Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery  

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Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Epic
Quest Items:
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Era:Ruins of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
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  • All
Entered: Thu Aug 15 19:43:16 2002
Modified: Sat Jun 15 17:48:42 2019

NOTE: A patch on April 22, 2015, added a work-around to obtain bottleneck items from Phinigel Autropos (Kedge Keep), Gorenaire (Dreadlands), and Talendor (Skyfire Mountains).

- In Kedge Keep, a harbinger of the seas can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Phinigel Autropos.
- In Dreadlands, a harbinger of frost can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Gorenaire.
- In Skyfire Mountains, a harbinger of flame can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Talendor.

Quick Guide/Checklist

[ ] Words of Magi'Kot
    [ ] Kill an enraged dread wolf or dread wolf in Kithicor Forest. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 1.
    [ ] Kill Tentacle Terrors in the Estate of Unrest. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 2.
    [ ] Kill a bloodthirsty ghoul in Lower Guk. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 3.
    [ ] Take them to Jahsohn Aksot in Commonlands. Receive Words of Magi`kot.

[ ] Power of the Elements
    [ ] Kill a gypsy dancer in Mistmoore. Loot the Power of Wind.
    [ ] Kill Lava elemental in Solusek's Eye. Loot the Power of Fire.
    [ ] Kill famished ravener or Hungered Ravener in Kaesora. Loot the Power of Water.
    [ ] Kill A Fairy Guard/a faerie guard in Lesser Faydark. Loot Power of Earth.
    [ ] Give these to Walnan in the Butcherblock Mountains. Receive the Power of the Elements.

[ ] Words of Mastery
    [ ] Kill A Magician, A Goblin Magician, or Ekeros in Najena or an alligator in Cazic Thule for Torn Pages **Save Broom/Shovel if they drop.**
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Earth
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Water
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Wind
    [ ] Torn Page of Mastery Fire:
    [ ] Give all four torn pages to Akkstaff in Najena. Receive: Words of Mastery

[ ] Power of the Orb
    [ ] Go to Rykas in Lake Rathetear. Give him the Words of Magi`kot, the Power of the Elements, and the Words of Mastery. Receive the Power of the Orb.

[ ] Element of Fire
    [ ] Kill Neh'Ashiir in the City of Mist. Loot the Torch of the Elements.
    [ ] Kill Nezekezena, Phurzikon, and Gylton in the Burning Woods. Loot Burning Embers.
    [ ] Kill Undertow in Kedge Keep. Loot the Blazing Wand.
    [ ] Give these items and the Power of the Orb to Jennus Lyklobar in Skyfire Mountains. Receive the Element of Fire.

[ ] Element of Earth
    [ ] Kill Magi P`Tasa in the Plane of Hate. Loot the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth.
    [ ] Kill Slixin Klex in the Burning Wood. Loot Dirt of Underfoot.
    [ ] Quest for Shovel of Ponz.
        [ ] Give Shovel, Ruby, Gargoyle Eye, and Hill Giant Toes to Vira in Temple of Solro
    [ ] Quest for Broom of Trilon.
        [ ] Give Broom, Cyclops Toes, Star Ruby, and Griffon Feathers to Vira in Temple of Solro
    [ ] Give Earth Staff, Dirt of Underfoot, Shovel of Ponz, and Broom of Trilon to Tiblner Milnik in Firiona Vie. Receive Element of Earth.

[ ] Element of Water
    [ ] Kill Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. Loot Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water.
    [ ] Kill Captain Rottgrime in The Overthere. Loot Tears of Erollisi.
    [ ] Kill Tarbul Earthstrider in East Karana. Loot Rain of Karana.
    [ ] Give these items to Jinalis Andir in Dagnor's Cauldron and receive the Element of Water.

[ ] Element of Wind
    [ ] Kill mobs on the 7th island on the Plane of Air. Loot the Crown of Elemental Mastery.
    [ ] Kill mobs in the Hole. Loot the Elemental Binder.
    [ ] Kill Quillmane in South Karana. Loot the Pegasus Feather Cloak.
    [ ] Give these items to Kihun Solstin in the Plane of Air and receive the Element of Wind.

[ ] (EPIC) - Spell Summon Orb
    [ ] Master of Elements spawns after receiving the Element of Wind, give him the four Elements. Receive Spell: Summon Orb.
        [ ](If Master of Elements isn't spawned, Hail Kihun Solstin and say "I want to see the master.")

Full Walkthrough

Power of the Orb

Rykas is a gnome in a yellow robe in Lake Rathetear, who may be found at approximately +950, -650.

You say, 'Hail, Rykas'

Rykas says 'Greetings ______, I am Rykas, chronicler of knowledge. I have journeyed all throughout the lands of Norrath, and I have learned many tales of adventure from people I have encountered during my travels. I have learned of legends known and unknown to most mortals. Are you in search of knowledge?'

You say, 'I am in search of knowledge.'

Rykas says 'A small task is needed if you wish to learn more. Do you wish to learn the tale of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I wish to learn the tale of Magi'kot.'

Rykas says, 'If you seek to learn the tale of Trilith Magi'kot, your journey shall begin in the Commonlands. Search for Jahsohn Ak'sot and give him this token. He will share some of the knowledge I have bestowed upon him, and point you further down your path to Mastery. Bring me the Words of Mastery, Power of the Elements, and the Words of Magi'kot....Then you shall learn more about the power of the orb.'

You receive a Token of Mastery.

Words of Magi`kot

Now find Jahsohn Ak`sot (note slightly different spelling) in the western Commonlands, who wanders in the general vicinity of +60, +3640.

You say, 'Hail, Jahsohn Ak`sot'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Greetings, ______.'

Give him the token.

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'What is this? I cannot believe you found it! Where did you get this?'
You gain experience!!

