EQ Update #80

In this update, the rest of all the Distillate potions are all marked with the expansion they are tied to and recipes as well.

I cleaned up the Serpent's Spine RK3 quest entry to make it a little easier to view the spells for each class.

Spells have been updated to the June patch. This update should fix several SPA issues with spells. such as SPA 148 not showing the correct info on blocking and SPA 457 now shows lifetaps percentages of hitpoints given back and shows max hitpoints given back if a max value is assigned to the spell. New targettypes were added as well, 48 (Caster Next on Hatelist), 39 (No Pets), 35 (Special Muramites) and 21 (Undead).

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June 2018 Patch


June 20, 2018

*** Highlights ***

- Charm items with right click effects can now be activated from your inventory.
- Look to the Marketplace this month for the Northman Heritage Crate. Each crate contains a random item. Trade these Northman Heritage items to your friends or collect them all yourself!

*** Items ***

- Charm items with click effects can now be activated from bags and inventory. This includes both Skulls of Null.
- - The convert button will remain on the Skulls of Null for the people that may not have fixed their broken versions.
- Updated the name of the items and recipes for the consolidated Fereth armors.
- Altered the visual appearance of Ancient Gaffi of Trorsmang and Veltar's Staff of Tranquility.
- The Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul will now only transport you if you are in a Broken Mirror zone.
- Suits of Hero's Forge armor now link to the reward window which allows for inspecting their individual pieces without unpacking the suits.
- Bottle of Shared Adventure effects can now land on you even if you have an existing single-target experience enhancing effect active. These effects do not stack with each other -- only the most powerful one will affect your experience.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Replaced Platinum Geode Necklace in the Jewelcraft Tradeskill Tests with Jaded Velium Ring.
- Fixed the Tradeskill Test quests so the required turn-ins match the required recipes.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Journey Into Terror - **Read Carefully** Crestra will accept Crestra's Empowered Elegant Earring for the final turn in, BUT they will only return Crestra's Elegant Earring. You will not get the raid version back. You will not get a Flawless Conflagrant Diamond.
- Drusella's Vault - Added a popup message when Drusella heads to a raid member's location. Drusella's aura will no longer damage NPCs.
- The Sathir Line - Added a popup message when Drusella chases a raid member. Added a popup message when Venril levels his gaze at a raid member.
- The Plane of Fear: Revisited and The Plane of Hate: Revisited again allow mercenaries.
- Fell Foliage (Mission) - The Atrocious Succulent will no longer spawn burgeoning succulents.
- Measure of the Dead - The energy collection elements will no longer reset if you have already completed the earring combine.
- Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Group) - Fixed a bug that caused the Enraged Guardian of Sul to be much harder than intended.
- In Defense of Health - Corrected issues with the strength of some NPCs being too high. Fixed a spawn that could spawn a raid NPC in the Heroic Adventure.
- Plane of Health raids - Set many non-boss NPCs to the correct difficulty rating.
- Crypt of Sul Heroic Adventures - Fixed a spawn with a bad encounter that could lead to an NPC 7 levels higher than the highest player in the adventure.
- End of Empire (Raid) - The bonus chest that drops ornamentation will no longer move after it is opened.
- Kragsmash - The speed of body and strength of body adds will now assist Kragsmash more reliably. The adds will despawn if the boss has been slain.
- Sverag, Stronghold of Rage - Characters with the Hero's Challenge will once again be offered a chance to get into the instance.
- Plane of War - Adjusted the appearance of the colossi that offer transportation to Narikor.
- Bastion of Thunder - After the defeat of Emmerik Skyfury, Askr the Lost will now send you to Karana's chamber rather than opening the Chaotic Vortex to do so.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent you from obtaining some cultural tasks if you had other unrelated tasks such as 'Will It Live?'.
- Ancient Heroes - Lord Nagafen - King Tranix, Warlord Skarlon, and Magus Rokyl have returned to this Old Man McKenzie mission.

*** Spells ***

- Corrected a typo in the message you see when attempting to teleport to an anchor that doesn't exist.
- Spells with multiple damage values will now correctly report the total damage done.
- Form of Darkness now fades on zoning.
- Druid and Shaman - The Regeneration line of spells will now increase in power as you gain levels up to level 80.
- Enchanter - Lowered the damage, efficiency, and mana return of the Mind Shatter line of Damage over Time spells. The line has been added to a shared timer and has a recast delay.
- Enchanter - Lowered the damage and efficiency of the Suffocating Sphere and Baffling Constriction lines of Damage over Time spells.
- Shadowknight - Moved Mental Corruption from Utility Detrimental->Combat Innates to Utility Beneficial->Combat Innates since it provides a buff.

*** AA ***

- Beastlord - Fixed a bug that prevented Frenzied Swipe from being purchasable.
- Berserker - Fixed a bug with rank 5 of Screaming Axes that caused Screaming Fury II to grant less haste than was intended.
- Shadowknight - Fixed errors in the descriptions for ranks 25-26, 40-41, and 45 of Leech Touch.

