Kirak Vil  


Uploaded July 24th, 2007

say "I am a paladin" to get him to attack.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 56
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-05-04 22:14:20

Known Habitats:
  Nektulos Forest
Factions Increased:
  Emerald Warriors +2
Factions Decreased:
  Dark Bargainers -30
  Dreadguard Inner -50
  Dreadguard Outer -200
  Indigo Brotherhood -20

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Not that tough anymore (TLP)
# Aug 22 2018 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
Took this guy down on Coirnaiv TLP server today, with:
51 pally (hack, bash, heal and taking the hits)
53 druid (dots, and heals)
56 bard (Tash- with journeyman staff, slow, haste and manasong)

Made sure to buff up before fight.

Pally is currently a little shy of 400 ac, and he did hit rather hard, but once slow landed, the pally could pretty much keep him self up.
Faction Hits
# Mar 01 2015 at 6:13 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Dreadguard Outer: -200
Dark Bargainers: -30
Indigo Brotherhood: -20
Dreadguard Inner: -50
Emerald Warriors: +2
Spawn Time
# Jan 16 2013 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
He seems to respawn around 30-45 minutes. We did 2 Paladins in the space of an hour, this evening. We're on Vox.
Kirak Vil
# Oct 23 2009 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
kirak vil doing attack if you say him "i am a paladin".
his dialogue
# Jul 22 2008 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
Kirak Vil judges you amiably -- he appears to be quite formidable.

You say, 'Hail, Kirak Vil'

Kirak Vil says 'Begone from my sight, whelp! Do not try my patience or I may forget my quest and slay you where you stand. I seek the challenge of a [hypocrite] today.'

You say, 'what hypocrite?'

Kirak Vil says 'Need you ask? This day I will slay one of those self-righteous Paladins and earn the rank of Dragoon!
Bored out of my mind
# Jun 15 2008 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
June 16, 2008 Povar

Waiting for this guy to spawn. Have been here all day and haven't seen him on track at all. I'm camped right between Neriak ent and Wizzy port in. Can anyone tell me when the last time this guy was killed?
16 May 08
# May 16 2008 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
Solo'd with a 70 pally. Loaded Serene Command and Force of Akilee for the chain stuns when he tried to run. Mob died at 830 pm Central.
Spawn Time
# Jun 02 2007 at 3:18 PM Rating: Decent
Hiya I have been trying to get this Guy for about 3weeks and Never see him up.. I have a ranger camped there watching for him On Povar. What is his Spawn timer?? I have seen 7days 10days and 24hrs?? Can anyone let me know What it is? Thanks
Play safe kill fast and if u die It's not my fault..
# Jan 14 2007 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
Deaded on Stromm at 15:34:59, Jan 14 2007.

Went to solo him with my 66 pally; his DPS was low (20-40), but his regen was very high. Lacking the patience, I ran to POK and put together a group of a bard, mage and wizzy. Dude went down in 56 seconds.

Without the crazy regen, Kirak has closer to a base of 20,000 hitpoints (my log parsed 20,835).
Kirak Vil Facts
# Nov 30 2006 at 12:57 PM Rating: Decent

11.30.2006 -

Kirak Vil spawns in front of Neriak, he will path to the left and right of the Neriak entrance. He does not appear to path anywhere else in the zone, which makes finding him (if you do not have a tracker) rather easy.

-- F A C T S --

Approximate Hitpoints: 30,000-40,000

Aggressive? No. You must hail him and say, 'I am a Paladin' (Note: you must be a paladin in order to get him to agro you.)

Hits For: 83 was his lowest hit, 149 was his highest hit on my 70 Drakkin Warrior.

Regen: When Kirak Vil gets low on hitpoints, he will walk away from you. His regeneration rate is rather high, as he can regenerate about 1-2% hitpoints every second (even while you still have him in attack mode)

Soloable? Yes. I had my Paladin speak with him, and then I pulled the Paladin off once he became aggressive.

Spawn timer? I am told the spawn time on this NPC is approximately 7 Days. However, I cannot verify this information at this time. It took me approximately 3 days to find him up and alive.

Cons? Cons will take an army to defeat, light blue to 69.


Hope this helps everyone.
# Nov 16 2006 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
Killed him today on MS server, he was standing near Neriak zoneline, took him down and at the end of the fight I had 93pct health.
Almost soloed
# Aug 27 2006 at 3:45 AM Rating: Decent
Killed Friday morning 8/25/06 around 7am est.

Almost soloedthis guy. He is pretty easy for a 65 Pal. I had little trouble getting him down to 20% health, but after that it gets har4d. He is very resistant to greater imobalization spell. And his regen is so nad that it when he runs it iis hard to do significant damage to him.

He will run untill killed/rooted/ or he hits 50% health again. and his regen makes it very posable for that to happen. I had him around 20% for a good hour before someone passing through helped me finish him off.

I did start out with my vetran spells. main ly the Steadfast servant for heals. But that only lasted 30 minutes. And he doesn't run to the guards either in his treck around the zone, but he does summon if you root him. 2 people of about 65 should be cake for this guy.
Trivial Loot Code??
# May 28 2006 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
Hi all,

We just killed him today 28/05 on Firiona Vie. We were 4...Pally 66, Cleric 70, Bst 70 and druid 50. He was dark blue to all except of course for druid that was red. Problem is we got a Trivial Loot Code..that doesnt suppose to happened till the mob cons green...or max light blue...Someone have information about that??

