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Screenshot by Avoik Guild Nostalgia
by: (Anonymous) of Avoik, Test Server
July 14, 2006
82.0 KB
Screenshot by Tiros Beam Me Up
by: Tiros D'Raagon of Dragon Council, Bertoxxulous Server
July 13, 2006
164.3 KB
Screenshot by Deztroyur "I'm a Dragon!"
by: Deztroyur Ofgods of Aegis Wolves, Tunare (E'Ci) Server
July 12, 2006
86.8 KB
Screenshot by Splintah Wolf Party
by: Splintah of Stellar Intentions, Bertoxxoulus Server
July 11, 2006
242.6 KB
Screenshot by Uzzy Calling All Mobs; Meeting in the Jungle
by: Uzzy Wiseknight of the High Order of the Dragon, Tunare Server
July 10, 2006
96.5 KB
Screenshot by Elbribon Brrrrraaaaains!
by: Elbribon L'Abattage of Tunare's Guilded Knights, Tunare Server
July 7, 2006
168.2 KB
Screenshot by Killyounow Rezzyoulater Primal Instinct
by: Killyounow Rezzyoulater of Girth, The Seventh Hammer Server
July 6, 2006
117.1 KB
Screenshot by Taiyou Nestled Close in the Theater of Blood
by: Taiyou of Chaotic Presence
July 5, 2006
139.0 KB
Screenshot by Bakamaf Elusive Spawn: The EverQuest Developer
by: Bakamaf of Ascending Dawn, Zek Server
July 3, 2006
382.6 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Ouch
by: (Anonymous), Cazic Thule Server
June 30, 2006
125.6 KB
Screenshot by Firedemond Now, Where Did I Put My Hammer?
by: Firedemond of Dark Sliver, Drinal (Tarew Marr) Server
June 29, 2006
19.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Who Needs Drogmors and Horses?
by: (Anonymous Submission)
June 28, 2006
271.7 KB
Screenshot by Uwandah The Calvary is Here
by: Uwandah of Syndicatus, Quellious Server
June 27, 2006
179.6 KB
Screenshot by Megamieen "He is Here!"
by: Megamieen of Circle of Despair, Quellious Server
June 26, 2006
116.4 KB
Screenshot by Gonoan Clever Piranhas of the New Nektulos
by: Gonoan Nowhere of Valheru, Povar Server
June 23, 2006
170.7 KB
Screenshot by Climddfdfgh A Particularly Skittish Polar Bear
by: "Climddfdfgh" of Pro Libertate, Luclin Server
June 22, 2006
79.2 KB
Screenshot by Teddie Need a Hand?
by: Teddie Beardude, Druzzil Ro Server
June 21, 2006
126.3 KB
Screenshot by Theliz Paffa Would Not Be Impressed
by: Theliz Ardking, Quellious Server
June 20, 2006
119.6 KB
Screenshot by Briatta "Not Without the Support of Our Troops"
by: Briatta Wynterbourne of Audacia Venator, The Rathe Server
June 19, 2006
118.4 KB
Screenshot by Romulous New Command: "/pet bank"
by: Romulous Aryinious of Helix, Luclin Server
June 16, 2006
78.1 KB
Screenshot by Lexxis A Sisterly Summit
by: Lexxis Latrodectus of Triune, Erollisi Marr Server
June 15, 2006
149.6 KB
Screenshot by Luacious Would the Real Obsolete Model Please Stand Up
by: Luacious Lunarbaby of Force of Valor, Tunare Server
June 14, 2006
158.1 KB
Screenshot by Poranea The Family That Sleeps Together Keeps Together
by: Poranea Kitedragger, Povar Server
June 13, 2006
118.8 KB
Screenshot by Sherpadik Corrupted by the Warlord, Ykesha
by: Sherpadik Kugukta of Raven, Fennin Ro Server
June 12, 2006
135.0 KB
Screenshot by Tallav Who's King of the Hill?
