Quests starting in Nagafen's Lair

Name Level Range Starts in Best Class Best Race Reward Type Goal Rating
Achievement: Conqueror of Nagafen's Lair 1 - 52 Nagafen's Lair All All Achievement Advancement Unrated
Achievement: Hunter of Nagafen's Lair 1 - 110 Nagafen's Lair All All Achievement Advancement Unrated

0 quests found.

Quests involving Nagafen's Lair:

Quest Level Range Starts in: Best Class Best Race Alaran Language Reward Type Goal Rating
  Assist Silverwing 65 - 110 Veeshan's Peak All All EverQuest icon Earring of the Brood
EverQuest icon Ring of the Silver Dragon
  Bard Epic: Singing Short Sword 50 - 110 Dreadlands Bard All EverQuest icon Singing Short Sword
EverQuest icon Mahlin's Mystical Bongos
EverQuest icon Mystical Lute
QuestEpic Experience Excellent
  Call of Flames 50 - 110 Greater Faydark Ranger All EverQuest icon Spell: Call of Flame
QuestSpell Unrated
  Clearing the Mines 35 - 56 Commonlands All All TaskExperience Money Unrated
  Cleric Epic: Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh 34 - 110 Lake Rathetear Cleric All EverQuest icon Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh
EverQuest icon Oil of Fennin Ro
QuestEpic Excellent
  Dragon Scale Conversion 51 - 110 North Ro Warrior All EverQuest icon Green Dragon Scales
QuestEpic Unrated
  Frostfell - Fireworks (#7, high-level) 41 - 110 Multiple All All EverQuest icon Toy Skates
TaskLoot Unrated
  Jaggedpine Druid Boots 35 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest Druid All EverQuest icon Boots of the Pine
EverQuest icon Mithril Fern Boots
QuestArmour Set Starting Unrated
  Jaggedpine Druid Gloves 35 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest Druid All EverQuest icon Forest Woven Gloves
EverQuest icon Gloves of the Pine
  Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery 50 - 110 Lake Rathetear Magician All EverQuest icon Orb of Mastery
EverQuest icon Spell: Summon Orb
QuestEpic Excellent
  Monk Epic: Celestial Fists 53 - 110 Erudin Monk All EverQuest icon Celestial Fists
QuestEpic Excellent
  Monks of The Whistling Fist 35 - 110 Mountains of Rathe Monk All EverQuest icon Robe of the Lost Circle
  Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere 60 - 110 Multiple All All EverQuest icon Grand Robe of the Oracle
EverQuest icon Grand Tunic of the Oracle
EverQuest icon Dark Phylactery
QuestLoot Tradeskill Unrated
  Raid Expedition: Nagafen's Lair 46 - 110 Lavastorm Mountains ExpeditionAdvancement Epic Experience Loot Money Unrated
  Red Dragonscale Armor 45 - 110 Mountains of Rathe Warrior, Rogue, Bard, Shadowknight, Paladin, Ranger, Berserker All EverQuest icon Red Dragonscale Armor
QuestLoot Unrated
  Sage's Box of Research 50 - 110 Plane of Knowledge All All EverQuest icon Amulet of Knowledge
EverQuest icon Book of Forgotten Magic
EverQuest icon Arcane Quill
QuestLoot Disappointing
  Stop, Pay Troll 40 - 110 Nektulos Forest All All QuestExperience Faction Unrated
  The Fiery Avenger 50 - 110 Plane of Sky Paladin All EverQuest icon Fiery Avenger
QuestLoot Excellent
  The Gale Weaver 50 - 110 Jaggedpine Forest Cleric, Druid All EverQuest icon The Gale Weaver
  Torch of Alna 33 - 110 Temple of Solusek Ro Magician All EverQuest icon Torch of Alna
QuestExperience Faction Loot Unrated
  Warrior Epic: Jagged Blade of War 50 - 110 East Freeport Warrior All EverQuest icon Blade of Tactics
EverQuest icon Blade of Strategy
EverQuest icon Jagged Blade of War
QuestEpic Experience Good

0 quests found