*** NPCs ***

- Fixed a bug that prevented charmed NPCs and pets from returning items that they will not equip.
- NPCs will be more responsive when returning items they do not want.
- Seer Mal Nae`Shi's dialogues can now be clicked instead of having to type the correct response.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Changed the requirements to create alchemy distillate potions to be relative to equivalent player spell power within the era.
- Echo of Sebilis will despawn if it spawns before Gates of Discord is open.
- Temple of Veeshan (Agent of Change) - Restored Lord Vyemm to the Temple of Veeshan where he is meant to reside.
- All Bottle of X items on the marketplace now use the quest reward window to grant an item appropriate to the current era and your level.
- Bottle of Spirits will be available on progression servers when Luclin opens.
- There is a new Bottle of Health Pack, Bottle of the Ursine Pack, Bottle of the Avian Pack, and Bottle of the Cetacean Pack. These offer versions of the potions where the effectiveness does not exceed the effectiveness of equivalent player spells. Once Veil of Alaris opens, they will offer the original more powerful potions.
- - Existing Bottle of Health Pack, Bottle of the Ursine Pack, Bottle of the Avian Pack, and Bottle of the Cetacean Pack items will not be removed from players.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Corrected an issue that would cause beneficial damage over time spells (such as the Necromancer Lich line) to display damage messages to other players.
- Fixed an issue that would cause pets to lose all of their buffs when zoning if they had a large number of effects on them.
- Fixed several geometry bugs in The Breeding Grounds.
- Fixed the various Tier 6 heroic stat tribute benefits to grant the correct amount of the stat.
- Estimated dates and times of scheduled monthly updates are now visible on the in-game calendar.
- Fixed issues with the classic iksar 2-handed and range attack animations.
- Fixed the spelling of some momentos.

*** UI ***

- Corrected an issue where AA hotbuttons were not properly saving their labels.
- Fixed a typo when trying to grant alternate advancement abilities over the advancement point limit.
- Improved the resolution for spell icons when used for hotbuttons.
- Fixed an issue in the Bazaar where various Dragons of Norrath spells would try to sell for crystals instead of platinum.
- Holding an item on your cursor and left clicking a hotbutton that is red or linked to that item will autoinventory the item.
- Old hotbuttons linked to items will now look up their name.
- Corrected an issue where hotbuttons pointing to an item with 0 charges would stop working.
- Corrected an issue where characters with similar names would not appear in the loot list on the Advanced Loot Window.
- The guild window will correctly keep your selection when other members zone or camp.
- When creating a character or race changing, expansion restricted cities and race-class combinations will now display as unavailable.
- Fixed an issue where /grouproles would not save or load correctly.

- Changed -


- The EverQuest Team

Site Downtime

Sorry folks for the site downtime. Our web server died on us and we had to order a new server, configure it, recover all the data and transfer it offsite to a backup location and then put everything back on the new server.

We're still working on getting lucy up and running and there are some issues with uploaded images not displaying. We'll get all that fixed soon.

Thank you all for your patience and being supportive of us!

We do have plans to move the site to a better hosting solution soon that gives the site more flexibility and redundancy in case of a hardware failure happens again in the future.

Edit: Lucy is up and so are uploaded images.

EQ Update #79

In this update, new comments were caught up to tonight.

Some Distillate potions expansions were corrected to this post on the Daybreak forums. I'm still going through all of them. Some that have been changed already are not listed in the below updates.

Also we need some help from folks doing Ring of Scale content. For those running the item collector, we need folks to activate the Ring of Scale personal tribute effects for a quick second and then can deactivate. This will upload an invisible item to lucy that has the stat of the tribute effect you activated. I'm trying to update the Tribute page for Ring of Scale effects and I need the cost of each one and the required level.

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EQ Update #78

In this updatre, many ornamentations that are replacements for the old container ornamentations were uploaded thanks to Byren.

Also a bunch of recipes were updated with various info by Grizabelle.

Also Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, and Ranger tomes/spells were given an expansion tag for level 91 through 95 via the spell search tool.

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EQ Update #77

In this update, some new items have been coming in since our item collector is patched now.I've got those items tagged now.

We have plenty more missing items here on the site if you want to help out. If you already have the item collector installed, check out our Missing Items thread on the forums to see what we're missing.

Spells for Bards, Berserkers, Clerics, Druids, Enchanters and Magicians had their expansions set for level 91 through 95 via the spell search tool.

We'll be doing some database updates to the spell history table tomorrow night to fix some columns from limiting spell info, dropping columns that are no longer needed and partitioning the table since it is quite large.

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EQ Update #76

In this update, more new comments were updated until last night.

Also pre kunark research only spells were given an expansion tag along with the classes set via their recipes.

A missing SoD tradeskill quest in Crescent Reach was added and the tradeskill items associated with it tagged. 

Edit 6-9-2018: Item collector has been patched.

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Ruins of Kunark opening on Coirnav tomorrow!

For those that play on Coirnav, Ruins of Kunark is opening tomorrow at 2pm PT. We have plenty of info about Kunark here on the site.

Checkout our progression wiki for Kunark where we have some info on it. I just added a section showing where all the agent of changes are located for all the raids. I'll work on adding some more information on that page.

Also in other news, all level 86 to 90 spells for all classes have been given an expansion tag via the spell search tool.

EQ Update #75

In this update, pre kunark (original) armor Seafarer and Ogre War plate were given a original expansion tag. The recipes for them was also given an original expansion tag.

Berserker, Cleric and Druid tomes/spells level 86 to 90 were given an expansion tag via the spell search tool.

I just finished up work on the spell history database tables and will be updating this large table probably sometime this week over a few days to spread out the workload. The updates address some limitations that existed in the main spell table and the history table that cut off spell information. The main spell database has already been corrected but those corrections won't be visible until we run the spell parser again which will happen when the next eq patch hits.

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EQ Update #74

In this update, new comments have been caught up to this afternoon.

I am currently working on some spell history database table updates and other code fixes.

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