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Total Time to completion: 36 hours (over 2.5 days)

Before Quest Items

These items can either be looted, foraged, crafted, or bought prior to starting the quest series.

  1. Sickly Maidens Hair (Foraged - Mountains of Rathe)
  2. Green Body Paint (Crafted - Brewing)
  3. Poor Goblin Disguise (Crafted - Tailor)
  4. Gutting Knife
  5. Tackle Box
  6. Emerald Moss (Foraged - Emerald Jungle)
  7. Aerated Pot Shell (Crafted - Pottery)


Waterproof Collection Bag

  1. Talk to Althele (East Karana)
    • Conversation:
  2. Forage: Sickly Maiden's Hair (Mountains of Rathe)
  3. Give Sickly Maiden's Hair to Althele
  4. Give Tuft of Sickly Maiden's Hair to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)

Maiden's Hair

Handful of Diseased Maiden's Hair

  1. Find a Bloodgill Forager (Lake of Ill Omen)
    • Goto ( -897.55,-510.21,-192.78 ) , swim under the building.
  2. Kill (3) a Bloodgill Forager

Bag of Diseased Maiden's Hair

  1. Talk to Finrin Talister (Frontier Mountains - ( -2206.82,1470.71,-408.05 ) )
  2. Goto entrance of Temple of Droga, in Frontier Mountains
    • Place Poor Goblin Disguise in Potion Belt; then click
    • Change language to "Goblin"
    • say "Start the Contest"; then immediately go invis
    • after saying the phrase, it will take the zone roughly 5-7 minutes to setup for the whole event.
    • start tracking about 10 minutes from the start (will have roughly 10 minutes left on diguise)
    • Look for Goblin Hider in the tracker.
  3. Kill Goblin Hider (level 55)

Soggy Maiden's Hair

  1. Talk to Blumblum Swigwater (Cobalt Scar)
  2. Goto Man O'War Hill in SW corner of Eastern Wastes
    • Wait about 5-10 minutes for the mobs to spawn.
    • Kill Ulthork Raider (level 66); Loot: Carved Prexus Totem
    • Will most likely have to clear out the (2) Ulthork Man O'War that accompany the Raider
  3. Give Carved Prexus Totem to Blumblum Swigwater
  4. Combine Small Trigger Fish & Gutting Knife in a Tackle Box

Partially Digested Maiden's Hair

  1. Goto Feerrott
  2. Change into any wolf form you prefer
  3. Talk to Bouncer Flerb on west side of zone
  4. Give Hunk of Alligator Scales to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)
  5. Craft: Feerrott Alligator Charm
  6. Wear Feerrott Alligator Charm in Charm slot
    • Cast 'Befriend Animal' on a swamp alligator
    • Goto the Broken Bridge ( -467.03,-69.21,-2.38 )
    • swim under the Broken Bridge until your alligator pet emotes
    • about 15 secs after alligator disappears, Swamp Terror appears
  7. Kill Swamp Terror (level 68)

Living Brambles Seed

Mangled Head - Container

  1. Combine all 4 Maiden's Hair (Handful of Diseased Maiden's Hair, Bag of Diseased Maiden's Hair, Soggy Maiden's Hair, and Partially Digested Maiden's Hair) in Waterproof Collection Bag
  2. Give Sealed Collection Bag to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)
  3. Combine Mangled Head in Wash Cloth
  4. Give Wrapped Mangled Head to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)

Soul Stone

  1. Talk to Souldbinder Grunson (East Freeport)
    • Conversation:
  2. Talk to Caskin Marsheart (East Freeport - Bard Guild)
    • Conversation:
  3. Goto North Ro; Track for a madman
    • Find the one that con's "indifferent"
    • Say "what about Geadin"; this will get his attention
    • Conversation:
  4. Kill the resulting spawns from the madman
    • Spawn Cycle:
  5. Talk to a madman
    • con's "indifferent"; and is dark blue @ lvl 70
    • Get: Soul Stone