You say, 'Rykas sent me.'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'I have not heard of anyone speaking that name out loud in years. Rykas once shared a tale with me, though I have lived with fear in my mind ever since. He told me afterwards that I did not have the balance I thought I had. Have you come for the Words of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I have come for the Words of Magi'kot.'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'The Words of Magi'kot can only be shared with those elementalists whose minds are of balance. The Words were separated into three pieces by a high council of Magi who feared that the story would bring an end to elementalists throughout Norrath. If you feel you wish to read from the sacred Power of the Orb then an elementalist of such power should easily accomplish this task.'

You say, 'What task?'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Bring me the torn pages of Magi'kot. The first section can be found in the depths of a tainted forest, warded by an angry lupine. It is also rumored that one section is found in the haunted estate of a murderer, on a many armed creature. The last may be found in the belly of an amphibian who thirsts for blood.'

You now need Torn Page(s) of Magi`kot pg. 1-3. Page 1 drops in Kithicor Forest from the level 40 Enraged Dread Wolf or dread wolf that spawns at night. Page 2 drops in the Estate of Unrest from the tentacle terrors and dark terrors found in the basement. Page 3 drops in Lower Guk from bloodthirsty ghouls and the frenzied ghoul. Give all three words to Jahsohn.

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Have you forgotten something, ______?'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Have you forgotten something, ______?'

Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'Rykas may have been right about you, ______. Now, go find Walnan. Walnan was apprenticed to a very powerful Mage. After her apprenticeship was complete, she wished to begin teaching other beings of Norrath. Even those who knew nothing of the art! I do not believe she was successful, though. Seek her out to further your tale. Good luck in your journeys, ______!'

You receive the Words of Magi`kot.

Power of the Elements

Now find Walnan, a female high elf in purple in the Butcherblock Mountains. She wanders the path from the docks to Kaladim.

You say, 'Hail, Walnan'

Walnan says 'Hallo ______! I am Walnan, elementalist, summoner, wanderer, and sometimes teacher. Might you be a elementalist in search of the truth?'

You say, 'I am in search of the truth.'

Walnan says 'The truth is something not all people can handle or understand. If the truth of the elements is what you seek then the Power of the Elements shall reveal all. Have you come to learn of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I have come to learn of Magi'kot.'

Walnan says 'Magi'kot was the most powerful elementalist of his age. He may have been the most powerful mortal mage of all time, such was his mastery. He wished to obtain infinite knowledge and wisdom in order to further expand the arcane art of Summoning. Do you know what became of Magi'kot?'

You say, 'No.'

Walnan says 'Only a few elementalists and followers outside our circle know what truly happened to Magi'kot. Even now, many are fearful to speak of his name. If you truly wish to continue, here is what you must do. Gather the Power of the Earth, warded by a fae creature. Then seek the Power of Fire, held by an elemental. Next you will need the Power of Wind, held by a twirling and prancing wanderer who has been corrupted. Finally, the Power of Water, held by a ravenous beast who is the minion of a fallen Sarnak. Bring them all to me, and I shall give you the Power of the Elements.'

The Power of Earth drops from A Fairy Guard in Lesser Faydark. The Power of Fire drops from blazing elementals and lava elementals in Solusek A, aka Solusek's Eye. The Power of Wind drops from A Gypsy Dancer in Mistmoore Castle, found in the ballroom of the castle. The Power of Water drops from various raveners in Kaesora. Give all four to Walnan.

Walnan says 'Wait, ______, are you not forgetting something?'

Walnan says 'Wait, ______, are you not forgetting something?'

Walnan says 'Wait, ______, are you not forgetting something?'

Walnan says 'The arcane art of Summoning is derived from the power of the elements which surround us. Continue your journey across the Ocean of Tears. In a dark fortress, you should find Akksstaf lurking about. Be wary, but tell him that you seek Magi'kot. Hurry now ______, you do not wish to miss the ship!'
You gain experience!!

You receive Power of the Elements.

Words of Mastery

The dark fortress Walnan spoke of is Najena, whose entrance is found in the Lavastorm Mountains. Akksstaff is a male dark elf in a green-brown robe who wanders Najena. He has a relatively long spawn time of anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

You say, 'Hail, Akksstaff'

Akksstaff says 'What do you want?! Foolish Human, I am in no mood to treat with beggars. I have half a mind to turn Jobober here loose on you! Well, don't keep me waiting, state your business or be off with you!'

You say, 'Tell me about Magi'kot.'

Akksstaff says 'Ah, that I can help you with. Magi'kot was a powerful elementalist, able to control the power of the elements which surrounded him. He was not able to fully master the elements when I was learning from him, but soon after my departure I heard rumors that he was going after the Orb of Mastery. At the time, I did not feel he was ready to harness all the elements, but Magi'kot listened to no one. He was in search of power beyond any held by a mortal. Do you wish to hear more?'

You say, 'I wish to hear more.'

Akksstaff says 'Then bring me the torn pages of Mastery, there are four pages that can be found upon the women In this keep, though have a care, Najena's followers guard her treasures carefully, and delight in punishing trespassers.'

The four pages drop randomly off various magicians, goblin magicians, Rathyl, Rathyl Incarnate (spawned after Rathyl is killed), etc., and may be found throughout Najena. Gather all four and give them to Akksstaff.

Akksstaff says 'Very well. Take these words back to that shriveled old gnome, Rykas, if you wish to complete this quest. Now leave me, ______, it sickens me to be this cordial for so long. And Jobober needs exercise. Go!'

You receive Words of Mastery.

Power of the Orb

Return to Rykas in Lake Rathetear, and give him Words of Magi`kot, Power of the Elements, and Words of Mastery.

Rykas says 'I see that you have completed the quest I laid before you. That speaks well of your dedication, yet you do not realize your journey has just begun. Study this tome.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Power of the Orb, which reads as follows:

"An elementalist's power comes from the Orb of Mastery. The Elements of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water are contained within the orb. The Master of Elements holds the Orb.

"He can be found within the Plane of Sky. No mortal has been able to contain the true power of the Orb.

