Sebilisan Cities  

Built during the time of the Sebilisian Empire of Kunark most of Kunark's cities still exist in one form or another, most as ruins but some are fairly in tact to this day. Also listed here are numerous forts and outposts of the empire, not neccessarily cities but large structures in their own rights that also mostly exist in the present as well.

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Cabilis, or New Sebilis, is the birthplace of the new iksar Empire. While many of their brothers and sisters still huddle together in smaller camps and settlements across Kunark, Cabilis is where the iksar are attempting to reclaim some of their former glory. Originally, the iksar wanted to reclaim and rebuild their ancient capital of Sebilis. However, the Poison Dragon, Trakanon, put a swift end to those plans with his continued hatred for the whole of the iksar race.
The town of Cabilis had fallen during the slave revolts, and had subsequently sunken into the moors northeast of the Lake of Ill Omen. It is here that the iksar have been able to build a defense against their many enemies and are rebuilding a city befitting the millennia-old history of their people.
Built on the moors, Cabilis' bodies of water are plentiful. Parts of the city are actually connected by canals rather than streets. Many areas of the city have been built upon the ruins of a mid-sized city of the iksar Empire that had previously fallen into the moors, and the difference in the two eras can be noted in the combination of the two architectural styles and inconsistencies in materials. Most notable of this meeting of old and new iksar era is The Gauntlet. This acting arena for the city is framed in statues of unrivaled expression of the Empire of Old. Many of these statues have fallen subject to the damage of the moors that reside beneath their great stone bases, but the awe inspiring depiction of the iksar heroes and generals in their timeless stoic command remains unobstructed.
Large portions of the city remain under construction and many buildings and shops are nothing more than tents and hovels. The city is surrounded by a sturdy stone wall on all sides. It is this wall that has enabled the iksar to make as much progress with Cabilis as they have. The city is ruled under the iron fist of Emperor Vekin, who resides in a palace located in the center of town. Many froglok slaves continue construction there at a constant pace. The palace complex also has a large structure that serves as prison, torture chamber, barracks for the city guard, and pit where froglok slaves are locked up when each shift is exhausted.

Eastern Cabilis

The eastern portion of the city is the cultural center of the town and it holds the great majority of the iksar community and acts as the cultural and military epicenter of this former Empire. The iksar are a race of lizardmen that are extremely xenophobic to outsiders. The only outsiders allowed within the city are those that have proved themselves to be allies of the iksar. In East Cabilis there are a wide variety of shops and guild training available for those that can travel in the city safely. The city itself is a deathtrap for those not allied with the various sects of the iksar. It is to be avoided at all costs. For those that are allied with the iksar there are a wide variety of guild trainers, shops, and a bank available.
The guildhalls of all the iksar castes, with the exception of the Necromancers, reside in this half of the city. Many hatchling pupils of their respective caste can easily access the regions suitable for these young trainees from the eastern portion of the city. To the north stand the gates that lead outward into the desolate Field of Bone where many of the iksar masters focus their young pupils. The southeastern gates grant access to the Swamp of No Hope where the iksar gather the froglok slaves who toil for them.

Western Cabilis

Like the eastern half of the city, the western wing of Cabilis is young in its foundation. Much of its architecture is shared with the remnants of older structures that have fallen into the unforgiving arms of the moors that this city resides upon. Unlike its eastern sister, the west wing of Cabilis construction is completed and there is no longer a need for froglok slaves, leaving a purity of exclusive iksar population. In this section of the city the practitioners of necromancy can be found. Also a few merchants are here for those who want to do some shopping. The place is a deathtrap for those not allied with the various sects of the iksar. A few merchants are here selling various goods, and training for necromancers is available.

Travelling To and From Cabilis

Cabilis can be reached from four separate directions. To the northeast lies the Field of Bone, south of that lies the Swamp of No Hope. East Cabilis holds the gates to these regions. To the northwest lies Warsliks Woods. South of that is the Lake of Ill Omen. The entrances to these areas lie within West Cabilis under jurisdiction of the infamous Tower of Death.

