Ash Golem  

a rare creature

Uploaded April 23rd, 2010 by Cylius
Updated April 24th, 2010

Placeholder is a lava golem or a magma golem.

  • This mob spawns at -598, 615, -107 on the shore of a lava lake on the lower level, southwest of Gweddon Tinkertasker.

  • This mob spawns at -397, 833, -107 in a tunnel between two lava lakes on the lower level.

Categories: EverQuest | Templatized
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Level: 88
Expansion: Underfoot
Effects Used:Rain of Ash
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mount saddle
# Sep 03 2019 at 11:31 PM Rating: Good
12 posts
Ash Golem just dropped the saddle/mount for me 5 mins ago
Ash Golem
# Jun 16 2014 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
can confirm, spawned at loc -598, +615,.. head directly North from zone in, drop down into the lava pit,.. PH/named is right there near the 3 static rock golems and a deranged mephit
20k ae yeah right
# Nov 12 2010 at 12:53 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I see the concept of RvR was thrown out the window on this mob.
# Sep 15 2010 at 10:56 AM Rating: Decent
Saw it spawn after a patch right below the platform inventor is on, and was able to single pull it there after clearing a lava mephit nearby (he warps up to the platform). Unfortunately, his AE destroyed group in 2 ticks, even through group heal spam. Didn't resist with 700 resists

# May 24 2010 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
228 posts
Got Ash Golem to pop from the first lava/magma type golem along the path sw of gweddon tinkertasker. The ph is almost right in from of three rock type golems. The first time we faught it there was a deranged mephit a short ways from us..... but it wasnt very close. within a few seconds of engagment the mephit summoned the named to it. we continued to fight but a few other deranged mephits roamed up and started killing it. unfortunatley they out dpsed us and the named weant poof. second time we popped it we took it inside the cave further down the path. iside there were some lava golems but not even close to agroing the group. same thing, within a few seconds of the fight the lava golems summoned the named and 4 of them beat it down. the lava golems never did show up on our extended target .... just the name. very strange. sounds bugged to me.
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