"Trilith Magi'kot presented himself to the Master of Elements and the Orb of Mastery. The power of elements brought agony to his mind and body. Magi'kot was not of Balance.

"Fire burned his eyes unto blindness, Wind put his mind into a spin, Earth entered his body and aged him like the mountains, and finally, Water washed his memories of mortal life away.

"Failing his test, the Orb exacted its terrible price, and now Magi'kot is part of the Orb.

"The bearer of this tome should seek out the Master of Fire and present it to him, for there is much left to be revealed."

Element of Fire

The Master of Fire is Jennus Lyklobar, who may be found in Skyfire Mountains.

You say, 'Hail, Jennus Lyklobar'

Jennus Lyklobar says 'Hello and well met! Humans like you don't often come here.. Do you come seeking what I possess? Fire, fire, fire and fire is mine! I surround myself with fire, I bathe in fire, I consume fire, I am the Master of Fire! Hahahaha, but I digress. Have you come for the element of Fire, seeking to fall to the same fate as Trilith Magi'kot?'

You say, 'I have come for the element of Fire.'

Jennus Lyklobar says 'The Element of Fire I can provide you, but you must prove you are able to contain its power. Bring me the Torch of the Elements now kept by a doomed lord of merchants, the burning embers from a notable member of wurmkind who can be found a short journey from here and a blazing wand, which you should be familiar with. And you must surrender the tome Rykas gave you. But I think you would be happier if you stayed with me and learned more of the beauty of the one true element, FIRE! FIRE! Hahahahahahah!'

Obtain the following items: Torch of the Elements (dropped by Neh`Ashirr in City of Mist), Burning Embers (dropped by Phurzikon, Nezekezena, or Gylton, named wurms in Burning Woods), and Blazing Wand (dropped by Undertow in Kedge Keep). Give these three items along with Power of the Orb to Jennus.

Jennus Lyklobar says 'I see that you are well versed in the ways of Fire. Indeed, if you are as adept in the other, lesser elements, you may just seize the Orb of Mastery after all, and avoid Magi'kot's fate. Take this element, and guard it well, for more trials are to come, I assure you. Succeed and you shall be remembered always! Oh, and ______? Watch out for the puddles! HAHAHAHAHAHA!'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Fire.

Element of Earth

Seek out Tiblner Milnik in Firiona Vie. He's a male high elf in a brown robe wandering near the cliff.

You say, 'Hail, Tiblner Milnik'

Tiblner Milnik says 'Huh? What? Oh, you speak so fast, it took me a moment. I have become used to the slow and stately conversation the Earth holds, where a thought can span aeons. I am the Master of Earth, you know. Though I'm usually too humble to say this, that makes me the most powerful mortal in Norrath, as everyone knows that Earth is the only REAL Element, all else must give way before its power. Water is absorbed by it, Air is ignored by it, and Fire is contained in it. But you know all these things, I am sure. Are you interested in obtaining the Element of Earth? I know Magi'kot was, but we know what happened to him, don't we?'

You say, 'I have come for the element of earth.'

Tiblner Milnik says 'Combining the following items can bring the Element of Earth together. Obtain the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth, held by the minions of the Prince of Hate, The Dirt of Underfoot found on Slix something or the other, and of course, I shall need the Broom of Trilon and the Shovel of Ponz. Bring all these things, and I shall show you what a true Master of Earth can do, and gift you with the Element of Earth.'

The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth is an uncommon drop from one of the mini-bosses in the Plane of Hate, Magi P`Tasa. Dirt of Underfoot is a rare drop from Slixin Klex in the Burning Woods. The Broom of Trilon and Shovel of Ponz are the results of quests available through the Temple of Solusek Ro. Give all four items to Tiblner.

Tiblner Milnik says 'Take this Element and keep it with you. I wish you the best in your journey, but I must ask you to leave me now, this frantic pace you set makes me nervous.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Earth.

Element of Water

Find Jinalis Andir, an erudite female in blue robes at approximately -600, -2000 in Dagnor's Cauldron.

You say, 'Hail, Jinalis Andir'

Jinalis Andir says 'Let us dispense with pleasantries, ______. I am Jinalis, as you know. I imagine you want to control the Elements. The Element of Water, which I possess, is the most powerful of the Elements. With it you can control the water which falls from the Air, erodes the Earth, and extinguishes Fire. It is a pity you do not focus on the Prime Element, but if you wish to follow that fool Magi'kot to your doom, I will not stop you. Bring me the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water held by the last of the Kedge, the Tears of Erollisi held by a dirty and rotten officer across the Blessed Deep, and finally, the Rain of Karana, found on a mighty Giant in, where else, the Karanas.'

The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water is a rare drop from Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. Rain of Karana drops every time from Tarbul Earthstrider in Eastern Karana. He has a placeholder of "a rogue lion." Tears of Erollisi drop from Captain Rottgrime at the outpost in The Overthere. Give the three items to Jinalis.

Jinalis Andir says 'You have the control needed in order to manipulate the water which surrounds us. Take this Element and guard it well, you will need it in the times to come.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Water.

Element of Wind

Find Kihun Solstin, a human male in white in the quest room below the first island in the Plane of Sky.

You say, 'Hail, Kihun Solstin'

Kihun Solstin says 'So, you have made it this far. I am Kihun Solstin, the Master of Wind. I control the unfettered Element like none other. As you should have learned, Air is the most potent of Elements. It fuels Fire, Water is comprised of it, and Earth cannot restrain it. Knowing this, do you seek the Element of Wind?'

You say, 'I seek the element of Wind.'

Kihun Solstin says 'I will test you then. In this wondrous plane of Air [editor's note: now Sky], find the Crown of Elemental Mastery, and search the world below for an Elemental Binder, and a cloak fashioned from the feathers of a Pegusus. Return them to me and I shall give you the Element of Wind.'

