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The following items will be available with LDoN on progression servers. Reference

Ancient Gnarled Hammer
Ancient Tome of Lost Lore
Bestial Club
Blood Soaked Cloth Shawl
Bracelet of Rhythmic Blessings
Brass Stud of Wonder
Carved Bone Long Bow
Chain Sleeves of Salvation
Chetari Fetish of Dark Tidings
Cloak of the Deep Cold
Coral Embedded Cloth Shawl
Coral Encrusted Vambraces
Cryptic Runed Chain Greaves
Decaying Chelaki Fang Earring
Dread Shield of the Slayer
Embroidered Ratman Hide Belt
Enticing Ruby Earring
Exquisite Silk Turban
Flawless Steel Mask
Forgotten Ebony Earring
Frosted Sleeves of Miracles
Frozen Boots of Skirmishes
Ghostly Leggings of Terror
Ghostly Mantle of the Dead
Gilded Brooch of the North
Grand Bracelet of War Eternal
Grim Mask of Blood
Ice Coated Shield of Defense
Ice Silk Cloak of the Mercenary
Ice Silk Strung Bow
Ichor Coated Leggings
Iron Mask of the Wise
Jeweled Sceptre of the Heavens
Kelp Cap of the Weaver
Kelp Wrapped Gloves
Knotted Belt of the Ravenous
Leather Greaves of Civility
Lesser Robe of Abjuration
Linked Waistband of the Master
Looped Snake Skin Ring
Marvelous Stone Ring
Miniature Nosering
Mysterious Glowing Sleeves
Mystical Gyrating Necklace
Naturalists Leather Arm Wraps
Petrified Green Slime Necklace
Plate Greaves of the Golden Sun
Polished Mask of Ice
Priceless Ice Fetish
Prismatic Jeweled Stud
Purified Steel Earring
Radiant Gem Encrusted Ring
Rigid Steel Breastplate
Rock Helm of Defense
Rock Prism Necklace
Rusted Ring of Power
Shaped Amber Ring of Soldiery
Shimmering Scale Bracer
Shiny Gold Earring
Shiny Silver Mask
Silent Sandals of the Mystic
Silken Phase Shield
Simple Cape of the Seer
Simple Coral Bracelet
Simple Pure Gold Ring
Slimy Green Ring
Slimy Leather Tunic
Specious Gemmed Cape
Spider Eye Ring
Steel Bracer of Law
Tattered Chelaki Hide Cloak
Terror Marked Mask
Tiny Pearl Seal
Torn Tome of Experiments
Traveler's Bracelet of Thought
Velium Etched Helm
Velvet Gloves of the Forsaken
Velvet Shawl of Dusk
Waterlogged Cloak of the Sea
Wicked Pauldron of the Depths
Woven Kelp Sandals
Woven Kelp Waistband
Writ of Gentle Songs


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