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Planes of Power

EverQuest: Planes of Power (also known as PoP) is the fourth expansion pack for EverQuest, released in October 2002.

"Planes of Power An Overview" | Planes of Power Group Progression & Task List | Lore | Planes of Power Raid Progression

New Features



Hunter of the Planes


Major Quests & Quest Arcs

Raid Expedition

The Ruins of KunarkThe Scars of VeliousThe Shadows of LuclinThe Planes of PowerThe Legacy of YkeshaLost Dungeons of NorrathGates of DiscordOmens of WarDragons of NorrathDepths of DarkhollowProphecy of RoThe Serpent's SpineThe Buried SeaSecrets of FaydwerSeeds of DestructionUnderfootHouse of ThuleVeil of AlarisRain of FearCall of the ForsakenThe Darkened SeaThe Broken MirrorEmpires of KunarkRing of ScaleThe Burning LandsTorment of VeliousClaws of Veeshan

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