Armorer Jean Wenlaris [ Tier 1 Raid Merchant ]  

Adventure Merchant
Shard's Landing

Uploaded November 30th, 2012 by Byren
Updated December 1st, 2012

  • This mob spawns at 308, 108, 3.
  • Southwestern part of the crater in Shard's Landing
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Armorer Jean Wenlaris'

Armorer Jean Wenlaris says, 'Greetings, _____. I am armorer Jean Wenlaris assistant to my cousin Diandra Synlaris. I have been entrusted with tending to the forge and ushering in adventurers to speak to the Master Armorer herself. She has everything you will need to construct armor from the essences you obtain out in the field. I also carry an assortment of items acquired from other adventurers. Have a look!'

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 95
Expansion: Rain of Fear
NPC Added: 2012-11-28 05:08:55
NPC Last Updated: 2019-08-04 04:38:29
Items Available (200):
Item Price Currency Faction/TS Requirements Seasonal
Backup Plan 48Velium Shards
Baelfire Gem 240Velium Shards
Bloodfire, the Vanquishing 48Velium Shards
Bonebasher 84Velium Shards
Bonemask of Loss 48Velium Shards
Broodsworn Shield 60Velium Shards
Cape of Fear 48Velium Shards
Carrion Mantle 48Velium Shards
Charm of Insight 48Velium Shards
Choking Gorget 48Velium Shards
Circle of Dread 48Velium Shards
Dagger of Spectral Disruption 102Velium Shards
Darkspike 96Velium Shards
Double Trouble 102Velium Shards
Dragon's Tear 48Velium Shards
Dragonbone Beads 48Velium Shards
Dragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-Kar 60Velium Shards
Drape of Darkness 48Velium Shards
Drape of Dragons 48Velium Shards
Drop of Doubt 48Velium Shards
Elaborate Pyrite Mask 48Velium Shards
Emeraldglaze Bangle 48Velium Shards
Ethereal Choker 48Velium Shards
Eye of Frost 48Velium Shards
Feartattered Drake Fang Earring 48Velium Shards
Floe 96Velium Shards
Frostbite Orb 48Velium Shards
Frosted Sash of Frozen Thought 48Velium Shards
Frosthewn Brawl Stick 90Velium Shards
Frosthewn Greathammer 96Velium Shards
Frosthewn Greatmace 84Velium Shards
Frosthewn Longspear 102Velium Shards
Frosthewn Shortbow 102Velium Shards
Frosthewn Truncheon 96Velium Shards
Frostweave Band 48Velium Shards
Galecloak 48Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Armwraps 102Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Cowl 96Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Tunic 120Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Wristband 72Velium Shards
Gelid Dragonbrood Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Bracer 72Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Breastplate 120Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Greaves 108Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Helm 96Velium Shards
Gelid Exarch Vambraces 102Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Cap 96Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Pants 108Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Robe 120Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Sandals 90Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Flameweaver Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Cap 96Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Pants 108Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Robe 120Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Sandals 90Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Frostfire Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Bracer 72Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Breastplate 120Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Greaves 108Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Helm 96Velium Shards
Gelid Illuminator Vambraces 102Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Bracer 72Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Breastplate 120Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Greaves 108Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Helm 96Velium Shards
Gelid Legionnaire Vambraces 102Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Armwraps 102Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Cowl 96Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Tunic 120Velium Shards
Gelid Lifewalker Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Bracer 72Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Breastplate 120Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Greaves 108Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Helm 96Velium Shards
Gelid Loremaster Vambraces 102Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Cap 96Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Pants 108Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Robe 120Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Sandals 90Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Mindlock Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Coat 120Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Coif 96Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Natureward Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Coat 120Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Coif 96Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Shadowscale Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Armwraps 102Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Chestwraps 120Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Cowl 96Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Soulforge Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Bracer 72Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Breastplate 120Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Greaves 108Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Helm 96Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Vambraces 102Velium Shards
Gelid Soulrender Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Cap 96Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Gloves 90Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Pants 108Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Robe 120Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Sandals 90Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Wristband 72Velium Shards
Gelid Soulslaver Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Coat 120Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Coif 96Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Wrist Band 72Velium Shards
Gelid Spiritwalker Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Boots 90Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Coat 120Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Coif 96Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Gauntlets 90Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Leggings 108Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Sleeves 102Velium Shards
Gelid Warmonger Wristguard 72Velium Shards
Glory Abound 102Velium Shards
Iceblind 90Velium Shards
Iceblind Shiv 96Velium Shards
Indigo Frostcloak 48Velium Shards
Jewel of the Frost 48Velium Shards
Kilt of the Kromrif 48Velium Shards
Lesser Terrormote 24Velium Shards
Mask of the Phantasm 48Velium Shards
Median Terrormote 24Velium Shards
Midnight Sunshard 48Velium Shards
Minor Terrormote 24Velium Shards
Misleading Visage 48Velium Shards
Prophetic Cestus 96Velium Shards
Pulsating Pauldrons 48Velium Shards
Purest Insecurity 48Velium Shards
Reactive Cloak 48Velium Shards
Reenforcing Collar 48Velium Shards
Rune of the Unspoken 60Velium Shards
Scholars Foresight 48Velium Shards
Septic Skewer 96Velium Shards
Shadeblade 96Velium Shards
Shoulder Pads of the Unspoken 48Velium Shards
Silence 96Velium Shards
Simple Cloth Facewrap 48Velium Shards
Slaughter 96Velium Shards
Snowflake 96Velium Shards
Snowreaver 84Velium Shards
Spiderfang Ring 48Velium Shards
Spinebelt 48Velium Shards
Tamer's Trinket 60Velium Shards
Tatterdrake Totem 48Velium Shards
Tattered Drape of the Unknown 48Velium Shards
Thick Studded Collar 48Velium Shards
Thick Woolen Shoulderpads 48Velium Shards
Trappers Spaulders 48Velium Shards
Trusty Length of Rope 60Velium Shards
Unbeliever's Shrunken Skull 48Velium Shards
Unspoken Deliverance 96Velium Shards
Unspoken Eye 240Velium Shards
Velium Veil 48Velium Shards
Venomous Skiver 102Velium Shards
Warbelt of the Coldain Lords 48Velium Shards
Whipcord Belt 48Velium Shards
Wind Borne Totem 48Velium Shards
Wrap of the Wild 48Velium Shards
Wulfgar's Resolution 48Velium Shards
Zealots Collar 48Velium Shards
Zen Master's Focus 48Velium Shards

