EQ Update #273

Site Updates

In this update, more beta items were tagged Ring of Scale expansion. Also Agents of Change for Velious have been added with screenshots with map locations.

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Updated Items: Scaled Shoes Facet ;  Conflagrant Longbow ;  Conflagrant Compound Bow ;  Conflagrant Arcane Staff ;  Conflagrant Devotional Staff ;  Conflagrant Battle Staff ;  Conflagrant Spear ;  Conflagrant Staff ;  Conflagrant Great Axe ;  Conflagrant Bodkin ;  Conflagrant Athame ; Conflagrant Censor ;  Conflagrant Mace ;  Conflagrant Stiletto ;  Conflagrant Battle Rod ;  Conflagrant Katar ;  Conflagrant Bastard Sword ;  Conflagrant War Sword ;  Conflagrant Saber ;  Conflagrant Rapier ;  Conflagrant Cane ;  Conflagrant Rod ;  Conflagrant Axe ;  Phlogiston Amice of Brilliance ;  Phlogiston Cloak of Brilliance ;  Phlogiston Cloak of Adroitness ;  Phlogiston Cloak of Security ;  Phlogiston Idol of Brilliance ;  Phlogiston Idol of Adroitness ;  Phlogiston Idol of Vigor ;  Quick Phlogiston Ring ;  Fleet Phlogiston Ring ;  Athletic Phlogiston Ring ;  Secure Phlogiston Ring;  Savvy Phlogiston Ring ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Ring ;  Vital Phlogiston Ring ;  Athletic Phlogiston Belt ;  Quick Phlogiston Belt ;  Fleet Phlogiston Belt ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Belt ;  Savvy Phlogiston Belt ;  Vital Phlogiston Belt ;  Phlogiston Charm of Vigor ;  Phlogiston Charm of Brilliance ; Phlogiston Charm of Security ;  Scaled Legionnaire Greaves ;  Scaled Legionnaire Helm ;  Scaled Legionnaire Vambraces ;  Scaled Legionnaire Boots ;  Scaled Legionnaire Gauntlets ;  Scaled Legionnaire Bracer ;  Scaled Cap Facet ;  Scaled Bracer Facet ;  Scaled Dragonbrood Armwraps ; Scaled Dragonbrood Cowl ;  Scaled Dragonbrood Boots ;  Scale Touched Natureward Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Tunic Facet ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Leggings ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Sleeves ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Coif ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Gauntlets ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Soulslayer Sleeves ;  Scale Touched Soulslayer Sandals ;  Scale Touched Soulslayer Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Coat ;  Scale Touched Spiritwalker Boots ;  Scale Touched Soulslayer Robe ;  Scale Touched Soulslayer Pants ; Scale Touched Soulslayer Cap ;  Scale Touched Soulslayer Gloves ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Breastplate ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Greaves ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Vambraces ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Helm ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Gauntlets ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Bracer ;  Scale Touched Sleeve Facet ;  Scale Touched Shoes Facet ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Leggings ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Sleeves ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Coif ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Gauntlets ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Wristguard ;  Shimmering Vigna ; Scale Touched Soulforge Tunic ;  Scale Touched Soulforge Leggings ;  Scale Touched Soulforge Armwraps ;  Scale Touched Soulforge Cowl ;  Scale Touched Soulforge Boots ;  Scale Touched Soulforge Gloves ;  Scale Touched Soulforge Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Soulrender Boots ;  Scale Touched Pants Facet ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Robe ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Pants ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Sleeves ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Sandals ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Coat ;  Scale Touched Natureward Coat ;  Scale Touched Shadowscale Boots ;  Scale Touched Natureward Sleeves ;  Scale Touched Natureward Leggings ;  Scale Touched Natureward Coif ;  Scale Touched Natureward Boots ;  Scale Touched Natureward Gauntlets ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Cap ;  Scale Touched Lifewalker Tunic ;  Scale Touched Mindlock Gloves ;  Scale Touched Lifewalker Leggings ;  Scale Touched Lifewalker Armwraps ;  Scale Touched Exarch Greaves ;  Scale Touched Exarch Helm ;  Scale Touched Exarch Boots ;  Scale Touched Exarch Gauntlets ;  Scale Touched Exarch Bracer ;  Scale Touched Bracer Facet ; Spell: Illusion: Iron-Toothed Earthdigger 

New Quests: Kill Krellnakor 

Updated Quests: Testing the Waters ;  For My Information 

Bestiary Updates: Squire Thomas Olson ;  Agent of Change (Lavastorm Mountains) [Nagafen's Lair Expedition] ;  a crumbling cliff golem ;  Vizra, magia mortis fortitio [Raid and Mission] ;  Praetor Jerok ;  an arisen convert ;  The Arisen Admiral Tylix ;  Agent of Change (The Great Divide) [Icewell Keep and Velk's Lab Expeditions] ;  Agent of Change (Eastern Wastes) [Great Divide, Kael and Sleeper's Tomb Expeditions] ;  Agent of Change (Kael Drakkel) [Wakening Lands Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (Wakening Land) [Plane of Growth and Skyshrine Expeditions] ;  Agent of Change (Western Wastes) [Dragon Necropolis and Temple of Veeshan Expeditions] ;  Agent of Change (Siren's Grotto) [Western Wastes Expedition] ;  Searstinger


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