the mushrooms. [Kingi] will know who needs help.'

    You say, 'I will talk to Kingi.'

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Za`Aknila Tikus points at his eyes, then points at you. 'Tikus is watching, Outsider.'

  • 2. Meet Za`Aknila Kingi 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Ask Za'Aknila Kingi if there's anything you can help with.

    You say, 'Hail, Za`Aknila Kingi'

    Za`Aknila Kingi says, 'An ameek from the Outside? Skii na glim. Many Onokiwans are suspicious of the Outside, but Kingi thinks it will make our lives better. The old, old, old Onokiwans sometimes wrote about scary things on the Outside, but so many other things sound beautiful and good. The sky, the stars, lakes, flowers, and chocolate! Maybe when the other Onokiwans meet you, they will see that the Outside can be [good].'

    You say, 'What good can I do?'

    Za`Aknila Kingi says, 'The Za'Aknila are here to help Onokiwans with problems, but there are more [problems] than there are Za'Aknila. Kingi is busy checking on our moosh after the big rock shaking, and Za'Aknila Tikus is busy with our defenses. Za'Aknila Jolla is helping in the Room of Many Things, and Za'Aknila Kweena... Aieee, where is Kweena?'

    You say, 'I can help with some problems.'

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Za`Aknila Kingi says, 'Aakaka. Thank you, Outsider. Because of the big rock shaking, many Onokiwan things are broken or lost. We have cleaned up a lot, but many rats still need help. Kingi knows that Marshee Plinter needs help. Will you speak to him? Plinter is watching some of our ratlings, to Kingi's left.'

  • 3. Meet Marshee Plinter 0/1 Firefall Pass
    See what you can help Marshee Plinter with.

    You say, 'Hail, Marshee Plinter'

    Marshee Plinter looks like he's on the brink of tears. 'Aieeeeee! Glim, miwa Plinter. Have you [seen] a small, sparkly rock? It is round and purple. It is the ratlings' favorite toy. The big rock shaking made it roll away and Plinter cannot find it anywhere. Now the ratlings are going crazy! They will not stop talking. They jump everywhere. They climb on Plinter. Outsider, please. Please!

    You say, 'I haven't seen it.'

    Marshee Plinter says, 'Ono, ono, ono. Plinter is begging you, Outsider. Please help. Plinter thinks that maybe another ratling picked up the rock, and that is why Plinter cannot find it. But Plinter must stay here and watch this group. Will you talk to the [ratlings] in the cave and ask about the rock?'

    You say, 'Who are the ratlings?'

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Marshee Plinter says, 'Aieeeeee. Outsider... are your eyes broken? Ratlings. Little rats. Onokiwan children. They look smaller than a normal Onokiwan. They are all around the cave. Please talk to them and find the rock, then bring it back to Plinter. Most of them are still very bad at common. Plinter hopes this is not a problem.' (

    For this step, talk to Peonie. She can be found at /waypoint 1233, -779, 41.

  • 4. Ask the Onokiwan rat children if they've seen Marshee Plinter's lost toy 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Talk to the young rats in the cave and see if you can find the missing toy.

    You say, 'Hail, Peonie'

    Peonie fidgets nervously. 'Purple, shiny rock? Peonie has not seen it....' She hides her hands behind her [back].

    You say, 'What's behind your back?'

    Peonie refuses to make eye contact with you. 'Er... um... Peonie no speak [common]?'

    You say, 'You just spoke to me in common.'

    Peonie stays [silent].

    You say, 'You can't just be silent.'

    You have been given: Marshee Plinter's Missing Toy

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Peonie tears well up in her eyes and she reveals the rock from behind her back. 'Ika, ika, ika. Peonie does have the rock. Peonie never gets to [play] with the other ratlings so Peonie was eya excited when she saw the rock on the ground. Please give it back to the others and tell them Peonie is sorry. Eya shilo.'

    You say, 'Can you ask them to play with you?'

    Peonie says, 'Aieee... Peonie will be a Nikao when Peonie grows up, so Peonie's mother says Peonie must study a lot.' She sighs. 'Peonie is sorry again for the trouble.'

  • 5. Give the toy back to Marshee Plinter 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Return the missing toy to Marshee Plinter.

    You offered 1 Marshee Plinter's Missing Toy to Marshee Plinter.