by: Tallav Rolanden of Eternal Retribution, Tunare Server
June 9, 2006
109.1 KB
Screenshot by Thelus Going to Need a Little More Help
by: Thelus Theos of Elitists, Fennin Ro Server
June 8, 2006
79.8 KB
Screenshot by Baakah Revenge is Worth the Wait
by: Baakah
June 7, 2006
189.2 KB
Screenshot by Wyldb Hell's Fire and Brimstone
by: Wyldb, Luclin Server
June 6, 2006
287.5 KB
Screenshot by Krulac Protector of Dresolik
by: Krulac of Sylver Gryphon Brotherhood, Bristlebane Server
June 5, 2006
119.1 KB
Screenshot by McSean "Yeah, I Heard it Too"
by: McSean Shadowraider of the Guardians of Blood, Xegony Server
June 2, 2006
86.5 KB
Screenshot by Zerathule Wall of Dead
by: Zerathule Elessidil of the Followers of the Swarm, Druzzil Ro Server
June 1, 2006
383.0 KB
Screenshot by Jube Sensei
by: Jube Jube of Scripted Legacy, Fennin Ro (Torvo) Server
May 31, 2006
99.2 KB
Screenshot by Ambrosewolfe Orc Feast
by: Ambrosewolfe ShinningMoon of True Spirits of Whitefire, Prexus Server
May 29, 2006
112.4 KB
Screenshot by Laenea Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire
by: Laenea of Syndicatus, Quellious Server
May 26, 2006
115.7 KB
Screenshot by Luxas and Crazykitty Today's Lesson
by: Luxas and Crazykitty of Destination Overboard, Fennin Ro Server
May 25, 2006
79.4 KB
Screenshot by Teddie "Pucker Up"
by: Teddie Beardude, Druzzil Ro Server
May 24, 2006
48.6 KB
Screenshot by Mauvdar Super Frog
by: Mauvdar of Regnat Populus, Xegony Server
May 23, 2006
142.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) "Have You Killed a GM Today?"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
May 22, 2006
75.8 KB
Screenshot by Mztaylorr "Sunset Dance"
by: Mztaylorr Morgan of the Nymphs Of The Nameless, The Nameless Server
May 19, 2006
115.5 KB
Screenshot by Ravenclaw Charge!
by: Ravenclaw Toxxulous of Bhur Gcairde, The Tribunal Server
May 18, 2006
92.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Four Necros, One Shaman, And 29 Pets -- CH This!
by: (Anonymous Submission)
May 17, 2006
181.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Welcoming Committee
by: (Anonymous Submission)
May 16, 2006
194.7 KB
Screenshot by Ayecandee Beware the Tree Spider of East Karana
by: Ayecandee Tizdandee, Stromm Server
May 15, 2006
71.3 KB
Screenshot by Wynema A Very Fresh Kill
by: Wynema Wildeharte of Bhur Gcairde, The Tribunal Server
May 12, 2006
200.1 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Discomfort
by: (Anonymous Submission)
May 11, 2006
68.3 KB
Screenshot by Doucha Down with the Goon Squad
by: Doucha Saco, The Tribunal Server
May 10, 2006
115.4 KB
Screenshot by Forgotten Mentors Fearless
by: Forgotten Mentors, Povar (Morden Rasp) Server
May 9, 2006
117.4 KB
Screenshot by Sherpadik Undead Night
by: Sherpadik Kugukta of Raven, Feninn Ro Server
May 8, 2006
54.1 KB
Screenshot by Jartaxel Close Encounter of the Third Degree
by: Jartaxel, Quellious Server
May 5, 2006
159.3 KB
Screenshot by Dorboln Meeting AT the Mind
by: Dorboln Crushkiller of In Via Damnum, Druzzil Ro Server
May 4, 2006
249.3 KB
Screenshot by Riszaak Crunch
by: Riszaak Liruek of Extreme Annihilation, Bertoxxulous Server
May 3, 2006
97.0 KB
Screenshot by Furikuri Escape
by: Furikuri, Tunare Server
May 2, 2006
237.1 KB
Screenshot by Jartaxel Nektulos 3.0
by: Jartaxel, Antonius Bayle Server
May 1, 2006
219.2 KB
Screenshot by Canderous Elevator Weight Limit Exceeded
by: Canderous Verakai of Outraged, Maelin Starpyre Server
April 28, 2006
106.6 KB
Screenshot by Gamepromonk Bixie Race; And the Winner is.. That One
by: Gamepromonk of Souls of The Cursed Guild, The Rathe Server
April 27, 2006
153.9 KB
Screenshot by Knaw Leap to Battle
by: Khaw Ching of Noble Blade, The Rathe Server
April 26, 2006
127.0 KB
Screenshot by Roac Last Frog Standing
by: Roac Ravensdirk, Povar Server
April 25, 2006
111.1 KB
Screenshot by Silentio Follow the Leader
by: Silentio Dragonwolf of Winged Ascension, Saryrn Server
April 24, 2006
134.6 KB
Screenshot by Ziuanna Love for a Ranger, a Cleric's Work Never Ends
by: Ziuanna Rangewalker of Belle'Morte, The Nameless Server
April 21, 2006
30.4 KB
Screenshot by Wikket Banished from Rivervale
by: Wikket Warrick of Huhu Horde, Xegony Server
April 20, 2006
146.0 KB
Screenshot by Karana Pirates Lost and Lonely in Cazic Thule
by: Karana Pirates, The Rathe Server
April 19, 2006
115.9 KB
Screenshot by Shidji Back Up or You'll Get No Buffs!
