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Symbol of the Serpent

  1. Talk to Venenzi Oberzendi (Nektulos Forest)
    • Conversation:
    • You say Hail, Venenzi Oberzendi
    • Venenzi Oberzendi says 'What is it you want! Can't you see I am gathering reagents for my (master)? If I don't get them for him quickly he might punish me.'
    • You say 'master'
    • Venenzi Oberzendi says 'You do not know of my teacher? The great Kazen Fe'cae! I am one of his illustrious apprentices! If you fancy yourself a necromancer, travel to Lake Rathetear and tell Kazen you wish to study the dark arts.'

  1. Talk to Kazen Fecae (Lake Rathetear)
    • Conversation:
    • You say 'Hail, Kazen Fecae'
    • Kazen Fecae's eyes seem to glow as he turns to you and says, 'Leave me be if you have no reason to be here, mortal!'
    • You say 'i wish to study the dark arts'
    • Kazen Fecae looks you up and down, his eyes glowing with a soft red light. After a moment he begins to speak though his lips do not move. 'You wish to study under me? Perhaps, if you prove yourself to follow the twisted path.
    • If you prove to be as coldhearted as I then I will let you become my servant.'
    • You say 'how can i prove myself'
    • Kazen Fecae says 'The wandering "knight" Sir Edwin Motte recently slew one of my lesser servants. This foolish knave travles from town to town pretending to be "good". Separate his head from his body and return it to me so I may work my magics upon it. This fool will become another plaything for me, even in death.'

  1. Goto East Freeport; Kill Sir Edwin Motte
  2. Give Head of Sir Edwin Motte to Kazen Fecae
  3. Give Symbol of the Apprentice to Venenzi Oberzendi
  4. Get Flowing Black Robe from Najena (Najena)
  5. Give Flowing Black Robe to Venenzi Oberzendi
  6. Talk to Emkel Kabae (Lake Rathetear)
    • Conversation
    • You say 'Hail, Emkel Kabae'
    • Emkel Kabae says 'I am Emkel Kabae, first apprentice to Kazen. If you have a symbol, tell me its name.'
    • Give Rolling Stone Moss & Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice
    • Get Symbol of the Serpent
    • Emkel Kabae says 'Very good, (your name here), you have done as the master asked yet again, take this as a reward.' Emkel reaches into his robes and pulls out a small symbol. He holds it out and the tiny symbol floats to your hand.'

Symbol of Testing

  1. Talk to Ssessthrass (Swamp of No Hope)

    • Ssessthrass says 'Sssso, Emkel ssssent you to retrieve the manisi herb ? I do not have the herb. Only memberssss of their royal family are allowed to partake of it. They live deep in Chardok. They are hoarding what little of the precious herb there is. If you have an army,perhapssss you can bring me the herb and I can prepare it for Emkel. Bring back this ssssymbol as well.'

  1. Goto Chardok; Kill Grand Herbalist Mak'Ha
  2. Give Manisi Herb & Scaled Symbol of the Serpent to Ssessthrass
  3. Goto Emkel Kabae (Lake Rathetear)

Scythe of the Shadowed Soul

  1. Goto Kazen Fecae (Lake Rathetear)
  2. Kill wave spawns
    1. a bone golem
    2. a failed apprentice
    3. a tortured soul
  3. Talk to Kazen Fecae (Lake Rathetear)
    • Conversation:

    • You say 'i have the symbol of insanity'

    • Kazen Fecae says 'It is time for you to meet my partner, so to speak. Drendico Metalbones is his name and I assure you he is quite mad. His mind has been rended by fright, dread, and terror in his trips to the planes and his heart is full of hatred now. He has a tome which i wish you to use. Show him your symbol slowly and listen to his ranting well, they hide great knowledge.'

  1. Goto Drendico Metalbones (Timorous Deep)
    • Give Symbol of Insanity
    • Get Journal of Drendico
    • Contents of Journal: Pg 1. nezak retsam rof dnif tsum - kaolc corips derehteaf - fo kuuronni eye - cizac eluht doolb fo emils Pg 2. tsil yrecorg - klim - daerb - paos - skcans yppif

    • Drendico Metalbones says 'Seek, search, turn, twist! Kazen hopes to death master truly! Read out, read in between! Talk to the pretty clouds.'
    • Drendico turns his back to you and throws a book over his shoulder. 'Bring back reagents three!' He shouts as he mumbles some more gibberish.'

