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Rain of Fear Collections

Collection items are found throughout every new zone in Rain of Fear. The items each fit into unique sets, and provide additional insight into the lore and stories of EverQuest: Rain of Fear. With four sets in each zone, and eight to ten items making up a complete set, there are tons of items to collect. There is even a “meta set” that is scattered throughout all of the Rain of Fear zones!

There are two ways to gather these collections. Some of the items are found through drops. Others are placed out in the open in the zone and “sparkle” in order to grab the adventurer’s attention and promote exploration. The items and collections are themed to each area. For example, you may collect Beard Styles off of Coldain and Frost Giants.

While you might enjoy collecting these items just for the achievements they unlock, you’ll also enjoy the rewards for completing each of the various collections. You will receive approximately 20% of the XP that would be necessary for the level each collection is intended for, as well as another 20% for completion of the entire zone. Some collections also come attached with items and titles!

Once you’re done with your own collection, or if you just find yourself in need of a little plat, many of these collection items are tradable. There’s likely to be a thriving market for the rarer pieces, so price yours accordingly!

Collection achievements which are overviews of all other achievements:

Achievement: Nothing Left to Fear
Achievement: Chasing Cazic
Achievement: Cleaning Up Cazic

Collection achievement with items located in all Rain of Fear zones. This is a Rain of Fear Collector's Edition quest only.

Achievement: Stalking Fear

Collection achievements with items located in Shard's Landing:

Achievement: At the Source
Achievement: A Tracker's Guide to Shard's Landing
Achievement: Alaran in Chains
Achievement: Fear in Pieces
Achievement: Signs of Madness

Collection achievements with items located in The Breeding Grounds:

Achievement: Digging for Dragons
Achievement: Blessing of the Icewing
Achievement: Corruption Catalogued
Achievement: Life-size Fossils
Achievement: The Smellier the Better

Collection achievements with items located in Chapterhouse of the Fallen:

Achievement: Death is Only the Beginning
Achievement: Death isn't Easily Undone
Achievement: Dem Bones
Achievement: Smite Makes Right
Achievement: Unfinished Business

Collection achievements with items located in The Crystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear:

Achievement: Down to the Last Dwarf
Achievement: Coldain's Last Stand
Achievement: Crystal Tchotchkes
Achievement: Gross Popsicles
Achievement: Hairy and Scary

Collection achievements with items located in East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening:

Achievement: Heralds of War
Achievement: Gildorn: Madman or Visionary?
Achievement: Glimpses of Nightmare
Achievement: It Attracts All Kinds
Achievement: Weapons of War

Collection achievements with items located in Evantil, the Vile Oak:

Achievement: Nature is Weird
Achievement: Gnomish Gizmos
Achievement: Icky, Sticky, and Squishy
Achievement: Nature's Corrupted Candy
Achievement: Remnants of a Lost Life

Collection achievements with items located in Grelleth's Palace, The Chateau of Filth:

Achievement: This Little Piggy
Achievement: Delicious Meats
Achievement: Dirty Robotics
Achievement: One Pig's Trash
Achievement: Resilient Nature

Collection achievements with items located in Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness:

Achievement: Chilling with the Giants
Achievement: 101 Ways to Keep Your Chin Warm
Achievement: A Faerie Fun Party
Achievement: Icy Artifacts
Achievement: Prime Predators

Collection achievements with items located in Valley of King Xorbb:

Achievement: Eye Won!
Achievement: Gelatinous Geometry
Achievement: Mementos of the Fallen
Achievement: Minotaur Warfare
Achievement: Unrestrained Science

Shadow of Fear

Achievement: Dark Secrets (Shadow of Fear)

Collection achievements with items located in Chelsith reborn:

Achievement: A City Unraveled (Chelsith Reborn)
Achievement: Fight For Your Life (Chelsith Reborn)
Achievement: Below the Surface (Chelsith Reborn)
Achievement: Crystal Takes Many Shapes (Chelsith Reborn)
Achievement: The Magic of Science (Chelsith Reborn)

Collection achievements with items located in Plane of Shadow:

Achievement: The Tilted Balance (Plane of Shadow)
Achievement: Before There Was Peace (Plane of Shadow)
Achievement: Secrets of an Entire World (Plane of Shadow)
Achievement: Balance of Shadows (Plane of Shadow)
Achievement: Corrupted Guardians (Plane of Shadow)

Collection achievements with items located in Heart of Fear:

Achievement: At the Heart of It (Heart of Fear)
Achievement: No Body Left Behind (Heart of Fear)
Achievement: Hidden Faces (Heart of Fear)
Achievement: Whuzzle's Worst Nightmares (Heart of Fear)
Achievement: Kill Them Before They Grow (Heart of Fear)

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