Known Habitats:
  Shard's Landing

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Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Feb 18 2013 at 6:21 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Even though I had it listed, it may have been overlooked in adding:

Armorer Jean Wenlaris Item Septic Skewer Price
Additional Items
# Feb 14 2013 at 7:33 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
Low level Terrormotes had been added to this merchant since the patch:
  • Minor Terrormote - 24
  • Lesser Terrormote - 24
  • Median Terrormote - 24

Dragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-Kar
# Jan 26 2013 at 1:26 AM Rating: Good
It is actually 60 Shards, not 48 as you have listed currently. If you look at Bryen's post he has the correct amount too.
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Dec 05 2012 at 5:31 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
After our 3rd Tier 1 win (checking Expedition Information, it looks to be Zeixshi-Kar's Shard [we did 1 tier 1 then 2 tier 2's that day] but may include The Madness of King Tormax), the following items were available:

Item(133239): Backup Plan - 48
Item(133268): Bonebasher - 84
Item(133255): Broodsworn Shield - 60
Item(133227): Cape of Fear - 48
Item(133222): Carrion Mantle - 48
Item(133253): Charm of Insight - 48
Item(133265): Double Trouble - 102
Item(133201): Dragon's Tear - 48
Item(133220): Dragonbone Beads - 48
Item(133208): Dragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-Kar - 60
Item(133223): Drape of Dragons - 48
Item(133244): Eye of Frost - 48
Item(133204): Feartattered Drake Fang Earring - 48
Item(133264): Floe - 96
Item(133234): Frostbite Orb - 48
Item(133230): Galecloak - 48
Item(133267): Glory Abound - 102
Item(133282): Iceblind - 90
Item(133269): Iceblind Shiv - 96
Item(133246): Kilt of the Kromrif - 48
Item(133211): Misleading Visage - 48
Item(133278): Prophetic Cestus - 96
Item(133232): Reactive Cloak - 48
Item(133218): Reenforcing Collar - 48
Item(133242): Scholars Foresight - 48
Item(133262): Septic Skewer - 96
Item(133273): Shadeblade - 96
Item(133226): Shoulder Pads of the Unspoken - 48
Item(133261): Snowflake - 96
Item(133276): Snowreaver - 84
Item(133207): Tamer's Trinket - 60
Item(133237): Tatterdrake Totem - 48
Item(133225): Trappers Spaulders - 48
Item(133212): Velium Veil - 48
Item(133271): Venomous Skiver - 102
Item(133248): Warbelt of the Coldain Lords - 48
Item(133235): Wind Borne Totem - 48
Item(133250): Wrap of the Wild - 48
Item(133245): Wulfgar's Resolution - 48
Item(133215): Zealots Collar - 48
Item(133205): Zen Master's Focus - 48

Edit: I need to to do better raid data collection :)