The Crown of Elemental Mastery is a rare drop from any mob on the seventh island in the Plane of Sky. Elemental Binders drop from Elemental Warriors in The Hole. The Pegasus Feather Cloak is a very rare drop from a rare spawn, Quillmane, found in Southern Karana. By all accounts this is the most difficult piece to get. Give the three items to Kihun.

Kihun Solstin says 'If you have obtained the other, lesser Elements, go speak with The Master of Elements, who is now waiting for you. I wish you luck. If you have not completed all the tasks set for you, let me know, and I shall let you see the Master.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Element of Wind.

Orb of Mastery

After receiving the Element of Wind, Master of Elements will spawn in the Plane of Sky. If for some reason he has despawned, you can always get him to respawn by talking to Kihun Solstin and saying, "I want to see the master."

You say, 'Hail, Master of Elements'

Master of Elements says 'I... am... the... Master... of... Elements.. Elements... Forgive... me. I am... unaccustomed.. to.. speaking.. this.. mortal... tongue. Might.. you... be... the... One?'

You say, 'I am the One'

Master of Elements says 'Trilith... Magi'kot.. knelt.. before.. the.. orb.. in.. his.. his.. last.. few.. moments... of.. mortal.. life. He... too... believed.. that.. he.. had.. the.. power.. and.. balance.. needed.. to.. grasp... control.. of.. the.. elements. He.. was.... flawed. Coming.. to... me... is.. a.. matter.. of.. no.. small.. import. Only.. only... one.. who.. is.. of.. balance.. and.. power... power.. may.. control.. the.. Orb.. of... Mastery. Give.... give.. me.. the.. Elements.. you.. have... gathered.. and.. I.. shall.. see.. if.. you.. are.. ready.. ready.. to control.. the... Elements.. of... life.. life.. life.'

Give it the Element of Fire, the Element of Earth, the Element of Water, and the Element of Wind.

Master of Elements says 'You... are.. balanced... and.. powerful.. for.. a.. mortal... ______ ..... ______ . More.. so.. than.... Magi'kot. But.... you.. are.. not.. yet.. ready.. to.. transcend.. transcend... this.. mortal.. coil. Take.. take.. seize.. this.. Orb... for.. you.. are.. worthy.. of.. reward.. and.. with... the.. aid.. of... the... balance.. balance.. contained.. within.. the.. Orb.. you.. may.. yet.. reach.. the... ultimate... Mastery.'

You receive Spell: Summon Orb. Scribe it immediately and cast it to summon your new epic weapon, the Orb of Mastery.
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Regular "dread wolf" dropped Magikot pg 1.
# Jun 10 2019 at 3:16 PM Rating: Excellent
34 posts
Spawned at night, by the lake, to the left as you enter Kith from CL. On Agnarr.
# Jun 03 2017 at 1:07 AM Rating: Good
482 posts
Added a quick guide/checklist for this epic. Please post if you find any errors if you find them and we'll get them corrected.
Completing in 2016 at Level 52
# Mar 21 2016 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I recently challenged myself to complete my 1.0 at level 52, just to see how much of the quest I could handle on my own. I completed it the other day, and now have a general guide to how much a level 52 mage can handle soloing, moloing, and grouping.
I ran with a healer mercenary and an air pet. I had my J-Boots and was wearing almost entirely Flawed Defiant Gear.
I tend to be a little cautious, so some of the stuff I say to molo, you can probably get away with soloing.

Torn Pages of Magi`kot
Page 1 – Solo
Nothing in Kithicor is a threat by 52, but it isn’t hard to create trains. Stay smart and soloing is easy.
I didn’t do anything in particular to find the wolf, I just wandered the zone until I found him. It didn’t take long.

Page 2 – Solo
My biggest challenge in Unrest was finding my way around. The basement door is disguised as a bookshelf. Again, nothing here is a threat. Just blast your way through the house until you find what you need.

Page 3 – Molo
You can probably solo this if you want, but moloing makes it go faster. Nothing here will be above a blue con to you, so you can kill everything, but Lower Guk is prone to trains.

Power of ______

Walnan is a pain to find. She is supposed to be by the headstones near the docks in Butcherblock, but she is prone to wandering around the zone and getting stuck halfway up a mountain. If she is not where she is supposed to be, start combing the mountains around the headstones. I almost had to pay a tracker for her.

Power of Earth – Solo

At my level, nothing in LFay really bothered me. I never ran into Equestrielle, but she’s about 12 levels lower than you by this point, so it should be simple if she does attack.

Power of Fire – Solo
Welcome to your first big timesink. This is a rare drop off of only a few mobs in the zone. I recommend looking at the comments on the lava elemental page and the blazing elemental page and pick one of those to do.

Power of Wind – Molo
I'm not a big fan of Mistmoore. Just one too many swarms, I guess. The gypsy dancers drop the item pretty regularly, so you shouldn't be spending much time here.

Power of Water – Solo?
I had befriended an Iksar Beastlord by this point, and he wanted to head to Kaesora with me. I don't have a real accurate guess of the difficulty of getting this item, but I believe it can be soloed.

Words of Mastery - Solo
Solo the entire thing. And pick up a broom and a shovel if you see them drop. You'll need them later.

Element of Fire

Skyfire is a bit dangerous if you're not careful, and this guy is a pain to find. I recommend invising your way around the zone. I had a mage friend who got so desperate he hired a tracker to find Jennus. If you're impatient and rich, I would suggest that.

Torch of the Elements - Group
I tried many times, but I could not handle Neh'Ashiir alone. Good news is that I only needed one extra person to get her down. Bad news is it took me several kills to get her to drop the torch. Go read Zam's page on her and the page on the City of Mist if you're new to the zone.

Burning Embers - Molo
Phurzikon is a pushover. Nezekezena is a little tougher, but still pretty easy. I never fought the other one. Again, check out their ZAM pages for locations. There is one spot where you'll get one or the other to spawn every minute or so.