Niera's Healing Notes

  1. Talk to Gravelady Beddia (Plane of Knowledge - Evil Side)
  2. Talk to Pathfinder Arelat (Plane of Knowledge - 3rd Level of Library)
  3. Give all (3) books to Gravelady Beddia (Plane of Knowledge - Evil Side)
  4. Give Healing Plants to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)

Animating Heads

  1. Goto Toxxulous Forest
  2. Wait at Paineel zone over, next to the two skeletons, for abandoned heretic pet
    • Conversation:
    • abandoned heretic pet says 'Speed up the digging my pets!!'
      a skeleton says 'We are not your pets!!'
      a skeleton says 'We will speed up when you return our mining caps. There are falling rocks all over this place!! We could get killed!!'
  3. After abandoned heretic pet despawns; talk to the skeleton to the east
    • Conversation:
    • You say, 'What animated heads?' (Where did you figure out how to say this?)
      a skeleton says 'Heh, so you've heard of that, have you. Too funny if you ask me. Who would [want] to animate a skull? Darn things can't do any useful work. They can't even talk!'
      a skeleton says 'Don't you have some living person you can annoy?'
      You say, 'I want to animate a skull.'
      a skeleton says 'That's rich!'
      a skeleton says 'You actually WANT that spell? You do know that, so far anyway, only Elia has been able to cast it, right? Not that anyone's trying all that hard. Besides, what could you possibly offer us to get you a copy of the scroll? Nothing, that's what.'
      a skeleton says 'Hold on there, pal. There's bound to be something that we can get from this. . . druid. Let me think about it for a minute.'
      a skeleton says 'Hah!'
      a skeleton says 'Friend, your mind was devoured by maggots years ago. You couldn't think you way out of this tunnel if your unlife depended on it.'
      a skeleton says 'Shut your trap already. After the centuries that we've been working here, side by side, you'd think that by now you'd have run out of stupid things to say.'
      a skeleton says 'Hang on, that's it! Look around you, this place is spotless and yet they make us pretend to clean up and poke at the rocks like we're doing something useful. We just want to take a break for a few hours, wander down to the beach, scare someone, maybe even feast on someone's bones or something. That's not askin' too much, is it? All you gotta do is stand here with a pick and tell that idiot heretic pet that you are on the job.'
      a skeleton says 'Oh, and ya gotta sing the song.'
      a skeleton says 'Yah, ya gotta sing the [song]<nowiki>. Stand right were I am and sing it a lot. If you do that, we'll get a copy of that stupid spell for ya, for all the good it will do. So <nowiki>[will] you [do it]? We don't have all day to wait for... oh, well, yeah, I guess we do.'
      You say, 'What song?'
      a skeleton says 'Yo ho. No sun!!'
      a skeleton says 'A skeleton's day is never done.'
      You say, 'I will do it.'
      a skeleton says 'Ya better hold this.'
    • Get Worthless Mining Pick
  4. Place Worthless Mining Pick in Primary slot; As well, create two hotbuttons
    • Song Hotbutton Setup
    • Button1
      1. /say Yo ho. No sun!!
      2. /say A skeleton's day is never done.
      1. /say I am on the job.
  5. After skeletons leave the area; move around the area hitting 'Button1' until you get an emote 'Your voice echoes nicely from the walls.'
    • stay in that spot and keep spamming 'Button1'
    • when abandoned heretic pet periodically shows up, wait for him to say:
    • 'Speed up the digging my pets!!'
      'Who on Bertoxxulous' blistered backside are you? Where did those fools go off to?'
    • Target abandoned heretic pet and hit 'Button2'; you should get the response, if you did it fast enough:
    • 'Well I'll be, a druid that wants to be a miner! Alright then, you keep at it. Don't break a nail or strain your delicate sensibilities!'
    • This cycle will occur at least 3 times before the two skeletons come back.
      1. Note: If for some reason abandoned heretic pet should come back at the same time as the skeletons, for posterity sake make sure to do another cycle of 'Button2' response, if it responds like it did with the skeletons gone.
    • Conversation:
    • a skeleton says 'Well, you somehow managed to not piss off the heretic pet and you sang the song often enough, though I don't think your heart was in it. Here's the scroll you wanted. Of course an animated head just moves around. Without a soul in it, it's pretty worthless.'
    • Get Animating Heads