    You have been given: Smashed Necklace Chain

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Marshee Plinter says, 'Aakakaka, kwee! Skii na glim. Skii na Outsider! You are Plinter's hero. Plinter hopes you can help with one other thing. When Plinter was looking for the purple rock, Plinter found this in a pile of stones. Plinter does not know what it is, and that means it is probably from our Room of Many Things. Nikao Lingwa might know what it is. She is right across the room. Could you give it to her?'

    You complete the trade with Marshee Plinter.

  • 6. Deliver the mashed necklace chain to Nikao Lingwa 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Bring the smashed necklace chain to Nikao Lingwa.

    You offered 1 Smashed Necklace Chain to Nikao Lingwa.

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Nikao Lingwa says, 'Kwee! Where did you get this? This is from our Room of Many Things! But... Ono, ono, ono. It is broken. Nikao Storia will be so mad. There should be a sparkly, orange gem in the middle. If we find it, Lingwa can fix this and return it to the Room of Many Things. Outsider, you said Marshee Plinter found the chain in a pile of stones? There is still lots of rubble from the big rock shaking. Can you search through some of the piles, like the one to Lingwa's left, and find the gem? Glim, miwa Lingwa if we cannot find it.'

    You complete the trade with Nikao Lingwa.

    (Additional dialogue if you hail Nikao Lingwa again: You say, 'Hail, Nikao Lingwa'
    Nikao Lingwa says, 'Outsider, ika, ika! Have you found the gem yet? No? Aieeeee. Loma nikao mi. The chain looks scratched and dirty from being under rocks, so Lingwa is sure the gem must be lost in a pile of rubble too.')

  • 7. Look for the sparkling, orange gem somewhere in the rocks 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Dig through piles of rubble and look for a sparkling, orange gem.

    For this part, circle around the large room of rats and click on the small rocks that form rings around the room. Eventually the task will update and "Orange Onokiwan Gem" will appear on your cursor.

    You rummage through the rocks and find the sparkling, orange gem that Nikao Lingwa described!

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

  • 8. Deliver the orange gem to Nikao Lingwa 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Deliver the orange gem to Nikao Lingwa

    You offered 1 Orange Onokiwan Gem to Nikao Lingwa.

    You have been given: Supposedly a Fishing Rod

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Nikao Lingwa snatches the gem excitedly. 'Kweeeee! Outsider! You are Lingwa's hero! Now, Lingwa just needs to push this... loop that... pull there....' Nikao Lingwa deftly places the gem back into the necklace chain. 'Ona! It is fixed! Our [fishing rod]!' She holds it up confidently. 'Please give it back to Nikao Storia!'

    You complete the trade with Nikao Lingwa.

    You say, 'That's not a fishing rod.'

    Nikao Lingwa says, 'It is not? But the old, old, old Onokiwans were eya clear. A fishing rod has a strong string with something shiny on the end to catch fish. Lingwa still does not know what a fish is, but there is no way that this thing is not fishing rod. You are so silly, Outsider. Yiyiyiyiyi. Now, please deliver this to Nikao Storia! Skii mu!'

  • 9. Deliver the necklace that is definitely not a fishing rod to Nikao Storia 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Nikao Lingwa seems to think that this necklace is a fishing rod. She's wrong, but either way, return it to Nikao Storia in the Room of Many Things.

    You offered 1 Supposedly a Fishing Rod to Nikao Storia.

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Nikao Storia gasps. 'Storia has been looking for this! Skii mu! It is a little damaged, taka mi ka thwam. Our Room of Many Things would not be the same without this fishing rod. It is so popular to look at! The Room is still missing a few things, though. One is a bird sculpture that Wakkadon Muru borrowed. Could you ask Muru to return the sculpture?

    You complete the trade with Nikao Storia.

  • 10. Ask Wakkadon Muru to return the bird sculpture 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Find Wakkadon Muru and retrieve the bird sculpture from him.

    You say, 'Hail, Wakkadon Muru'

    Wakkadon Muru bursts into tears the second he lays eyes on you. 'GRAWK! This is just Muru's luck. First Muru loses the [bird sculpture], now Muru will be eaten by a monster from the Outside. Do it fast, Outsider. Muru joyo tom dennar shooom. Glim, kina fwee tom Muru. Muru joyo tom wek tom uw oploya kiwan.'