Blazing Wand - Molo
Just invis your way past most of the zone. If you see mermaids, be very careful. Some can see through invis, and there's just too many to fight. Undertow isn't that hard when you get to him. He will heal himself, and odds are good you can't outnuke the heals, so just wait until he goes OOM.

Element of Earth
I had a bit of trouble finding this guy. He wanders. Check his page for his pathing information and try not to anger the Dragoons.

The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth - Molo/Group
This zone was painful. Many thing will resist your spells. If you can't land a nuke on them, conserve your mana for petchaining. The Staff drops off of the male model "a forsaken revenant" and Magi P'Tasa. Be careful and patient, you'll get it eventually.

Dirt of Underfoot - Solo

Kill the mob, check for the dirt, /gems for 19 minutes or so, repeat.
He's not a hard kill. He just doesn't like to give up his dirt.

The Broom of Trilon and Shovel of Ponz - Solo
Hopefully you picked up the broom and the shovel in Najena earlier. If not, you're going to go trudging through that dungeon again.
The stuff you need is easy to get at this level. Other than the broom and shovel, this should be over quickly.

Element of Water

Static mob in a reasonably safe place. This is easy.

The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water - Group

I had a level 57 Mage friend who was trying to solo Phinny but couldn't. He had a fire pet and a healer merc. We teamed up and took him out three times. Group up, level 52 cannot solo Phinny.

Rain of Karana - Solo

Not much to say here. Kill the rogue lions and everything else. The spiders here drop a lot of silk, so you can farm while you wait.

Tears of Erollisi - Molo
Go to Rottgrime's page and read up on the tactics that have you pulling him through the wall with a dispel. He's easy enough to take down on his own, but single pulling him is HARD. Always be ready to run for the book.

Element of Wind
Another static mob that's easy to find. You're almost at the end, but these last three items are tough to get.

The Crown of Elemental Mastery - Group

If you're lucky to find one, you might be able to bypass Sky completely and just buy a crown from the Bazaar. They go for a premium though.
If you're not luck enough to find one, or not rich enough to afford it, you're stuck raiding Sky yourself.
Read that guide and become very intimate with it.

I originally brought just a level 59 Mage with me. We worked well together, but we died. A lot. We finally gave up on Pegasi Island.
Later on, I brought a level 79(?) Ranger to help us through. We made it up the last island. As the lowest level member of the group, I had to aggro the bosses. I took several Cazic Touches on my way up. Be prepared for this.

Elemental Binders - Molo
I don't remember much about this. It was fairly easy to get.

Pegasus Feather Cloak - Solo (Tracker Needed)
You're basically untouchable in South Karana at 52. However, finding and spawning Quillmane is VERY DIFFICULT. I spawned him three times without a tracker and ended up with two cloaks, but this is not the norm. Go and read the comments on Quillmane's page. You will want to invest in a tracker.

If you've got all that done, congrats! Turn the stuff in and get your Orb. You did good, kid.

If you're on Vox and need some help, send Amerity a tell. I'm more than happy to assist.

Edited, Mar 21st 2016 3:41pm by Ratlah

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Still doing this?
# Mar 06 2016 at 10:15 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow, people are still doing this one? I finished this one in 2001. It was terrible and costly. The crown and the cloak were the worst.

Imagine doing this quest when it was current content.
Still doing this?
# Dec 09 2017 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Progression Servers.
Not just Magi P'Tasa
# Oct 03 2014 at 5:40 PM Rating: Good
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Just to clarify, since it still states here it's only off of Magi P'Tasa, the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth can drop off of any male model "a forsaken revenant," not just off of Magi P'Tasa. I found 4 of them in the span of about an hour a couple of weeks ago, mages were coming in by the boatload hoping for another rot to loot. Don't sit on his spawn; kill everything in that tier on the map, wiping out as many of the male forsaken revenants as possible (the female ones drop the enchanter piece, not the mage). Be patient and you might get a Shattered Emerald of Corruption to MQ for someone for your efforts. Good luck.
Master of Elements
# Jun 04 2014 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Not that it is hard to find, but no one mentioned it. This turn in mob appears over the fire in the middle of the Efreeti room in Plane of Sky.
Anyone had luck finding the Power of Fire in Solusek's Eye?
# Jul 13 2013 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
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I am still camping trying to get the Power of Fire in Solusek's Eye. I'm at the 3 blazing elementals and my guildmate is at the place where the lava elemental spawns. Anyone had luck finding this item? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Anyone had luck finding the Power of Fire in Solusek's Eye?
# Aug 09 2013 at 7:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Had no luck from the blazing elementals. Chain-killed the wandering clockwork gnome in the lava elemental area until the lava elemental spawned -- and it dropped the item.
Anyone had luck finding the Power of Fire in Solusek's Eye?
# Oct 24 2014 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Both of mine came from camping the clockwork/lava elemental spawn, although I had another mage at the fire elementals. If possible camp both, if not then go with the lava elemental camp.
Burning Ember
# Apr 21 2013 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
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When trying to get the name to spawn; you want to fight up by the building that is by the Chardock zone line. Not sure there really is a place holder but noticed that the more sarnaks and giants I killed the more wurms that spawned; basically I killed anything that moved. At level 52 a few things were still conning light blue. Got the name wurm to popped four times and the fourth time was the burning ember. Bring a bard if you need the red wurm gut for epic. At 52 the name wurms con white to yellow. Hope this helped; happy hunting.
Annoyances in this quest:
# Mar 26 2013 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
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1. You can say all you want to, Askot

, 'Rykas gave it to me.'

Jahsohn Aksot says 'I have not heard of anyone speaking that name out loud in years. Rykas once shared a tale with me, though I have lived with fear in my mind ever since. He told me afterwards that I did not have the balance I thought I had. Have you come for the Words of Magi'kot?'