Edited, Dec 5th 2012 4:09am by Byren
Updated List of Items on Merchant
# Nov 30 2012 at 5:08 AM Rating: Excellent
2,435 posts
156 items. We had done the raids Shard's Landing - Calling Phantasm and Cavern's of Fear: Danela's Stand yesterday so I don't know when it opened this many items. I suspect all these items were available after the first raid since many items are All / All. The list is EQ Item Collector Number : Item Name : Velium Shards to buy

Item(133206): Bloodfire, the Vanquishing - 48
Item(133213): Bonemask of Loss - 48
Item(133216): Choking Gorget - 48
Item(133241): Circle of Dread - 48
Item(133266): Dagger of Spectral Disruption - 102
Item(133277): Darkspike - 96
Item(133228): Drape of Darkness - 48
Item(133203): Drop of Doubt - 48
Item(133209): Elaborate Pyrite Mask - 48
Item(133202): Emeraldglaze Bangle - 48
Item(133217): Ethereal Choker - 48
Item(133249): Frosted Sash of Frozen Thought - 48
Item(133279): Frosthewn Brawl Stick - 90
Item(133274): Frosthewn Greathammer - 96
Item(133280): Frosthewn Greatmace - 84
Item(133272): Frosthewn Longspear - 102
Item(133281): Frosthewn Shortbow - 102
Item(133263): Frosthewn Truncheon - 96
Item(133243): Frostweave Band - 48
Item(133392): Gelid Dragonbrood Armwraps - 102
Item(133390): Gelid Dragonbrood Boots - 90
Item(133391): Gelid Dragonbrood Cowl - 96
Item(133389): Gelid Dragonbrood Gloves - 90
Item(133393): Gelid Dragonbrood Leggings - 108
Item(133394): Gelid Dragonbrood Tunic - 120
Item(133405): Gelid Dragonbrood Wristband - 72
Item(133388): Gelid Dragonbrood Wristguard - 72
Item(133306): Gelid Exarch Boots - 90
Item(133304): Gelid Exarch Bracer - 72
Item(133310): Gelid Exarch Breastplate - 120
Item(133305): Gelid Exarch Gauntlets - 90
Item(133309): Gelid Exarch Greaves - 108
Item(133307): Gelid Exarch Helm - 96
Item(133308): Gelid Exarch Vambraces - 102
Item(133377): Gelid Flameweaver Cap - 96
Item(133375): Gelid Flameweaver Gloves - 90
Item(133379): Gelid Flameweaver Pants - 108
Item(133380): Gelid Flameweaver Robe - 120
Item(133376): Gelid Flameweaver Sandals - 90
Item(133378): Gelid Flameweaver Sleeves - 102
Item(133374): Gelid Flameweaver Wristguard - 72
Item(133370): Gelid Frostfire Cap - 96
Item(133368): Gelid Frostfire Gloves - 90
Item(133372): Gelid Frostfire Pants - 108
Item(133373): Gelid Frostfire Robe - 120
Item(133369): Gelid Frostfire Sandals - 90
Item(133371): Gelid Frostfire Sleeves - 102
Item(133367): Gelid Frostfire Wristguard - 72
Item(133299): Gelid Illuminator Boots - 90
Item(133297): Gelid Illuminator Bracer - 72
Item(133303): Gelid Illuminator Breastplate - 120
Item(133298): Gelid Illuminator Gauntlets - 90
Item(133302): Gelid Illuminator Greaves - 108
Item(133300): Gelid Illuminator Helm - 96
Item(133301): Gelid Illuminator Vambraces - 102
Item(133292): Gelid Legionnaire Boots - 90
Item(133290): Gelid Legionnaire Bracer - 72
Item(133296): Gelid Legionnaire Breastplate - 120
Item(133291): Gelid Legionnaire Gauntlets - 90
Item(133295): Gelid Legionnaire Greaves - 108
Item(133293): Gelid Legionnaire Helm - 96
Item(133294): Gelid Legionnaire Vambraces - 102
Item(133329): Gelid Lifewalker Armwraps - 102
Item(133327): Gelid Lifewalker Boots - 90
Item(133328): Gelid Lifewalker Cowl - 96
Item(133326): Gelid Lifewalker Gloves - 90
Item(133330): Gelid Lifewalker Leggings - 108
Item(133331): Gelid Lifewalker Tunic - 120
Item(133325): Gelid Lifewalker Wristguard - 72
Item(133341): Gelid Loremaster Boots - 90
Item(133339): Gelid Loremaster Bracer - 72
Item(133345): Gelid Loremaster Breastplate - 120
Item(133340): Gelid Loremaster Gauntlets - 90
