Defiler Jaziriiz  


Located in the top of the temple.

  • This mob spawns at the only room on the 4th floor of the pyramid at /loc 1251, 9, 462. Most likely he can spawn at any of the four static spawn spots in the room. I saw him spawn in at least three locations in that room.
  • Respawn Timer: 20 minutes

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Level: 83
Expansion: The Buried Sea
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# Nov 11 2021 at 5:37 PM Rating: Excellent
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1251, 9, 462
Mob Info
# Aug 31 2018 at 2:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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There is very little information on this mob and on Elder Kazzi so I thought I'd share my experience (Phinigel TLP). This is from the perspective of a non-raiding group wearing TBS, Ashengate, and Frostcrypt group gear.

Defiler Jaziriiz spawns in the only room on the 4th floor of the pyramid. Most likely he can spawn at any of the four static spawn spots in the room. I saw him spawn in at least three locations in that room. Respawn time is 20 minutes.

Just getting to the pyramid takes a while since there are see invis mobs on the way. Once you get to the pyramid, drop a campfire along the wall outside just in case. Move into the pyramid. With luck, you won't encounter any see invis on the first floor of the pyramid. Find the ramp up to the second floor. The ramp is one of the only safe spots in the zone. You can place a campfire at the top of the ramp at the start of the 2nd floor. At this point you can try to invis to get to the next floor or you can just clear a path. In the long run, clearing a path might be easier. The random see-invis mobs, large aggro radius, and difficulty of the mobs makes a wipe or evac probable. Evac is iffy here as the zone-in of Zhisza is not safe. I probably get killed at the zone-in about half the time I evac. If you get into trouble you might be better off just dying and campfire back. Or roll the dice on the evac. Sometimes you get lucky and the entire 2nd floor is yellow cons that don't see invis.

Start up the ramp to the 3rd floor. There are two roamers on this ramp, not counting a beetle. Mobs get harder on the 3rd and 4th floor. Beware, "a temple golem" hits for upward of 3,500. They are at least as difficult as the named. From this point on, about 2/3 of the mobs will be red con to 75. The red cons all see invis. They cannot be mezzed in-era because bard and chanter mez caps at level 78. You can use shaman VP or regular root but they tend to resist a lot in my experience. I can tell you that a group geared SK cannot effectively tank two of these mobs, at least not with a shaman healer. Some form of CC is going to be required.

You will want to set up camp in the Elder Kazzi room on the 3rd floor. This room has two static spawns, one roaming beetle, and two roamers between the 3rd and 4th floors (a snake and a golem usually). These roamers path into the Kazzi room to an extent but I can't say how far in exactly because I always killed them before they got far. The wall opposite the two static spawns is clear of mobs. I jam everyone into the corner opposite the two static spawns. They won't aggro from that spot. You can drop a campfire here and have some chance of getting back to this room in case of a problem.

At this point it's just a matter of getting the camp split. Splitting here is difficult because the mobs corpse camp, they are casters, and they have a large aggro range. I resorted to team pulling with SK and monk in those cases where two mobs wouldn't separate. It's time consuming but doable.

There are a total of 11 or 12 mobs in the Elder Kazzi and Defiler Jaziriiz rooms. Once split, it's easy to keep it cleared but any mishaps mean you have to split and clear all over again.

Hope this helps.
# Aug 18 2007 at 4:04 PM Rating: Decent
P1250 P10 P465
hard as hell
# Apr 06 2007 at 7:35 AM Rating: Decent
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well a few notes,

first to get to this camp isnt really easy, between the weird agro which can grab agro between floors at some point on the second floor. between the corpsecamping mode of the mobs in the room.

Fact they cannot be mezzed due to the being higher then level 78.

Fact they proc Feign death which can be quite a pita.

Hit hard as a truck,

and fast as a highspeed racing car.

This kind of points out the major problems with this camp.

It would be helpfull if it was known if this named spawns of a specific spot ? or can spawn of any mob in the room ?

So a location would be helpfull :) as well as a situational description of which mob(s) spawn the named :)

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How tough?
# Mar 12 2007 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
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How tough is this guy?

Where does it spawn?

Edited, Mar 22nd 2007 10:47am by Sippin
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# Mar 03 2007 at 11:54 PM Rating: Decent
Rare drop from this mob is:

Mask of Jaziriiz
AC: +18
Focus Effect: Mysaphar's Reach
Dex: +16 Sta: +16 Cha: +16 Int: +16 Agi: +16
HP: +275 MANA: +275
SvFire: +18 SvDis: +18 SvCold: +18 SvPois: +18
Mana Regen: +6
DoT Shielding: +3%
Required level 75
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7

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# Mar 03 2007 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
Drops Jaziriiz's Bloodblade

Effect: Improved Dodge III
AC: 25
Dex: +16 Sta: +16 Cha: +16 Wis: +16 Int: +16 Agi: +16
HP: 285 MANA: 265 End: 265
Fire: 18 Dis: 18 Cold: 18 Mag: 18
Atk: +15
Regen: +3
Avoidance: +5
Required Level 75
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