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Solusek's Ro Tower


This realm's divine consciousness and ruler is Solusek Ro, The Burning Prince and Lord of the Sun and Flame.

Solusek Ro, the Prince of Flame and son of Fennin Ro, formed an alliance with Rallos Zek and began to siphon the power from his father's realm, the Plane of Fire. He is using that power and channeling and amplifying it through his artifacts of power with all of the energies converging onto one small orb, a seemingly harmless orb (Dresolik). The orb, however, is the very thing that Solusek Ro and the Zeks plan to use to destroy the face of Norrath. The orb would be carried by a mechanical behemoth created from the factories in the Plane of Innovation. And if the behemoth is able to plant this orb on Norrath is will scar Norrath and destroy most civilization. The artifacts are kept protected within the tower. Solusek Ro's great tower rises up from the inferno of this realm like a single pillar of solidified flame. The tower is located near an island upon a sea of eternal flame in the Plane of Fire. The island, which hoses a graveyard in the guises of a flaming pool, is connected to the temple by a burning bridge.

To approach the temple, one must make the perilous trek across the bridge starting from the island side. To make matters worse, Solusek's faithful and deadly minions are ever-present during the crossing and will oppose any mortal who dares to trespass on their divine master's domain.

If one is lucky enough to make it to the tower, one will discover a large entryway with vaulted ceilings containing various arcane runes, glyphs, and symbols. There are also five burning cauldrons that act as teleports to various dungeons located inside the tower. In the middle of the room, a large transparent fire well can be seen descending into the depths. In the back of the room, a small stairway ascends to a separate chamber that contains a single burning cauldron.

Crystalline Basement

Using the cauldrons, one might transport down to the underground Crystalline Basement of the tower. The basement becomes a series of translucent tunnels that are smoke black in color and filled with jagged obsidian crystals that jut out from all sides. Lava flows can be seen through the walls while the see-through floor reveals fiery pools of burning magma. The tunnels twist and turn, leading to a chamber housing a powerful, magical artifact. The chamber is protected by an arch mage who guards the artifact on the orders of Solusek Ro himself.


Xuzl is the fiend that protects the artifact within the Crystalline Basement of the tower.

The Chamber of Arylyxir

The Chamber of Arylyxir, a place that appears to be of mortal design, can also be accessed from the burning cauldrons. This is the home of Arylyxir, the fiery phoenix wizard of the prime who attracted Solusek's Ro's attentions through achieving a level of power over the element of fire never before seen by mortal sorcerers.


Galremos is a lava golem who protects the tower and one of its well known treasures.


Rivaled only by Solusek Ro and Fennin Ro, Arlyxir defends his patron deity's realm vigilant and with his very life.

The Chamber of Rizlona

The Chamber of Rizlona is home to a demi-god who was half elven bard in her mortal years upon the prime. She was a fierce combatant, lending her song to battle. Her songs always included praise to Solusek and the power that he granted her through song. Rizlona earned the recognition of Solusek Ro by invoking his name to give her power and strength on the battlefield. She ascended to his service countless years past.


Rizlona guards an artifact sacred to Solusek Ro and the element of fire.

This Chamber of Lava

This Chamber of Lava is a series of chambers and stairways that are leading upwards. The walls, ceiling, and floor seemed to be made up of recently cooled lava. In various places glowing molten lava can be seen on the walls. The main chamber is found after ascending the stairways and passing through the various chambers on the way here. The main chamber has in it the artifact of power called the Shard of Molten Lava it is suspended above a fountain of lava. The fountain is surrounded by moat of lava itself.

The Protector of Dresolik

A Lava Giant that protects Dresolik, the Shard of Molten Lava.

Chamber of the Sun

The Chamber of the Sun can be accessed from a burning cauldron found in the entryway of the tower. This area is the largest of the sub dungeons in the tower. This area has a sun theme to it with many symbols resembling the sun and the power that it holds. After going through a series of hallways, stairs, and chambers the main chamber will be reached. This chamber holds the artifact of power known as the Ring of Ro.


