The Necromancer

This is one of the best classes to solo.  The combination of a strong pet and damage over time (dot) spells makes the necromancer able to solo creatures most other classes wouldn't think of taking on.  Of course, since most NPC's hate the site of you, you may find it necessary to solo.  You will also find that you are unable to play in certain zones where the good NPC's will try to kill you when they see you.  Like the magician, the Necromancer has the combined ability to summon a skeleton to work as a tank and then stand back and blast away, but the necromancer's dot spells are arguably more powerful combat spells than the mage's dd spells.  While not as strong as a fighter or a wizard in either specialty, the combination of skills can be pretty deadly.  The biggest drawback of a necromancer is that you are evil.  In many areas, you areKOS to the shopkeepers and can't even get a shopkeeper to sell you food.  Travelling is very difficult, and you can't rely upon the guards in most places to help you out.  Although many who play a necromancer choose to play solo much of the time, Necromancers are very useful in a group.  With their pet and spells, they give the group both a tank and a battle mage in one package.  This is a difficult class to play, but is a good one if you want to spend most of your time soloing.

Necromancer Resources: