Last updated: Sun Aug 18 05:00:48 2019

Quests for Netherbian Lair

Protecting Lerin Sardor (Normal): Lerin Sardor is near the Dawnshroud Peaks zone. Hail him and he tells a story of how he was traveling to sell his wares but has no guards to help him make it there safely. He says he has a deal to make with you and hands you an unsigned agreement. If you will escort him and provide protection through the Netherbian Lair zone, he will reward you at the end with one of the items he was going to sell at the bazaar. He says to return the agreement if you are willing to take him up on his offer. Hand it back to him and he gives it back to you as a signed agreement. He immediately starts walking towards the Nexus zone. Follow him. You will be attacked by about four waves of mobs as you're walking (usually 4-6 mobs at a time). Fight them off until you get to the guards near the Nexus zone. He thanks you for helping him make it there safely and asks for the agreement so that he may hold up his end of the bargain. Hand in the signed agreement and he give you your reward.

Need all dialogues, faction hits if any, fight details, quest items, /loc of Lerin Sardor at beginning and end of walk. Reward: Jasper Kundan Earring