Tetorau Xi Xundraux [ Melee Tomes ]  


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  • This mob spawns at the far southeast corner of the zone behind a fake wall behind Horfitz.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Tetorau Xi Xundraux'

Tetorau Xi Xundraux says, 'Our efforts to recover lost [artifacts] of Luclin have been met with peril, but I think you will find our wares worthwhile.'

You say, 'artifacts'

Tetorau Xi Xundraux says, 'Aye, the artifacts we find were discovered mostly in the wake of the Maiden's Scar. The storm that ravaged this area from long ago.'

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 120
Expansion: Terror of Luclin
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Goods sold (58):
icon Tome: Agitating Smoke 5648pp 6gp 9sp 9cp
icon Tome: Ambuscade 4963pp 1gp 5sp
icon Tome: Armor of Akhevan Runes 4910pp 9gp 7sp
icon Tome: Axe of Xin Diabo 5549pp 9gp 1sp 5cp
icon Tome: Axe of the Conqueror 4893pp 1gp 8sp 4cp
icon Tome: Baleful Aim Discipline 4962pp 2sp 8cp
icon Tome: Beguile 5461pp 9gp 1sp
icon Tome: Blinding Candescence 5052pp 1gp 6sp 7cp
icon Tome: Blinding Frenzy 5602pp 2gp 9sp 8cp
icon Tome: Bloodwalker's Synergy 4929pp 9gp 4sp 1cp
icon Tome: Breath of Stillness 5351pp 1gp 5sp
icon Tome: Brightfeld's Onslaught Discipline 5090pp 6gp 1sp 7cp
icon Tome: Bristle 5270pp 3gp 1sp 2cp
icon Tome: Buffeting of Fists 5559pp 1gp 9cp
icon Tome: Buttressed Frenzy 5497pp 1gp 8sp
icon Tome: Counterblow Discipline 5509pp 1sp 8cp
icon Tome: Disciplined Reflexes 5056pp 7gp 3sp 2cp
icon Tome: Dragon's Poise 5145pp 7gp 2cp
icon Tome: Dreamwhisper Apparition 5001pp 7gp 4sp 5cp
icon Tome: Echo of Flinching 5344pp 7gp 6sp 5cp
icon Tome: Exotoxin Discipline 5396pp 2gp 9sp 6cp
icon Tome: Exploitive Strike 5446pp 4gp 6sp 3cp
icon Tome: Foolish Mark 4927pp 4gp 5sp 5cp
icon Tome: Frothing Rage 5057pp 8gp 6sp 2cp
icon Tome: Full Moon's Champion 5623pp 3gp 9sp 6cp
icon Tome: Gutsy Escape 5674pp 2gp 3sp 6cp
icon Tome: Hurricane Blades 5442pp 6gp 7sp 2cp
icon Tome: Instinctive Retaliation 5281pp 2gp 7sp 6cp
icon Tome: Jarring Impact 5401pp 3gp 9sp 5cp
icon Tome: Jugular Rend 5104pp 7gp 1sp 6cp
icon Tome: Lance 5264pp 8gp 2sp 5cp
icon Tome: Levincrash Defense Discipline 5685pp 7gp 5cp
icon Tome: Maiming Axe Throw 5258pp 7gp 8sp
icon Tome: Namdrows' Roar 5002pp 7gp 4sp 4cp
icon Tome: Netherbian Blade 5356pp 6gp 6sp 2cp
icon Tome: Night's Calming 4988pp 6gp 1sp 3cp
icon Tome: Obfuscated Blade 5430pp 7gp 4sp 2cp
icon Tome: Oppressing Frenzy 4898pp 3gp 8sp 5cp
icon Tome: Perforate 5496pp 8gp 5sp 2cp
icon Tome: Precise Dagger-Throw 5271pp 5gp 3sp
icon Tome: Primal Defense 5598pp 7gp 5sp
icon Tome: Primed Retaliation 4950pp 4gp 5sp 5cp
icon Tome: Pulverizing Volley 5415pp 3gp 1sp 1cp
icon Tome: Repeal Death 5655pp 6gp 4sp 5cp
icon Tome: Resolute Stand 5251pp 7gp 2sp 1cp
icon Tome: Shadowstrike 5584pp 1gp 6sp 6cp
icon Tome: Shared Violence 5570pp 5gp 1sp
icon Tome: Sting of the Netherbian 5008pp 7gp 6sp 4cp
icon Tome: Stinging Incision 4933pp 5gp 7sp 8cp
icon Tome: Swift Punch 5089pp 9sp 3cp
icon Tome: Technique of the Lunar Fist 5448pp 4gp 4sp 2cp
icon Tome: Temple Shatter 5293pp 7gp 7sp 3cp
icon Tome: Tendon Shred 4962pp 8gp 8sp 6cp
icon Tome: Twilight Shout 5296pp 4sp 3cp
icon Tome: Unrelenting Attention 5067pp 1gp 6sp 5cp
icon Tome: Unseeable Discipline 5134pp 6gp 9sp 7cp
icon Tome: Vicious Whirl 5118pp 5gp 1sp 1cp
icon Tome: Warrior's Aegis 5412pp 3gp 3cp

Known Habitats:
  Maiden's Eye - ToL

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