Runed Skull

  1. Goto Feerrott
  2. Combine: Soul Stone & Animating Heads in Mangled Head
    • Get Mangled Head & Animating Heads
    • Conversation:
    • compelled spirit screams as his essences is forced back into the world of the living. 'What is this? Where am I? Who are you? What do you want from me?'
      You say, 'Who are you?'
      compelled spirit says 'You don't even know who I am? You summon me back here and you don't even know me? There's no way I'll. . .' The voice wavers as it struggles to deny an answer to your question. The struggle is short, however, and he continues. 'Gah! Fine, my name is Sanmuel Gingerfly of Qeynos.'
      You say, 'What about the disease?'
      compelled spirit says 'What do you want to know about disease? I'm kind of an expert. I know something about a great plague that you will soon die from! I helped create it!'
      You say, 'What plague?'
      compelled spirit says 'I know that it is a special plague, designed by. . .' again he tries to resist speaking, but the power of the gem that binds him into his own skull is too powerful, 'Azibelle and the Afflicted. Oh, she's gonna be mad at me. It will grow in the plants and be eaten by the animals. It won't show any signs for a long time. By then you'll all have eaten something with the plague! I got to deliver some of it to the first victims! I even remember one of the key runes. I. . .' again the hesitation, 'can [show it] to you if you want.'
      You say, 'Show it to me.'
      The skull of the dead acolyte glows briefly and all of the remaining flesh falls from it. An ephemeral rune appears in your hand. 'Place that where that horrible stone was before, in my very own head with that nasty scroll, and you will be able to engrave it into my skull. My poor skull! Hurry up, though, that rune won't last forever.'
    • Get Diseased Rune
  3. Combine: Diseased Rune & Animating Heads in Mangled Head
    • Get Runed Skull
    • Conversation:
    • You say, 'Who are Azibelle and the Afflicted?'
      compelled spirit says 'I won't tell you!' The voice goes silent for a few moments and you fear that he might have broken the spell, but his voice returns. 'The Afflicted were created by Azibelle shortly after Mordavin was killed. When the Bloodsabers refused to protect Mordavin, she broke from them and took some key members with her. Glenfire is her right hand, a wicked woman with great power. The others she has brought in are Finnelzi Springworthy, Rendolf Deathbringer, Tehana Elsent and my brother, Bohab.'
      You say, 'Who is Glenfire?'
      compelled spirit says 'She's the most powerful woman I've ever met. She's a dark elven shadowknight and if I were you I'd stay away from her. Nobody has ever beat her in a fight and I don't think she tries her hardest.'
      You say, 'Who is Finnelzi Springworthy?'
      compelled spirit says 'Fin? He's a gnome. I suppose he's a powerful necromancer, but it's hard to fear someone that can't see over a low hedge. Besides, I always suspected that he had reservations about our work. I should have had his place in the coven!'
      You say, 'Who is Rendolf Deathbringer?'
      compelled spirit says 'Heh. He used to be called Rendolf Shelton. He changed his name so he'd sound more like a shadowknight. He's a great fighter, though, so nobody teases him about it. I think he has a crush on Glenfire, but she'd rather kill a human than sleep with one.'
      You say, 'Who is Tehana Elsent?'
      compelled spirit says 'Tehana is a true necromancer. She studies the lore and the spells. She knows everything there is to know about the undead. She has been studying diseases, but I don't think they really meant much to her except that they make people dead. She was the one to recreate some of Mordavin's work from his notes and repurposed it for Azibelle's needs. She's kind of excited about killing everyone. She is inspired by Azibelle and Glenfire and does most of the support work for the coven.'
      You say, 'Who is Bohab?'
      compelled spirit says 'I won't tell you anything about him. He protected me as a child in the streets of Qeynos and I will not tell you anything about him.'