    You say, 'I don't want to eat you, I just want the bird sculpture.'

    Wakkadon Muru says, 'T-t-the Outsider does not want to eat Muru? Kwee... you are a very nice monster. Taka, Muru ka allon aknila. Nikao Storia will likely kill Muru if you do not. Muru ka eya wabbo when Muru saw a bird outside. Muru za'plik believe that it looked just like the sculpture! So, Muru asked Storia if Muru could borrow the sculpture. Muru wanted to [compare] it to a real bird....'

    You say, 'Did you compare them?'

    Wakkadon Muru says, 'Aieeee. Miya. Muru went into the Outside to compare them, but a big, real bird attacked Muru and took the sculpture from Muru's hands! Muru was so surprised! In all the old stories, birds are nice and small! This one was so big and mean! Aiee, Muru will never [get] the sculpture back. Storia wo midennar Muru!'

    You say, 'I can get it back.'

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Wakkadon Muru clasps your hands and jumps for joy. 'You can!? Kwee! You are the nicest monster from the Outside that Muru has met!' He points north. 'The bird attacked Muru over there. While you are there, Wakkadon Polpetto is also having trouble with birds. You can help both of us at the same time, if you want? There is an old saying from the Outside... tila! Muru remembers. 'You can kill two birds with one stone,' yiyiyiyi. Do whatever you want to do, Muru only cares about the sculpture, yiyiyi.'

  • 11. Kill hawks and find the lost sculpture 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Slay the birds outside the Onokiwan cave and find the lost sculpture.

    --You have looted an Onokiwan Bird Sculpture from a Firefall falcon's corpse.--

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

  • 12. Return the bird sculpture to Nikao Storia 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Return the bird sculpture to Nikao Storia.

    You offered 1 Onokiwan Bird Sculpture to Nikao Storia.

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    Nikao Storia says, 'Skii mu, skii mu! Finally, the Room of Many Things is now completely restored after the big rock shaking. Skii na glim. Storia cannot think of anything else you can help with. Maybe you should check with Za'Aknila Kingi again. Kina thwam, Outsider.'

    You complete the trade with Nikao Storia

  • 13. Tell Za'Aknila Kingi you've finished helping 0/1 Firefall Pass
    Speak with Za'Aknila Kingi.

    You say, 'Hail, Za`Aknila Kingi'

    Your task 'Yokaw, Ameek!' has been updated.

    The energy of the rats in the cave feels a little bit less frantic than before.

    You receive 4 copper .
    You receive 8 silver .
    You receive 177 platinum .
    You have gained 1 mercenary ability point(s)! You now have 13 mercenary ability point(s).
    You have gained 24 ability point(s)! You now have 200 ability point(s).
    You gain experience! (0.000%)

    Za`Aknila Kingi says, 'Yokaw, Outsideer ameek! Kingi has heard that you helped with so many problems since you arrived. Muma skii mu. You will always be welcome in our cave. Please visit any time to relax or help us. Many Onokiwans are eager to speak to you, but are very shy. It would make them eya, eya pallo to talk with you.'

    177 platinum 8 silver 4 copper
    You gain experience!
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    Additional info
    # Dec 08 2022 at 9:37 AM Rating: Decent
    240 posts
    Bird sculptures are not pre-lootable. Updates when you loot on that step. Handing to npc or pet & cancelling trade doesn't work. Best to do the bird killing mercenary kill 6 at same time you're on the loot sculpture part of other quest so you don't have to backtrack & kill again.

    Step 12 is hand sculpture to Nikao Storia.
    Step 13 is hail Za`Aknila Kingi to finish.
    Yellow text- "The energy of the rats in the cave feels a little bit less frantic than before."
    No visible rewards but green completion.
    Orange Gem Location
    # Dec 06 2022 at 5:50 PM Rating: Good
    46 posts
    Not sure if it's a static location or not, but I had 3 toons all get the gem from 1146.04, -677.70, 41.09
    Orange Gem Location
    # Jan 03 2023 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    Definitely the right and only spot (so far)
    Min Level Requirement
    # Dec 06 2022 at 4:44 PM Rating: Good
    46 posts
    I tried to get this with my 119 Ranger and received an insufficient level message. My lvl 120 toons got it with no problem
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