Jiva is Solusek's noble Efreeti that protects the Ring of Ro artifact.

Solusek Ro's Chamber

The chamber that olds Solusek Ro himself is in the furthest reaches of the tower, beyond the chambers of his wards and appointed guardians and beyond the maze-like structures that reflect his infinite role within the cosmos. Very few who have ventured into Solusek's chamber have returned to speak of it.

Everquest Lore

The Time Grows Near


Jiva the Reckless rests now that his work is done. With the knowledge afforded to him by wise Arlyxir he was able to create a tear in the planes between the Tower of Solusek Ro and The Plane of Fire. Arlyxir has always been trusted go-between for Solusek and his father Fennin. However, Arlyxir has decided to form alliance with Solusek.

The decision of direct confrontation against the populace of Norrath was not an easy one to make. They both know that Fennin would not agree to such a hostile act, because the Pantheon would not condone it.

After many hours of incantations a great well marked with runes of fame appeared and began to pour the very essence of the Plane of Fire into The Tower. The Guardians of Dresolik, the Great Shard, watch over the pulsating crystal has it harnesses the power being siphoned from the Plane the Fire. Only time stands between us now. Those that I once walked with soon learn of the mistakes in their transgressions.

I can hear Xuzl in his Tower, always working on his conjuring. The crackle of the animated regiment of flaming swords can be deafening. Xuzl does not take any time to rest; for he knows as will all do that the time draws near.

Greater fiends have been constructed by Solusek to spread their curse upon any that survive the initial destructive force from Dresolik. The seven fiends will be generals of the army being conjured by Xuzl. Solusek has also placed his trust in two elementals. These elementals have coalesced into the form of wyverns. I must say that I am quite partial to their new forms, and have formed a kinship with them. Together with them we will exterminate any dragon kind that are resistant enough to flame to save them from onslaught that Dresolik will provide. Dresolik pulses with extreme power, it will soon be powerful enough to scorch Norrath. I can only hope that my voice and praise of Solusek will be enough to give the others the strength needed to continue.

Alternate Access to Sol Ro's Tower


Find Ronar Flametip in the Plane of Tranquility - Location +254.67, -2119.95, -927.41 (in the building to the Plane of Fire).

You say, 'Hail, Ronar Flametip'

Ronar Flametip says 'Ronar says, 'Greetings travelers! Though the blessing Karana bestowed upon me seems to be waning, I was at least able to portend your arrival here and the role you would play in the [1] I shall soon inform you of.'

You say, 'What events?'

Ronar Flametip says 'My gift normally allows me to peer into other realms. I have used it many times to protect Norrath from dangerous outside forces. Now, however, I have lost the ability to peer into the planes under the domain of Fennin Ro. I suspect that his son, Solusek, may play a hand in these events, although I know not how. I fear that he has managed to somehow the portal into the Plane of Fire for reasons that are not completely clear to me.'

You say, 'Move the portal?'

Ronar Flametip says 'Yes, and by doing so he has blocked my sight and access into the plane itself. Yet before I completely lost the ability to see into his realm, I glimpsed a giant stream of mystical fire coming from his tower and shooting upwards into the sky. Once the clouds had parted, another more sinister torrent of magic returned from the sky back to his tower. I believe that Solusek may have an accomplice for whatever he has planned. Though I much prefer subtlety, I fear the time for that has passed. No, you must simply stop Solusek from completing his plans and you must discover who his accomplice is lest he manages to continue their vile plans. Will you the call of destiny?'

You say, 'I will fulfill the call of destiny'

Ronar Flametip says 'Before you can gain access to Solusek's tower, you will need an enchantment to protect you from the searing heat that is contained within its walls. On my own I do not have the ability to grant such protection but I can still aid thee nonetheless. In the frigid landscapes of the Western Wastes there is a particularly powerful [2] that wanders a path that only the mad would follow.'

You say, 'What efreeti?'

