TBL Expansion Launch and EQ Update #106

Tomorrow morningish, depending where you live, The Burning Lands launches folks. We have plenty of info on the expansion and are still working on tagging items and so forth and will continue to add more info in the future. You can check out our The Burning Lands wiki, it has plenty of info on the expansion. It isn't 100% complete yet, we're still working on it so we'll have some of the other pages available soon.

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All EverQuest servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 5:00 AM PT (13:00 UTC) for an update as we prepare to enter The Burning Lands.

Estimated downtime is expected to last approximately 7 hours, with servers unlocking for play around noon. Please be aware that this downtime may be extended in the event of delays.

Update notes for this downtime can be found in the Game Update Notes section of the forum once they are available.

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December 11th, 2018

*** Highlights ***

- EverQuest's 25th expansion, The Burning Lands, is now live!
- Added the Faction Window to allow the quick viewing of your current faction standings. See the UI section below for details.
- Items will now display their lore text to players at level 50 and higher.

*** The Burning Lands ***

- The longstanding peace between the jann is over, and war has broken out between the djinn from the Plane of Air and the efreeti from the Plane of Fire! What has sparked this dispute and who will emerge victorious? Will you survive the Trials of Smoke and help end this conflict?
- Many items found in The Burning Lands will have a new stat called Luck. See the item section below for details.
- Players with The Burning Lands will have two new shared bank slots available.

*** Items ***

- Items will now display their lore text to players at level 50 and higher.
- Added a new stat, Luck, to many items found in The Burning Lands.
- - Luck can be found on new items and the amount of luck you have will influence the outcome of many skills, abilities, and spells. You can see the luck on items by inspecting them. Items with a percentage symbol next to their luck total can have their luck increased via item fusion (hover over the percentage for more information).
- - Many items with luck can utilize the Item Fusion Window to improve that item's luck stat. At the cost of one Crystallized Luck, this window allows you to fuse two items together (the base item and the component) to increase the luck on the base item. Fusing two items will result in the luck on the base item being increased and the component item will be destroyed. After fusing two items together, the base item will receive the higher luck of the two, plus one. For example, fusing a base item with 2 luck and a component at 4 luck will result in the base item having 5 luck.
- - Crystallized Luck can be purchased from Noble Exchange Merchants for platinum, from Loyalty Vendors, or from the Marketplace.
- Corrected an issue where players could equip multiple lore equipped items using bandolier.
- Upgraded the effect of Threads of Potential and Boon of the Soother.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Doing tradeskill combines that don't require a skill will no longer proc unrelated skills or abilities.
- Changed the name of two alchemy recipes to match the name of their products (Ward of Retribution, Wasp Swarm).

*** Spells ***

- Cleaned up messaging when an aura spell fails to hit a pet or mercenary due to being in a different environment type (such as water or lava) than the caster.
- Aura spells that kill their targets in one tick now properly report the death.
- Melody now skips to the next song if a recast timer hasn't elapsed, instead of interrupting the melody.
- Modern generic proc spells on items will no longer cause odd skill increases.
- Bard - Moved the Dirge of the Darkvine line of songs from Statistic Buffs -> Armor Class to Statistic Buffs -> Shielding since it adds shielding and not armor class. Extended the base duration to one minute as the line was originally intended to function. 

*** NPCs ***

- Fixed the bug that was causing Heratius Grolden in Tenebrous Mountains to spawn when killing the placeholder trigger NPCs instead of the rare trigger NPCs.

*** Progression Servers ***

- The Agent of Change will not appear in Cazic-Thule until Planes of Power has unlocked on the server.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Corrected an issue where an issue with one of your characters could stop you from logging into your account altogether.

*** UI ***

- Added a Faction Window that allows you to check your reaction and standing with every group in EverQuest.
- - This new window can be accessed by clicking the EQ Button and selecting Character -> Faction Standings or by typing /faction.
- - Hovering over a faction name or reaction entry will display your current reaction value with a group as well as the number of points needed to reach the next reaction rank.
- - Hovering over the standing progress bar will display your current standing (how much you have done to help or hurt this group) as well as the minimum and maximum possible standing with the group.
- Items located in your Item Overflow will now be listed in the Find Item Window.
- Added Rampage, Wild Rampage, and Flurry tags messages to the full round of melee attacks. Removed the single line messages that indicated something flurried or rampaged.
- Consolidated many chat messages that were duplicates of melee and non melee hits, including: Flurry, Finishing/Crippling Blow, Assassinate, Deadly Strike, Slay Undead, Headshot, and critical spells. These messages no longer have a separate line of text, instead they end with an indication of the special attack type in parenthesis.
- Added an indicator for twincasted and critical damage over time spells.
- Corrected an issue where players could not make a hotkey for Remove Traps.
- Using the AA ability 'Buy All' button with purchase confirmations enabled will now display the number of ranks and total cost of the purchase. This applies to both player and mercenary AA purchases.
- Corrected an issue where a new group wouldn't display the role of a master looter for the leader in the group window.

- Changed -

- Added -

- The EverQuest Team

EQ Update #105

In this update, many TBL NPC's were either created or updated with screenshots, locations and other info.

Many recipes were updated between Drewinette and Grizabelle.

Right now I am collecting info on spells and AA's for all classes in TBL. Once I get that done, I'll go back and update the rank spell quests for TBL and build the wiki pages as well for the spells. At some point I'll input AA's either into the TBL wiki or our AA database which needs a massive cleanup =\.

I have opened a couple TBL wiki pages so folks can view what has been done so far. The augmentation page and achievements. The augmentation page has dead links for now until we get items uploaded and recipes created when those items are uploaded. That page is also missing info on where these augs are from but we'll fill in the blanks as we get the info. Our item collector developer Rswiders has been working on updating the item collector with all the changes to items. Hopefully soon we'll be able to start uploading items.