And he will just stare at you blankly and not respond instead you need to just Say , 'I have come for the Words of Magi'kot.' and the task should progress if it still does not progress simplky say "what task" and though it will cut out dialouge you dont really need the task will open up for you to kind the three torn pages of Magi'kot.

Second now Walnan has a probelm as well I noticed, she will not respond to the phrase 'I am in search of the truth.' or at least she did not for me unless I mispelled something so I simply said "no" and she opened up the quest for me, it is imperative you check your spelling correctly when you type your responses. Other than that this quest is going fine so far, except I reccomend you get the help of someone who has tracking these NPC's roam all over the place hard to find.

Annoyances in this quest:
# Oct 04 2014 at 1:37 AM Rating: Good
192 posts
After giving Jahsohn the token from Rykas, he will respond to "Rykas sent me" instead of "Rykas gave it to me":

[Sat Oct 04 03:37:07 2014] You say, 'Rykas sent me'
[Sat Oct 04 03:37:08 2014] Jahsohn Ak`sot says 'I have not heard of anyone speaking that name out loud in years. Rykas once shared a tale with me, though I have lived with fear in my mind ever since. He told me afterwards that I did not have the balance I thought I had. Have you come for the Words of Magi'kot?'

Also now he's actually called Jahsohn Ak`sot with a back-tick apostrophe in his name, while roaming in the combined Commonlands zone. The NPC may used to have been called Jahsohn Aksot without a back-tick apostrophe.



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Words and shovel; broom; stien and torch
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Greetings to those who read this post.

Since no one has posted since 2011 I thought I would mention that yes indeed the dark bone skellies drop the words. Yes the mages do drop the other items but instead of running around like it has been suggested this is what I did and got all eight in less then 12 hours.

Kill the guards and grab the keys; find the hidden drop of point (labled on your map) and fall through. Use the key to get out of the lock jail; not sure if it can be locked picked. The two rooms you want are the skellie room and the mage rooms. I started at level 28 where everything con from gray to dark blue. You will get agro including the name and his pet that can walk through locked caged doors.

Have fun!
Is this epic MQable?
# Nov 15 2011 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Sorry double post...

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Is this epic MQable?
# Nov 15 2011 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Is the Magician Epic 1.0 MQable?

Here is the deal. I have a mage that is nearly done with the epic, but he is on the wrong account. I want to 2box with this mage, but can't transfer it to the other account because that account is in my husband's name (different last names). I was just going to make a new mage and try to powerlevel up, but I hate to lose all the work I did on the original account. It looks like the original mage can do all of the quest, but would have to leave 1 step for the new mage. I was thinking if I got the crown of elemental mastery on the new mage, the old mage could turn in the other items and the new mage would receive the Element of Wind. Then, the old mage would turn in the other 3 elements and the new mage would finish by turning in the element of wind. It's a big gamble for sure.

Anyone ever done this successfully?
Double Entry
# Oct 18 2011 at 12:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Sorry for the double entry, it's funny that they don't let the owner of a post delete it...
Mage Epic 1.0 Error - Jahsohn Aksot Conversation
# Oct 18 2011 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
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You say, 'Rykas gave it to me.'

Jahsohn Aksot says 'I have not heard of anyone speaking that name out loud in years. Rykas once shared a tale with me, though I have lived with fear in my mind ever since. He told me afterwards that I did not have the balance I thought I had. Have you come for the Words of Magi'kot?'

After turning in the Token of Mastery, the above lines are incorrect as my response never received any kind of response from Jahsohn.

My next response was 'I have come for the Words of Magi'kot' and everything seemed to progress as normal from that point on.

Edited, Oct 18th 2011 2:31pm by Lilpapei

Edited, Oct 18th 2011 2:33pm by Lilpapei
Mage Epic 1.0 Error - Jahsohn Aksot Conversation
# Feb 28 2012 at 7:26 AM Rating: Decent
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I can confirm that this was the case for me last night as well. He would not respond to 'Rykas gave it to me.' but carried on the conversation when I skipped to 'I have come for the Words of Magi'kot.' .
Now you get an Achievement as well.
# Aug 01 2011 at 4:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Hand in the four items: Element of Wind, etc.

[Sun Jul 31 03:10:51 2011] Master of Elements says 'You...are..balanced...and..powerful.. for..a..mortal...__name__.....__name__.'kot. Take..take..seize..this..Orb... the..aid..of...the...balance..balance..contained..within..the..Orb.. you..may..yet..reach..the...ultimate...Mastery.'
[Sun Jul 31 03:10:52 2011] You gain experience!!

[Sun Jul 31 03:11:45 2011] Beginning to scribe Summon Orb...
[Sun Jul 31 03:11:47 2011] You have finished scribing Summon Orb.
[Sun Jul 31 03:12:02 2011] Beginning to memorize Summon Orb...
[Sun Jul 31 03:12:02 2011] You have finished memorizing Summon Orb.
[Sun Jul 31 03:12:45 2011] You begin casting Summon Orb.
[Sun Jul 31 03:12:49 2011] A swirling orb of elements forms in your hand.
[Sun Jul 31 03:12:52 2011] You have completed achievement: Epic 1.0

[Sun Jul 31 03:17:14 2011] You begin casting Manifest Elements.
[Sun Jul 31 03:17:14 2011] Your Orb of Mastery begins to glow.

and you have another air elemental to follow you around!


As an aside, I had no problem sitting to load different spells,
but before jumping out of the quest room ...

[Sun Jul 31 03:48:06 2011] You begin casting Verdant Topiary Lion.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:06 2011] Your Verdant Hedgerow Leaf begins to glow.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:15 2011] You begin casting Rod of Mystical Transvergence.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:15 2011] An azarack hits YOU for 134 points of damage.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:15 2011] An azarack hits YOU for 92 points of damage.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:15 2011] You are trapped within a whirling wind.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:15 2011] An azarack backstabs YOU for 129 points of damage.
[Sun Jul 31 03:48:16 2011] Jobtik hit an azarack for 85 points of non-melee damage.