Ronar Flametip says 'Banished by his own kind for cruelty not even they could tolerate, he roams the wasteland forever searching for the entrance back to his home, an entrance forever denied to him. You must destroy this abomination and bring me the fiery heart that burns inside of him. Only then will you be able to survive the blistering environment in Solusek Ro's tower. Once inside though, you will need to gain access to his inner sanctum by getting his sanctum key. I know little of this but always be on the lookout for help for you never know when the gods may choose to aid you. Once you have destroyed Solusek, return to me with any information you find.'

Find and kill the Banished Efreeti in the Western Wastes. He spawns on the western coast and wanders the zone. He is a curiously simple mob: Max hit 651, average 385; fully slowable, rootable, snareable, doesn't summon). Loot the Banished Efreeti Heart and give it to Ronar.

Ronar Flametip says 'Very good _____. With this I can create an enchantment powerful enough to protect you from the searing heat within Solusek's Tower.' Ronar plunges the heart into the nearby pool of water and begins to chant in a low monotonous tone. The water around his claw begins to boil and swirl faster and faster as his chanting grows louder till he finally pulls out his now-empty claw. He gently touches your forehead and though you hear your flesh sizzle as he inscribes a rune upon it, you feel nothing. 'Now you may freely enter Solusek's Tower and complete your task.'

You now have access to the Tower of Solusek Ro.

Alternate Access to Sol Ro's Chambers


Find Neerin directly across from the zone-in in the Tower of Solusek Ro.

You say, 'Hail, Neerin'

You see before you what must be another adventurer that has fallen upon hard times. Barely able to stand from deep wounds he received in some recent fight he clumsily leans against the near wall. 'Ach, more fortune-hunters! I hope you have more luck than me and my party. Alas, I fear I am all that is left. We were foolish not to heed the warnings of our elders but our greed could not be ignored. Now here I am, forced to hide as I slowly mend, with nothing but the memories of my fallen comrades to keep me company. But by the look in your eye you're not here merely seeking fame or fortune. No, you're after something else . . . or someone else. Now I wonder, would it be [3] himself?'

You say, 'Who is Solusek?'

Neerin says 'Yes, this is his tower naturally but let me warn you that to challenge the burning prince himself is pure folly. Not only can he smite you down as easily as you would swat a fly but his inner sanctum is locked to mortals such as you and I. However, we did discover a way to bypass the lock. As I have no use for the information now I gladly share it with you in the hope that you succeed where we have failed. Within these walls exists an enchanted key that can pierce the barrier he has woven. It was split into three parts by Solusek himself. One part of the key can be found on an efreeti noble. The second part can be found on a sun lord. The part, however, I am not exactly sure where it may be.'

You say, 'What is the third part?'

Neerin says 'My party and I found it but we were ambushed by some of his guards. Those that survived the initial attack ran. In the confusion we got separated and thus I don't know who was the last one to carry it. You must search for the bodies of my fallen comrades until you come across the last part of the key. Once you have all three parts bring them back and I can reform the key properly for you.'

A sun lord drops the First Part of Solusek's Key. You can find him before warp to Tower of Protector of Dresolik (eastern-most tower).

An efreeti baron drops the Second Part of Solusek's Key. You can find him past warp to Jiva's tower (center tower).

You can find the third part on a skeleton corpse en route to Xuzl's tower. Target the corpse and type /open.

Hand the three parts of Solusek's Key to Neerin.

Neerin says, 'Still alive eh? And what's this? Surely the gods must be smiling on you.' Neerin takes the 3 parts of the key and begins to chant softly to himself. A small but brilliant ball of light begins to engulf his cupped hands. When the light recedes you see the key reformed as if it had never been broken. 'Here you go. Now be off with you! Your destiny awaits.' As you walk away you notice a twinkle in his eye and a slight but mischievous smile across his face. It is not until sometime later that you realize that Neerin wasn't nearly as wounded as you remember when you first met him.'

You may now enter Solusek Ro's chamber without having to kill the five raid mini-bosses.

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