Lady Aelwene
Lord Protector of Tunare
Trivial Loot Code??
# Jul 16 2006 at 12:15 AM Rating: Good
76 posts
"Just would like to clarify, now that they have revamped Nektulos, Kirak Vil is non-aggro unless a paladin says, "I am a paladin" to him.

Edit: As a side note, any paladins on the FV server should be in a raid formation to kill Kirak, he is currently trivialing even though he is dark blue >.<

Edited, Thu Apr 6 16:26:04 2006"

From the Fiery Defender Quest Thread.
Trivial Loot Code??
# Jan 11 2007 at 4:21 AM Rating: Decent
Solo'd at 67 and got it to drop - paladin just came up and looted it.

Edited, Jan 11th 2007 7:17am by Starcloud
Killed Kirak
# Apr 29 2006 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
Killed Kirak Vil today on The Seventh Hammer around 10:00am.
# Apr 15 2006 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
Just killed him on Cazic, easy kill besides the fact that he regens pretty well, so it took a while. Say "I am a paladin." in order to engage him.
easy kill
# Apr 14 2006 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
hiyas i just killed em on The Tribunal and it was cake for a 60 pally just target him and say "i am a paladin " trust me he will come for you :)
Not Bugged
# Jan 05 2006 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
Ok well I feel stupid... I am max KoS to the DEF guards so all he tells me is his pile of refuse speech. Well I had a Human Wizard with me hail him.. he conned on threatening to him.. After the refuse commit he gave him he said he was upset about a (hypocrite) so Wizard followed that chat Line he said he had to kill a paladin to become a dragoon. Wizzy said "i am a paladin" he basically said umm no your not. Tryed the same trigger words with my pally. Nothing with Hypocrite. same refuse comment, but with I am a paladin he jumps on you and he becomes attackable!!! Has an ton of HP by far more than either Keeper of Tombs or Thought destroyer in my opinion. Finished getting all 3 tainted items tonight woo hoo!!
# Dec 22 2005 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
As of the Last Couple weeks on Saryrn (mith marr) he has been up roaming the forest. The problem is he acts like an NPC in PoK or another safe zone. It wont let you cast or attack on him. You hail him and he spits insults at you but wont attack you. He still roams the area between the Bridge and the Wizard Spires.
# Dec 05 2005 at 3:01 AM Rating: Decent
Im on Pover(Morden Rasp), and for the last two weeks have been checking for this guy. He is the last mob I need for my 1.0, but I can never seem to find him up. Have been having another friend of mine checking everytime he goes through Nek and hasn't seen him up either. So I am wondering if he is actually spawning anymore or if people are killing him while they wait for an opening in a Nek MM.
# Nov 08 2005 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent
I found this mob on Firona Vie on Sunday Nov, 6. I tried to engage him but couldnt, i even got another person (palie friend) to try and he didnt suceed. I'm 2 mobs away from competeing the quest and really dont want to quit or redo it. Plz help.
Where did you find Kirak
# Oct 20 2005 at 4:24 PM Rating: Decent
Question for ya Fannon ... when you found Kirak where was he ... static spawn? or does he wander?... Any Info would be greatly appreciated as you,this is my last piece for Fiery Defender
RE: Where did you find Kirak
# Oct 21 2005 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
I just killed Kirak on Maelin Starpyre no more than two minutes ago and he was roaming inbetween the Wizard spires and the guards at the bridge. Mainly though was walking in the same area as the Initiates and Disciples of Rodchet
Kill update
# Oct 20 2005 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
Killed on Quellious: Thursday, October 20, 2005 at roughly 9:00AM EST. Spawned somewhere between Midnight and then.

I tried to solo him on my 70 Warrior. It was a losing battle. I ran over to the MM Area and asked for assistance. The wonderful people of Quellious did not hesitate to help. Nobody even looked at the corpse after he died. I told them that it was the last kill for the paladin's epic and they cheered. It was refreshing to see that people are still willing to help in this game. Too often we focus on the bad and ignore the good.

So, to all you Quellious early-morning MMers, thank you.
Fighting Kirak
# Oct 12 2005 at 12:18 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
I have no idea if he has always been like this or not, but I didn't see anything so I am imparting some knowledge about this guy.

First, I can confirm that he does spawn in the new Nektulos zone after the revamp. Me and a friends pally killed him at 12:20PM on the Quellious server, right after the servers came up from patch on 10/12/05.

Second, he was KoS to us, but did not attack and we could not attack him. I used my DE illusion mask and he gave a different response to being hailed. I don't remember exactly, but he the trigger to continue was to say 'hypocrite' to him. He then said he was going to kill a paladin to obtain the rank of Dragoon. This gave me the idea to have the pally say 'I am a paladin'. He said that and Kirak attacked. We were able to kill him no problem. Hope this helps someone.

Edited, Wed Oct 12 13:29:13 2005
#REDACTED, Posted: Oct 08 2005 at 3:09 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I've heard numerous reports that Kirak Vil now spawns after the Nek Forest revamp. For us old school paly's wanting to finish their epic 1.0's instead of the 1.5 prequest, could someone verify that he does indeed spawn. Also where, if an exact spot, and what his spawn time is now. Thanks
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