Item(133344): Gelid Loremaster Greaves - 108
Item(133342): Gelid Loremaster Helm - 96
Item(133343): Gelid Loremaster Vambraces - 102
Item(133384): Gelid Mindlock Cap - 96
Item(133382): Gelid Mindlock Gloves - 90
Item(133386): Gelid Mindlock Pants - 108
Item(133387): Gelid Mindlock Robe - 120
Item(133383): Gelid Mindlock Sandals - 90
Item(133385): Gelid Mindlock Sleeves - 102
Item(133381): Gelid Mindlock Wristguard - 72
Item(133313): Gelid Natureward Boots - 90
Item(133317): Gelid Natureward Coat - 120
Item(133314): Gelid Natureward Coif - 96
Item(133312): Gelid Natureward Gauntlets - 90
Item(133316): Gelid Natureward Leggings - 108
Item(133315): Gelid Natureward Sleeves - 102
Item(133311): Gelid Natureward Wristguard - 72
Item(133348): Gelid Shadowscale Boots - 90
Item(133352): Gelid Shadowscale Coat - 120
Item(133349): Gelid Shadowscale Coif - 96
Item(133347): Gelid Shadowscale Gauntlets - 90
Item(133351): Gelid Shadowscale Leggings - 108
Item(133350): Gelid Shadowscale Sleeves - 102
Item(133346): Gelid Shadowscale Wristguard - 72
Item(133336): Gelid Soulforge Armwraps - 102
Item(133334): Gelid Soulforge Boots - 90
Item(133338): Gelid Soulforge Chestwraps - 120
Item(133335): Gelid Soulforge Cowl - 96
Item(133333): Gelid Soulforge Gloves - 90
Item(133337): Gelid Soulforge Leggings - 108
Item(133332): Gelid Soulforge Wristguard - 72
Item(133320): Gelid Soulrender Boots - 90
Item(133318): Gelid Soulrender Bracer - 72
Item(133324): Gelid Soulrender Breastplate - 120
Item(133319): Gelid Soulrender Gauntlets - 90
Item(133323): Gelid Soulrender Greaves - 108
Item(133321): Gelid Soulrender Helm - 96
Item(133322): Gelid Soulrender Vambraces - 102
Item(133402): Gelid Soulrender Wristguard - 72
Item(133363): Gelid Soulslaver Cap - 96
Item(133361): Gelid Soulslaver Gloves - 90
Item(133365): Gelid Soulslaver Pants - 108
Item(133366): Gelid Soulslaver Robe - 120
Item(133362): Gelid Soulslaver Sandals - 90
Item(133364): Gelid Soulslaver Sleeves - 102
Item(133404): Gelid Soulslaver Wristband - 72
Item(133360): Gelid Soulslaver Wristguard - 72
Item(133355): Gelid Spiritwalker Boots - 90
Item(133359): Gelid Spiritwalker Coat - 120
Item(133356): Gelid Spiritwalker Coif - 96
Item(133354): Gelid Spiritwalker Gauntlets - 90
Item(133358): Gelid Spiritwalker Leggings - 108
Item(133357): Gelid Spiritwalker Sleeves - 102
Item(133403): Gelid Spiritwalker Wrist Band - 72
Item(133353): Gelid Spiritwalker Wristguard - 72
Item(133397): Gelid Warmonger Boots - 90
Item(133401): Gelid Warmonger Coat - 120
Item(133398): Gelid Warmonger Coif - 96
Item(133396): Gelid Warmonger Gauntlets - 90
Item(133400): Gelid Warmonger Leggings - 108
Item(133399): Gelid Warmonger Sleeves - 102
Item(133395): Gelid Warmonger Wristguard - 72
Item(133229): Indigo Frostcloak - 48
Item(133238): Jewel of the Frost - 48
Item(133210): Mask of the Phantasm - 48
Item(133233): Midnight Sunshard - 48
Item(133221): Pulsating Pauldrons - 48
Item(133200): Purest Insecurity - 48
Item(133256): Rune of the Unspoken - 60
Item(133273): Shadeblade - 96
Item(133226): Shoulder Pads of the Unspoken - 48
Item(133270): Silence - 96
Item(133214): Simple Cloth Facewrap - 48
Item(133260): Slaughter - 96
Item(133240): Spiderfang Ring - 48
Item(133247): Spinebelt - 48
Item(133231): Tattered Drape of the Unknown - 48
Item(133219): Thick Studded Collar - 48
Item(133224): Thick Woolen Shoulderpads - 48
Item(133252): Trusty Length of Rope - 60
Item(133236): Unbeliever's Shrunken Skull - 48
Item(133275): Unspoken Deliverance - 96
Item(133251): Whipcord Belt - 48
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