It was an extremely lucky coincidence that I did this at the end of the exit hallway
so that when the wind spell lapsed I could step back and fall out of zone.

~ Muse Temperance the Elf
~ Lyricist of <Mystic Coercion> on Erollisi Marr
~ with a <Variety> of alts to keep me busy
Is it possible!
# Jul 26 2011 at 3:33 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Hey all, I just completed this epic today. It feels great but I'm glad it's over. I sure learned quite a bit about how spawns work. I also learned how to get around maze-like zones without using the map considering how much I had to run through them to go from one spawn to another over and over. It took me about 4 weeks to do, playing on an off even with my very demanding job. If you have any questions about any spawns or need any advice, just give me a holler. I'm Alcatrazx on Luclin. I'm going to be working on the druid epic next which I hear is much more enjoyable :)

Edited, Jul 26th 2011 5:37am by Gastank
don't do it!
# Jul 25 2011 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
4,445 posts
Just a word of advice to anybody that reads this. Skip this quest! By today's standards this weapons is not that good. Just spend your time leveling and do the 1.5 prequest. I had the bright idea of thinking this epic quest might be fun. I had alot of fun doing monk, druid, cleric, and necro in the past. Well this one is not. This quest is just full of annoying trash farming. If you do this prepare to spend about a week killing placeholders, greys, etc. As of right now I have 4+ hours tied up in killing mages in NAjena. I spent 2+ hours killing 2 fire elementals and a clockwork placeholder for the 3rd. I have killed Phinigal 8 times now right on his spawn for the past 4 days and he hasn't dropped what I needed. I have 5+ hours invested in Quillmane and I haven't seen him spawn not 1 single time (thats alot of dead lions/lioness, etc). I have 3 hours tied up in burning woods. I had to kill the named skeleton 5 times to get my loot at 19 min per repop, rest of the time was trying to spawn the named wurm which spawned twice (no loot yet). Spend 2 hours spawning the giant in east karana.

The rest of the items I did well on. All I need is phinigal's loot, quillmane, and the named wurm in overthere but Im done... I quit.... Gonna spend 1k for elaborate defiant weapon and just level to 70 and do 1.5 prequest and go on. Ashame to give up with this much time invested but its just aggravating and annoying. The effect itself isn't that wonderful either its just a pet that gets upgraded in the 60's.

don't do it!
# Jul 26 2011 at 4:53 AM Rating: Decent
2,308 posts
Tell that to all the mages on the progressive servers and see what they say.
Somewhere heckling Fleven about updating quest info lol...
Not right
# Nov 14 2010 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Since the beginning of the Epic. I was getting the loot to drop off the first mobs I killed. Except for the blazing elemental. They are right go straight for the lava elemental. I got it to drop first time I killed him.

When I got to the words of mastery. I got fire to drop off the first goblin magician I killed. I spent two more hours killing magicians, and no more dropped. When I logged in the next day. Within the hour, I got the other three pages. Earth and Water dropped off goblin magicians, and Wind dropped off dark elf magician.

When I went to City of Mist for Neh'Ashirr. The key into the castle drops off The Captain of the Guard. (Stone key) I couldn't get through the second door. You need to either have someone who has the key of toris with you. Have a rogue, or if you have a Druid like I did. Run at the door while the druid is casting Shared form of the Great Wolf. After you get turned into a wolf, stop running at the door, but don't back up. Slowly turn your character in place. Then back up into the next room.

Next I went to get the Burning Embers from the three named wurms. I could not once find Gylton. Don't even know if he still even pops... But first off. Nezekezna and Phurzikon did NOT spawn anywhere near the locations that are stated above. Nezekezena spawned next to the Frontier Mountains zone in. And Phurzikon spawned a little away from that area. But killing Nezekezena didn't spawn Phurzikon. I spent 4 hours the first night killing mobs where it said Phurzikon spawned... Nothing... When I logged in the next day. I spent 5 hours killing the same mobs. Before my boyfriend found Nezekezena on his track next to the Frontier Mountains. Another two hours later of killing those mobs. Phurzikon spawned. Neither dropped the burning Embers.

Nezekezena didn't gate, just tried to walk away when it was at 9% hp. Phurzikon did gate, but he didn't go anywhere near Skyfire Mountains, or where it says his spawn location is. When I found him again, he didn't try to gate, but did go to walk away. He also heals himself but not much. He was at 12% when he gated, and only brought himself up to 31% never got any higher until the DoTs wore off.

You should kill all the mobs in the location where it says they spawn. That is what I have been doing. And although the wurms did not spawn in the location. They did spawn.

I have not once found Gylton, but I did find another named wurm that started spawning next to where it says Phurzikon spawns. He only came up twice though.
# Feb 24 2010 at 10:32 AM Rating: Decent
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Walnan Does NOT stay on the path between Kaladim and the docks. I found her way off to the north of the path going up the side of one of the mountains. Had to log in my ranger to find her. Once I knew where she was going it wasn't hard. But don't stick to the path unless you get lucky.
# Dec 20 2010 at 9:01 PM Rating: Decent
i had to have a ranger track her lol
# Jan 02 2010 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
i finally got cloak didn't want drop cloak mostly it was legs. solve lot your problem ph was about 90% time was centaur foal's . that spawn him kill pretty much lions and lionness and an elephant. but everytime i kill centaur foal's it spawn quillmane.
Master of Elements still bugged
# Dec 28 2009 at 9:56 PM Rating: Decent
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The Master of Elements is still bugged. I followed the instructions, his response was just one line of text. I gave him all four elements, and got nothing in return.

No spell, no orb, no elements.

Did a petition, so hopefully Sony will make it right, otherwise its off to WOW and no more of my money goes to SOE.

Adding insult to injury, I stood in the Quest room in Plane of Sky for about 10 minutes stunned at being robbed, and the freaking NPC's ganged up and killed me off.