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EQ Update #104

In this update, many TBL quests/achievements were created. Also a bunch of work has been done in the TBL wiki pages to display all the info. We'll make the TBL wiki public soonish, as soon as I can fill out the other pages.

Coirnav unlocked Luclin today. For those looking for information on Luclin, check out our Luclin Progression Wiki.

For those still having trouble with the site not loading any of its graphics, we have identified the cause and will get that fixed soon.

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EQ Update #103

Yay we are on the new host now! I hope the site loads faster for everyone. We had some issues that we're ironing out.

The search box at the top right of the site isn't working at the moment, we'll get that fixed soon. For now I've installed a google search box on the front page on the right that will help you search the site.

We've been busy inputting info for The Burning Lands and I've also been busy working on development.

New comments have been caught up except for quests, we'll get those updated soon.

NPC pages now show when a NPC was added to the npc table and also shows when it was last updated. The date added will probably show zero's for NPC's added before Prophecy of Ro since that is around the time that particular column was added to the NPC table.

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EQ Update #102 and TBL Beta

In this update, many things were updated.

Beta officially opened for The Burning Lands yesterday during the live stream. We've been hard at work gathering info and entering it into the site. Here is what we know so far about the beta.

For participating in the beta, you will recieve a Djinn hat ornamentation.

The following info is from the beta forums.

  • A new luck stat was added that will randomly increase the amount of coin in your split, the amount of ciritical damage you do, your chance to succedd at a tradeskill combine. This new stat will only be on gear from TBL on later expansions and will be random when you loot it. You can also merge two of the same item with the luck stat and it will take the highest luck amount and add +1 to the highest stat if it's not already maxed out.
  • There are 6 new zones and 1 instance of Plane of Fire.
  • Access to these other zones requires completing progression. Progression starts in Stratos which is located in a rift near the Plane of Air entrance (CTRL F in PoT to find).
  • 3 tiers of group items (last tier is tradeskill), 2 tiers of raid items. Tier 1 group items can be found in Stratos and Plane of Smoke. Group items can also be found within missions in Trials of Smoke (Plane of Smoke), Aalishai, and Empyr.
  • Tier 2 items can be found on rare creatures in Mearatas, Aalishai, and Empyr. They can also be found in missions in Esianti, Plane of Fire, Chamber of Tears, and Mearatas.
  • Tier 3 items are the tradeskill items which require rare components.
  • Tier 1 raid items will be available through all of the raids. Tier 2 will be based on tradeskills and like the tier 3 group items, components will be rare.
  • New item flag, Lore Equipped. This will allow you own more than one of an item but you can only equip one of them. Rings and earrings are set to Lore Equipped.
  • 4 new evolving rare items that also have augmentations that are only specifically for it.
  • 2 new shared bank slots.
  • New merc AA's with new merc skins, new player AA's.
  • New player spells.

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EQ Update #101

In this update, new comments were caught up to yesterday.

All zone page headers across all expansions have been corrected to so the text doesn't scroll off the right of the page for non premium users viewing from mobile devices.

Item pages on lucy and allakhazam have been fixed to where they will display solvents for augmentations regardless if they have been updated by the item collector. Type 3 augments should now show their solvents because of this fix.

Also the item page on allakhazam was updated to show when an item was last updated by the item collector. Other information was edited on the item pages for both allakhazam and lucy to make it more clear what the information is for. Lucy's item page CSS was slightly changed to auto fit tables and center them, this is just a small part of a bigger project to make the information a little easier to read instead of stretching the page across the whole browser.

A bug causing Microsoft Edge browsers to freeze when clicking on input boxes on the advanced item search page has been fixed.

I will be adding in code and database changes for The Burning Lands expansion this week.

As far as the site migration goes, we'll give an update on that sometime this week. We're trying to organize the best date and time to do this.

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EQ Update #100

In this update some Halloween ornamentation items were uploaded that are replacement augs for the old container ornamentations. We have attached info to these items and gave them a screenshot (some animated) and the old container molds info was detached as marked as no longer dropped. Other Halloween items currently on the marketplace have also had info attached to them, such as price and their screenshots added (some animated) as well.

Some mounts were added to the Item Mounts wiki page and given velocity values. Other mounts on the same page also had their velocity values entered.

And just a reminder that this Wednesday Thursday, at 10pm PT (11pm MT, 12am CT, 1am ET) we will be bringing all allakhazam sites offline to move them over to our new host. Downtime hopefully shouldn't be too long and I don't have an ETA on when exactly the site will be back up but we need to make sure all the current data is backed up and moved before we bring the site back online.

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EQ Update #99

In this update, many recipes new and existing were updated by Grizabelle and Drewinette.

Also Classic and Kunark zone page header sections HTML was fixed so they can be veiwable on mobile devices without the text scrolling off the right side of the page. We'll get other pages fixed as well in other expansions.

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EQ Update #98

In this update, Drewinette and Grizabelle were busy updating and inserting new recipes.

Secrets of Faydwer is set to release on Phinigel on October 10th at 2pm PST. I have made a progression wiki page for SoF here and added in all SoF achievements which we were missing. Let me know if you would like to see other info added.

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EQ Update #97

In this update, we got the Northman Heritage Crate items sorted with info, see the quest entry for info on them.

Many other new items to the site were uploaded as well since we got some back behind the scenes scripts working again that transfers items from lucy to allakhazam. We'll get info on those items when we get some time to research where they came from. At the time of this post we have 6002 items that have been uploaded over the years that have no info attached to them. If you would like to help with researching info for these items, let me know.

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