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Belated updates...

  • Red links for non-existent db items
  • Bug fix for issues with #switch
  • Fixed whitespace issues with template calls
  • Fixed media page for articles with ampersands in their name.
  • Multiple bug fixes to table handling.


  • It's now possible to have colons in the titles of articles inside the main namespace, by prepending the article name with an initial colon.


  • Fixed various issues with articles whose titles contain ampersands.


  • IE6 css fixes. Tools menu is now functional, and horizontal scrollbar has been cleared up.
  • Off-line scripting interface improved.
  • Recent_changes now hides edits done by off-line scripts / bots by default, with option to view them.


  • Template parser improved to better handle whitespace and newlines in template calls.



  • Fixed a bug with #id links.
  • Fixed toolbar for embedded article view when article title must be escaped.


  • Added namespace restrictions.
    • Articles can now only be created in known namespaces.
    • Articles Wiki and Special namespaces can only be edited by admins.
    • Articles in the User namespace can only be created for existing users, and can be protected by that user.


  • Improved article name parser.


  • Added an off-line queue system for re-parsing pages affected when a template is edited.
  • Fixed list bug when list type changes at same list depth.
  • Added beta flagging for admins to hide certain pages.
  • Added #switch


  • Fixed a bug handling colon+space in article names.
  • Added auto-templates for db-based pages.


  • Fixed duplicates on category links at bottom of pages.
  • Fixed duplicates on category pages themselves.
  • Added "----" for <hr>


  • Multiple nested templates now work correctly.
  • {{PAGENAME}} added.
  • #db: added for db field access. currently supports eq2 items/quests/mobs.


  • Added uc, lc, ucfirst, and lcfirst.
  • Adjusted margin after article header.
  • Fixed links inside image captions.
  • Category pages now ignore namespace portion of article names when sorting their contents.


  • Internal links to anchors are now possible.
  • Added User_contributions
  • Completely revamped line-break handling. Now uses <p> tags for double-returns and ignores single-returns.
  • Fixed a bug with lists ending on the last line of an article not getting their closing tags.


  • NOTOC tag no longer shows in article text
  • Fixed wiki table nesting problems
  • Fixed html table + list problem
  • Fixed table header row "!!" cell seperator
  • Added EQ2_Ability & FFXI_Spell/FFXI_Ability redirects
  • Intermediate page after saving changes to an article has been removed
  • Redirects to non-existent pages now include a link back to the page redirected from
  • Leading ":" removed for views (so that things like redirecting to a category page are possible)


  • Added EQ2_Item,Quest,Mob,&Zone redirects
    • ... and then made them actually work
  • Links with alt text, inside template calls, should no longer confuse the template parser.
  • Magic link-endings: [[orc]]s will now make the whole word a link to the article "orc": orcs


  • Fixed bug that was making Category: links case sensitive
  • Wantedpages
  • Links to Special: pages should no longer be red
  • Image tags now support specifying image width in pixels: [[Image:16487|800px]]
  • Strip leading and trailing spaces from page names
  • Added #ifexist
  • Fixed it so ie6 fixes css file should no longer load unless you're in ie6
  • Redid EQ2 css


  • Added FFXI_Mob: mapping
  • Fixed a bug with the pipes ("|") inside wiki-link tags, inside tables
  • Article name parser now removes the extra space, so [[Wiki: Changelog]], [[Wiki:_Changelog]] and [[Wiki:Changelog]] all go to the same page
  • Template arguments can now take default values
  • Added processor functions: #if, and #ifeq
  • Fixed category tag/template page parse order issue


  • Fixed template include bug. Linking in templates with spaces in their names should work now.
  • Removed extra spacing introduced by using html tables.
  • Fixed wiki-markup table issues:
    1. Sub-tables inside cells with no text should now work.
    2. Text after the closing mark no longer breaks tables, and is included in the output.
  • Added image for <h2> / ==header== to ffxi css.
  • Fixed double-quoting bug on Special:Whatlinkshere

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