by: Shidji Brunelle of Legions of Blackwatch, Fennin Ro Server
April 18, 2006
204.3 KB
Screenshot by Sokrat Darwol the Ugly
by: Sokrat Sombresonge of Legende Celte, The Rathe Server
April 17, 2006
192.0 KB
Screenshot by Lexxus An Epic Battle
by: Lexxis Latrodectus of Triune, Erollisi Marr Server
April 14, 2006
183.1 KB
Screenshot by Totts The Billy Goats Gruff
by: Totts Diego, Stromm Server
April 13, 2006
68.2 KB
Screenshot by Maximus Loot Up
by: Maximus Aurelius of Companions Of Light, Saryrn Server
April 12, 2006
98.3 KB
Screenshot by Innania Elddar City of Takish Hiz
by: Innania Realitychanger of Twilight Chosen, Maelin Starpyre Server
April 11, 2006
115.4 KB
Screenshot by Euzena Roasted Ranger
by: Euzena Pureblayde of BlackTower, Tunare Server
April 10, 2006
138.8 KB
Screenshot by Freeks Shar`Drahn
by: Freeks Meout, Quellious Server
April 7, 2006
71.9 KB
Screenshot by Erowydd "Change of Heart"
by: Erowydd of Syndicatus, Quellious (Rodcet Nife) Server
April 6, 2006
194.7 KB
Screenshot by Octaevius Caught Red-Handed
by: Octaevius of Tenet, Maelin Starpyre Server
April 5, 2006
138.3 KB
Screenshot by Zenetos and Pyrosia Beauty Divine
by: Zenetos and Pyrosia Tranquilharte of Bhur Gcairde, The Tribunal Server
April 4, 2006
39.9 KB
Screenshot by Mezzd Mountain Bazu
by: Mezzd Mypantz, Povar Server
April 3, 2006
158.0 KB
Screenshot by Cloud The Fabled Bug
by: Cloud of Inverse Logic, Stromm Server
March 31, 2006
53.3 KB
Screenshot by Huufhearted Drogmor Dentistry
by: Huufhearted of the Wings of Mercy, The Tribunal Server
March 30, 2006
203.3 KB
Screenshot by Battleborn Grendish, Fabled Veeshan Crusader
by: Battleborn, Drinal Server
March 29, 2006
274.1 KB
Screenshot by Henrian Lavastorm's Caldera
by: Henrian Illinoid, The Rathe Server
March 28, 2006
129.6 KB
Screenshot by Pothoss The Fabled Venril Sathir
by: Pothoss Thewoodlord of Clan Skallagrim, Drinal Server
March 27, 2006
137.8 KB
Screenshot by Marlox Disruptive Students
by: Marlox Stormfire of Leviathan, Povar Server
March 24, 2006
102.2 KB
Screenshot by Candorbob You Know You're in Trouble When...
by: Candorbob Tiple, Erollisi Marr Server
March 23, 2006
51.3 KB
Screenshot by Bbot Quiet Night
by: bbot, Xegony Server
March 22, 2006
100.2 KB
Screenshot by Firestormers Unsuspecting
by: Firestormers, Povar Server
March 21, 2006
133.5 KB
Screenshot by Daverlaver Who's Your Mummy?
by: Daverlaver of Distant Thunder, Bristlebane Server
March 20, 2006
79.6 KB

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