The Druid

This is probably the most popular class in the game.  You will find plenty of druids in your wanderings.  This is because it is probably the best solo class.  There are three things that druids do better than others - travel (camouflage, spirit of wolf, and solo or group teleports), damage shields (great for long combats), and playing with animals (sense, charm, buff them, terrorize).  The other great thing about a druid is that, while they are not the master of any one thing, they are the best class to fill in the gaps that a party has.  Need a healer?  Druids are the second best (tied with Shaman) next to Clerics!  Need extra firepower?  You got it - not quite as good as a wizard, magician or necro, but still very good!  No Shaman or Enchanter?  Druids have decent buffs as well.  Druids also have the tracking skills of a Ranger.  Given time to meditate, they can buff you before combat, destroy creatures during it, and heal you afterwards.  No one else can do that for just one cut of the experience.  Because they have such a wide variety of skills, Druids are one of the better solo classes out there.  With both SOW and teleports, they are probably the fastest travelers in the game, letting you cover a lot of ground when you want to.  However, many of their best spells don't work unless they are outdoors, making them difficult to play in a dungeon, where many of the best items can be found.   Druids are also weaker at each given area than the equivalent specialty class. This is a good class for a person who likes to do a little of everything, without being a master of any.

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