EQ Update #54

Site Updates

In this update, some Omens of War items/recipes were given an expansion tag.

More items are still being updated with correct stats, thanks to all of you running the item collector!

I myself am working on the spell database tables. Eventually when I'm done with all of that, it will help with overall performance of those tables and allow us to run the spell parser without a drag on the site.

I'll work on updating new comments today.

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New Items: Trophy of Talendor 

Updated Items: Dragonkin Heraldic Visor ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Vambraces ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Pauldrons ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Helm ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Greaves ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Girdle ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Gauntlets ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Collar ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Cloak ; Dragonkin Heraldic Breastplate ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Bracer ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Boots ;  Wind Dragon Crystal ;  Ice Dragon Crystal ;  Fire Dragon Crystal ;  Earth Dragon Crystal ;  Fused Dragon Crystal ;  Wind Dragon Prism 

Updated Recipes: Fused Dragon Crystal ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Boots ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Bracer ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Breastplate ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Cloak ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Collar ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Gauntlets ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Girdle ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Greaves ; Dragonkin Heraldic Helm ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Pauldrons ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Vambraces ;  Dragonkin Heraldic Visor


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