Klok Sirus [ Alchemy Supplies ]  

Tradeskill Supplies: Alchemy

Uploaded September 8th, 2017 by Gidono

  • This mob spawns at the northeast corner of the zone near a few other vendors at /loc +443, +513, +4.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 30
Goods sold (70):
icon Acaana Leaf 5cp
icon Agrimony Leaf 5cp
icon Aloe Thorn 5cp
icon Angurth Leaf 5cp
icon Arroweed Leaf 5cp
icon Birthwort Leaf 5cp
icon Bitterwood Twig 5cp
icon Boneset Leaf 5cp
icon Briar Thistle Tip 5cp
icon Chip of Katuka Bark 5cp
icon Comfrey Leaf 5cp
icon Crude Potion Vial 4sp 1cp
icon Curuloth Leaf 5cp
icon Damiana Leaf 5cp
icon Drop of Dhea 5cp
icon Drop of Pickleberry Extract 5cp
icon Drop of Wolf Blood 5cp
icon Elderberry Leaf 5cp
icon Eyebright Leaf 5cp
icon Fenugreek Leaf 5cp
icon Feverfew Leaf 5cp
icon Figwort Leaf 5cp
icon Fire Spore Leaf 5cp
icon Flamewort Leaf 5cp
icon Fragment of Acaana 1cp
icon Fragment of Angurth 1cp
icon Fragment of Arroweed 1cp
icon Fragment of Fire Spore 1cp
icon Fragment of Flamewort 1cp
icon Fragment of Icicle Ivy 1cp
icon Fragment of Seathorn 1cp
icon Fragment of Sickle Leaf 5cp
icon Fragment of Suranie 1cp
icon Fragment of Tri-Fern Leaf 5cp
icon Fragment of Yellow Rheum 1cp
icon Grain of Bulb Lotus Pollen 1cp
icon Grain of Cententialspore 5cp
icon Grain of Hemlock Powder 5cp
icon Grain of Star Reach Clover Pollen 5cp
icon Horehound Leaf 5cp
icon Icicle Ivy Leaf 5cp
icon Lucerne Leaf 5cp
icon Maidenhair Fern Leaf 5cp
icon Mullein Leaf 5cp
icon Nettle Creeper Leaf 5cp
icon Night Shade Leaf 5cp
icon Piece of Ground Figwort 5cp
icon Pinch of Allspice 5cp
icon Pinch of Benzoin 5cp
icon Pinch of Blue Nightwort Pollen 5cp
icon Pinch of Bulb Lotus Pollen 5cp
icon Pinch of Burdock Root 5cp
icon Pinch of Clover Pollen 5cp
icon Pinch of Mandrake Root 5cp
icon Pinch of Prism Grains 5cp
icon Primitive Potion Vial 2sp
icon Rough Potion Vial 2gp 6sp 2cp
icon Seathorn Leaf 5cp
icon Segment of Marsh Algae 5cp
icon Single Prism Grain 1cp
icon Single Sage Leaf 5cp
icon Sliver of Stinging Crystal 5cp
icon Splinter of Bitterwood 1cp
icon Stinging Crystal Dust 1cp
icon Storm Cloud Leaf 5cp
icon Sumbul Leaf 5cp
icon Suranie Leaf 5cp
icon Woundwart Leaf 5cp
icon Yellow Rheum Leaf 5cp
icon Yerbhimba Leaf 5cp
Known Habitats:
  West Cabilis

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