Stromm Server
list in order, I think.
# Jul 23 2009 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
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I needed to put it together in an easy to read format for myself so figured I would put it here as well.

Who: Rykas Where: Lake Rathetear

Rykas is a gnome in a yellow robe in Lake Rathetear, who may be found at approximately +950, -650.

Words of Magi`kot – West Commonlands / Jahsohn Aksot / QUEST / 3 items needed for turn in
Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 1 – Kithicor Forest / Dread Wolf and other wolves / NO DROP / for Words of Magi`kot
Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 2 – Estate of Unrest or Najena / a tentacle/dark terror / NO DROP / for Words of Magi`kot
Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 3 – Lower Guk / a frenzied/bloodthirsty ghoul / NO DROP / for Words of Magi`kot

Power of the Elements – Butcherblock Mts / Walnan / QUEST / 4 items for turn in
Power of Earth – Lesser Faydark / a faerie guard / NO DROP / for Power of the Elements
Power of Fire – Solusek A / fire elementals / NO DROP / for Power of the Elements
Power of Water – Kaesora / any ravener / NO DROP / for Power of the Elements
Power of Wind – Castle Mistmoore / a gypsy in ball room area / NO DROP / for Power of the Elements

Words of Mastery – Najena / Akksstaff / QUEST / 4 items needed for turn in[
Torn Page of Mastery Earth – Najena / a magician or undead / for Words of Mastery
Torn Page of Mastery Fire – Najena / a magician or undead / for Words of Mastery
Torn Page of Mastery Water – Najena / a magician or undead / for Words of Mastery
Torn Page of Mastery Wind – Najena / a magician or undead / for Words of Mastery

[b]Return to Rykas in Lake Rathetear, and give him Words of Magi`kot, Power of the Elements, and Words of Mastery.

Element of Fire – Skyfire Mts / Jennus Lyklobar / QUEST/ 3 Items for turn in
Blazing Wand – Kedge Keep / Undertow / NO DROP / for Element of Fire
Torch of the Elements – City of Mist / Neh`Ashiir / NO DROP / for Element of Fire
Burning Embers – Burning Woods / Gylton, Nezekezena(-477, -2554), Phurzikon(-455 -2550) / NO DROP / for Element of Fire

Element of Earth – Firiona Vie / Tiblner Milnik / 4 items for turn in
Shovel of Ponz – QUEST / I HAVE / for Element of Earth
Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth – Plane of Hate / Magi P`Tasa / NO DROP / for Element of Earth
Broom of Trilon – QUEST / I HAVE / for Element of Earth
Dirt of Underfoot – Burning Woods / Slixin Klex (named skellie) / NO DROP / for Element of Earth

Element of Water – Dagnor's Cauldron / Jinalis Andir / 3 items for turn in
Rain of Karana – East Karana / Tarbul Earthstrider / NO DROP / for Element of Water
Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water – Kedge Keep / Phinigel Autropos / NO DROP / for Element of Water
Tears of Erollisi – The Overthere / Captain Rottgrime / NO DROP / for Element of Water

Element of Wind – Plane of Sky / Kihun Solstin / QUEST / 3 items for turn in
Crown of Elemental Mastery – Plane of Sky / 7th island mobs / Tradeable / for Element of Wind
Elemental Binder – The Hole / an elemental / Tradeable / for Element of Wind
Pegasus Feather Cloak – South Karana / Quillmane / NO DROP / for Element of Wind
Shaman Healer
Pain and Glory - Vox
list in order, I think.
# Nov 10 2009 at 3:26 PM Rating: Good
48 posts
Your abrievated list is incorrect with the turn in for the Element of Fire. All three pieces you have listed are correct, but you also have to turn in the "Power of the Orb."

I found out the hardway, turning in just the three parts before reading more and seeing the Orb turn in as well. Oh well, I did it all again and successfully finished my 1st mage epic. Now for a 2nd ;x
For the Good of the Realms!
# Jul 23 2009 at 8:04 AM Rating: Decent
166 posts
I am going to guess that this epic is MQable like all the other 1.o epics, right?

Anyone have any snags with MQ this epic like in some of the others?

Antyhing I need to to know that is not listed in the walk through?

Thanks in advance.
Shaman Healer
Pain and Glory - Vox
# Aug 28 2009 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
Not all 1.0 quests are Mq'able; however, this quest is MQ'able as long as the mage has at least one of the turn in items. This post tells you every thing that is needed.
# Apr 29 2009 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
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I just finished the 1.0. It took me over a year (playing on and off) to do it and I'm so happy I did. People call me stupid for "wasting my time" doing it. Maybe the 61 Air Pet is better, but the actual item is an upgrade for me (it won't be forever but I don't care), and I want bragging rights and the pride of finishing Mage 1.0. People who call you stupid for doing it are just jealous because they don't have the concentration to finish it. It's hard, but very, very rewarding. The hardest part for me was Torch of Elements.
# Feb 24 2010 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
You have the exactly right attitude. Anyone who thinks you are stupid for doing a quest is an idiot and doesn't understand what the most fun part of this GAME!!! is. Doing the quests is what the game is about hence the name "Ever QUEST!!! Dorks... They are everywhere. In copious numbers. I guess for them the whole point is to win the game... Oh wait, you can't.
# Mar 28 2013 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
Thank you, I am all about quests, and the new Heroes journey is not only rewarding for new players but fun as well, it makes you work to advance and is great for exp, I have gotten from level 11 to level 58 with 245 AA's just of the heroes journey and killing the mobs required to complet parts of the quest.
# Jun 18 2009 at 2:52 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
I agree wholeheartedly. Epics are never a waste of time, they are a badge of honour, a symbol of pride and dedication to your toon. I'm in the middle of doing my 1.0 (at lvl 75). I could NOT bring myself to start it before, knowing how much effort goes into it but now that i'm started it is very pleasant to actually see the progression in the quest : )

Kudos Unusen !!
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