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Progression Through Seeds of Destruction

>>> NOTE: For Mercenary Progression purposes doing No Heroism in Fear will unlock Journeyman V Mercenaries, as of the April 29th 2014 patch ALL Players can complete this mission. <<<

  • There are six "themes" (or tiers, as above) in this expansion. The themes can be completed in any order. The theme (Discord) is locked until you've completed four themes and have access to void E.

  • For each theme completed, you gain access to another version of The Void:
    • Beginning: The Void "A"
    • After completing any one theme: The Void "B"
    • After completing any two themes: The Void "C"
    • After completing any three themes: The Void "D"
    • After completing any four themes: The Void "E"
    • After Kuua and Discord: The Void "F"
    • After Citadel of the World Slayer: The Void "G"

  • The difference? Lore-wise, the above themes are the order in which you are repairing time (eliminating Discord's forces and influence). Item-wise, Zebuxoruk has many more items available for sale with each step you take in progression.

Seeds of Destruction
The Seeds of Destruction expansion is required to access this content.
Live: October 21, 2008
NOTE: Tasks in italics are optional, but someone needs to have done them to request at least one subsequent mission.

NOTE: This information is not confirmed to a 100% certainty. If you spot an error, please edit this article (there is a link to do so at the top of this page).

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  • If you complete the "Oceangreen" theme you will have Mercenary Journeyman Rank II available for hire.
  • Revolves around the faction, Cirtan, Bayle's Herald.

Bloody Kithicor:

Field of Scale:

  • If you complete the "Field of Scale" theme you will have Mercenary Journeyman Rank IV available for hire.
  • Revolves around the faction, Tynoc, Herald of Scale.

  • You can skip everything except the group missions (as long as you have someone who's completed the pre-requisites to request them).

  • Preliminary tasks:

    • Each of these is a shared task, but they can be requested by and worked on by one person.

    • Raising Cabilis
      • Kill sebilisian messengers until you get a Sealed Message that mentions the mausuleum. Hand this to any of the dragons to get this task .
      • Reward: Iksar Right Lower Arm Bones

    • "Sarnak Recovery"
      • Kill sebilisian messengers until you get a Sealed Message mentioning Kurn, Sokokar or Burynai. Hand this to any dragon to receive this task.
      • There are three different versions of "Sarnak Recovery" - one mentions Kurn, one mentions Sokokar, and one mentions Burynai.
      • Completing one of the three "Sarnak Recovery" tasks as well as the Mausuleum is all you need in order to talk to Jaled`Dar - * some may have been required to continue with more "Sarnak Recovery" tasks due to their faction - however this is confirmed on two seperate characters that only 1 "Sarnak Recover" is required if you have ally faction.
      • Burynai Reward: Iksar Left Upper Leg Bone
      • Kurn Reward: Iksar Right Upper Leg Bones
      • Sokokar Reward: Iksar Hip Bone

    • Lost and Found is given by Jaled`Dar.
      • Find three dragon corpses in the northeast corner of Fields of Scale. Then slay the iksars who killed them.
      • Reward: Iksar Jawbone

    • Parley With Ganak is given by Jaled`Dar.
      • Four mobs you need to kill are aggro-linked. They cannot be split or mezzed. Wait for Ganak and his advisors to roam out of the building before you speak with him to avoid agroing more then just the 4 advisors.
      • Reward: Iksar Left Upper Arm Bones

  • Group Missions (all given by Jaled`Dar):

Invasion of Earth:

  • Verified - these are all that need to be done for Earth theme**

Old Bloodfields:

  • Revolves around the faction, Herald Argoth.

  • Note: You must complete both the Kuua and Discord (listed below) themes to access Void F.

  • In Old Bloodfields, General Vurig the Imposing offers a group task, Holding the Fort.
    • Make sure to hand the bracer in immediately, invis and zone in. If you don't, the NPCs you are supposed to protect will be dead already. Just keep the general alive.

  • In the City of Dranik, Yamall the Arcane (at indifferent/amiable faction) offers the group task Studying the Portal.
    • Head to the Precipice of War in Old Bloodfields, where he wants you to capture two of each creature. Three people must click the items he provided at the same time around 30% health. After you capture the last one you will be jumped by four mobs (mezzable).

Korafax, Lair of the Riders (Discord) (access to Void F):

Access to Void G:

  • Zeb asks you to go to the Tower of Discord for the final battle....

(Progression information courtesy of many trailblazers and the people who followed behind and corrected them.)


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