  1. Goto Plane of Hate
  2. Goto Plane of Fear
  3. Talk to Jzil GSiz (Plane of Sky - Efreeti Room)
    • You say, 'Hail, Drakis Bloodcaster' Drakis Bloodcaster says ' Greetings, dark one. Are you ready to begin?'
    • You say. 'i am ready to begin'
    • Drakis Bloodcaster says 'Then choose, necromancer. Do you wish to be tested by Dugaas or Jzil?'
    • You say, 'i wish to be tested by jzil'
    • Drakis Bloodcaster says, 'Take this tome and read it. When you are finished, return it to me and I will summon Jzil.'
    • Recieve - Shadowy Thoughts
    • Contents : Necropotence The struggle lasted for hours. The battlefield was littered with bodies. The air stank of corruption. A man walked among them. His robes, black in hooker, enshrouded his body as he walked the night. He surveyed the field, a field of bones and flesh, a flash of ivory could be seen deep within the cowl of the robe as he smiled to himself. He knew that his lord had grown in strength this day. The figure began arranging the bodies of the slain, collecting pieces suitable for his creation. He uttered a few words in prayer to his dark lord, the Prince of Hate, and he went into motion. The corpse, lifeless before him, arose, no more a man, but an abomination, animated by the sheer will of the man and power of his lord. This day, the field was littered with bones and flesh. This day, by the dead and dying he gave them himor and let them live again as his servant. This day, he knew power.

      Return book to Drakis Bloodcaster > spawns Jzil G'Six
    • You say, Hail, Jzil G'Six
    • Jzil G'Six says 'So, you wish to be tested. Many fine things can be your reward. There are three tests i can administer. Will you take the test of flight, power, or mind? I also am in search of an item you might have gotten from me and are willing to trade back.'
    • You say, 'i will take the test of power.'
    • Jzil G'Six says 'The test of power it is. Prove yourself worthy of power and bring me a silver disc, spiroc feathers, and a black silk cape. Only then will you know true power.
    • Jzil G'Six says 'Walk the path of blood and feel thy power.'
    • Goto "Second Isle"; Loot Silver Disc ( Key of the Misplaced )
    • Goto "Third Isle"; Loot Spiroc Feather
    • Goto "Fourth Isle"; Loot Black Silk Cape
  1. Goto Jzil GSiz (Plane of Sky - Efreeti Room)
  2. Goto Drendico Metalbones (Timorous Deep)
  3. Goto Kazen Fecae (Lake Rathetear)
  4. Talk to a thunder spirit princess (Plane of Sky - port-up isle)
    • Hail, a thunder spirit princess
    • a thunder spirit princess says 'Greetings, travelers, welcome to the Plane of Sky! We are thunder spirits - this first island is our home. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. If you wish to go to other islands you may purchase keys from the Key Master.'
    • Give 10 Gold
    • a thunder spirit princess says 'Thank you, your name here. I will tell him to expect visitors.'
  5. Talk to Ghzzallk (Plane of Sky - Third isle)
    • You say, 'Hail, Gkzzallk'
    • Gkzzallk says 'Hello, stranger, would you care for some tea?'
    • Give Tome of Instruction
    • Gkzzallk screams as he touches the book. His body shimmers as he shrinks smaller and smaller until it's no larger than an insect. The book shimmers, shifting into the shape of a small,black box. Gkzzallk holds on to the opening of the box as he is sucked backward into it. The tiny screams are finally silenced as the box top closes.
    • Get Gkzzallk in a Box
  6. Goto Kazen Fecae (Lake Rathetear)
    • Give Gkzzallk in a Box
    • Kazen Fecae grins wildly and his eyes flare a deep red. The scythe he promised you flies through the air and into your hand. 'Enjoy your toy, I have no more need of you as a servant.'
    • Get Scythe of the Shadowed Soul

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