Living Brambles Seed

  1. Give Runed Skull & Niera's Healing Notes to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)
    • Conversation:
    • Niera Farbreeze says 'That's an amazing story. So there is a coven of Mordavin's followers out there. This is indeed bad news.' She gathers all of the information she has gained so far. She examines the rune on the skull and the text on healing plants. She then pulls out a worn bag and shows you several blood and skin samples from various creatures. All look sickly to you. Niera looks at you and sighs. 'We have a lot of information now, thanks to you and one of our Rangers. We know the nature of the disease and we know the identity of those that created it. Now we need to find the cure. A council of the learned has reviewed all of the information brought to us so far, and this text confirms our suspicions. We need the help of the Unkempt to find a cure. That is your task now. Find the Unkempt and ask them for help. Take these notes, they will explain the details, if you can find someone to give them to.'
    • Get Runed Skull & Niera's Research Notes
  2. Find Great Bear (Plane of Justice)
    • Charm Great Bear; Talk to Charmed form of Great Bear
    • Conversation:
    • You say, 'Hail, Great Bear'
      Great Bear growls at you. 'What do you want? Were you not, what is it you are called, druid? Were you not druid I would rip your head from your torso. What you want had better be important.'
      You say, 'What about the Tribe of the Dawn?'
      Great Bear says 'I am the tribe of the Dawn. I have been placed here for killing some beast that entered my territory. The creatures here say that I was unjust in doing so. I don't care about their justice or rules. It was where it did not belong. What do you want of me? I have something I must do soon.'
  3. Give Charmed form of Great Bear Niera's Research Notes
    • Conversation:
    • Great Bear looks at the paper you hand him. 'I can almost understand this writing. This is not a natural disease. I see that you understand the seed rituals, this is good.' The ursine waves his arms in a way that might indicate that he is casting a spell, though it looks little like the sort of spell casting you know. Two seeds appear in his hands. 'Good. I was not sure that I could grow these here. Take them. One is for your cause, one is for you.'
    • Get Red Dogwood Seed & Living Brambles Seed
  4. Give Red Dogwood Seed & Living Brambles Seed to Niera Farbreeze (Surefall Glade)

Clear Mind Crystal

  1. Find a furtive figure (South Queynos
  2. Kill a furtive figure, making sure not to do it out in the open but behind closed doors of the room he paths into.
  3. Goto Druid Ring in South Karana
  4. Give Shana Liskia (West Freeport - Enchanter's Guild) all 3 Crystal Fragment
  5. Goto Harbinger's Spire
  6. Combine all six Crystal Fragments inside Small Padded Bag
  7. Give Shana Liskia the Full Padded Bag
  8. Talk to Silanda Leafdew (Abysmal Sea)
    • Conversation:
  9. Give Mind Crystal to Silanda Leafdew
    • Get: NEED INFO
  10. Forage Emerald Moss (Emerald Jungle)
  11. Goto Natimbi and trigger the Noc Juggernaut event
  12. Combine: Energized Noc Blood, Emerald Moss, and Mind Crystal in Bowl of Foul-smelling Liquid

Reinforced Aerated Pot

  1. Give Clear Mind Crystal to Silanda Leafdew(Abysmal Sea)
  2. Get: NEED INFO
  3. Goto Ruined City of Dranik; head down the tunnels on the east-side
  4. Craft Aerated Pot Shell (Can be pre-crafted)
  5. Craft Reinforced Aerated Pot

Blackened Earth

  1. Goto Kithicor Forest; Find Blackened Treant near the lake
  2. Kill Blackened Treant and resulting Blackened Branches
  3. Blackened Dryad will spawn shortly after Blackened Treant and after-death spawns are dead.
  4. Kill Blackened Dryad; Loot: Blackened Earth

Staff of Living Brambles

  1. Combine: (1) Blackened Earth, (1) Living Brambles Seed, and (1) Clear Mind Crystal in Reinforced Aerated Pot

Left Overs

  1. Feerrott Alligator Charm
  2. (1) Clump of Refined Taelosian Clay
  3. Worthless Mining Pick
  4. Hasty Note
  5. Runed Skull

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