History and Lore

Cabilis was once simply a town of little regard in the iksar Empire. The reason it is now the center of iksar civilization is directly related to the fall of their empire. When Emperor Ganak and Jaled-Dar clashed above the Field of Bone, it left both dead. This ended the war between the iksar and the Ring of Scale. Unfortunately, the Dragons had one last act of violence to unleash. They destroyed the imperial palace and all of Ganak's hatchlings, leaving the iksar without an heir to the throne.
In the absence of an emperor, the Emerald Circle was formed. Five nobles set together to rebuild what had been lost in the war. However, their ambitions divided the empire, each noble leading a separate faction. The iksar Empire was divided by tribe for the first time since Emperor Venril Sathir united them. Soon after, the tribes began to fight amongst themselves again. The Ring of Scale had a hand in this, working covertly to increase tensions between the iksar tribes.
Finally, weakened by infighting, the iksar Empire fell asunder. Slave revolts, attacks by goblins and giants, and finally an assault by Trakanon himself and his allies reduced the iksar cities to ash and rubble. Free of iksar rule, the other races of Kunark began to struggle for dominance.
Since the fall of the empire, the iksar have been building the city of Cabilis from the town it once was into the capital it is today. Other cities have either been overrun by powerful enemies, or are too far gone to rebuild. The iksar have worked hard, under their new emperor, and are quickly working to repair what past mistakes have torn apart. In fact, many iksar have taken to calling Cabilis "New Sebilis", though either name is acceptable and understood.


Emperor Vekin

Emperor Vekin was a great warlord and an iksar that was both feared and revered. Who is he? He was the first was ruler of the Cabilisian Empire. He resurrected the iksar nation after the End Days. He was also a born warrior. He used his superior martial skills to unite the small bands of iksar that were scattered around Kunark during the Age of Turmoil. He hailed from a warrior tribe. It is rumored that this tribe descended from the elite soldiers of the Army of Ik. The particular military unit that his tribe spawned from was said to be very sadistic and they were known for gruesome acts of torture.
Was he the one to retake Cabilis and found New Sebilis, or has the new Empire had more than one Emperor so far?
Cabilis, a former iksar city, was captured by Emperor Vekin's legion and declared the capital of the Cabilisian Empire. He resided within Vekin Palace, a grand structure within Cabilis. This palace was like no other. Inside one could not only find the opulent chambers of the Emperor, but also a vast underground dungeon. Vekin enjoyed the art of torture and made it a part of his everyday life. Emperor Vekin wanted the iksar to return to glory. Building his legions and claiming Cabilis were his first big steps. What came after that has yet to be discovered.
Under the rule of the great Emperor Vekin, the empire of New Sebilis flourishes. Broods grow larger each hatching year, there is food and supplies a'plenty, and aside from a few fools, none suffer all that badly. Peace, of course, is good for business, so the Kloks prosper under the current Haggle Baron of the same name, and even the reports of the annoying skinless have seemed to decline recently. This is all well and good, but for one thing: the time has come for the Empire to discontinue its rebuilding period. The time has come for the iksar Empire's reclamation of its once-great kingdom.
Those who have the courage to stray from the walls of Cabilis know that declining reports only hide the fact that the skinless savages would brutally slaughter those who should be reporting them, and the terrors and bloodshed of the Empire's enemies once subdued have begun to rise again. That is not to say that the Empire is growing lazy-no iksar has ever grown so slothful as to ignore a threat-but between the construction of the city and the overabundance of broodlings to watch over, the officials and castes of the empire hardly have time to put resources to external matters.
In this time there is need for a group of loyalists to stand forth and begin the crusades that will retake our lands. Those who have enough valor will call themselves the Claws of the Empire; Skathris Ven'Sho. Only with such a group can the wheels be set in motion to take back the glory of the Empire of old. The softlings must be dealt with. Those who would claim our outlands must be taught who the true owner is. And the looming threats of wurms and worse must be put to rest. The Empire is mighty, but can and will be mightier, and only with the swift and tactful methods of Skathris Ven'Sho can this happen

Places of Interest

Cabilis hosts a number of different buildings, including several shops, taverns and guildhalls.
In each of the surrounding areas, there are small outposts. These exist in the ruins of ancient bazaars of the iksar, now all but destroyed. These areas are patrolled by the Crusaders and Troopers of the city, and provide some degree of safety and law in these wild lands.

The Tower of Death

The most prominent feature of West Cabilis is the Tower of Death. It's the stronghold of the necromancers of the iksar people. Dark are the ways of the iksar necromancers named the Brood of Kotiz, who follow the dark teachings of the ancient necromancer, Kotiz. Do not tread upon their grounds if you are not one with their dark circle. Do so and you just may be their next experiment. All other iksar fear the necromancers and leave them alone, an arrangement that the necromancers are very happy with. Within their tower they perform experiments and strengthen their Art and, through that, all iksar. Merchants in this area owe fealty to the Tower and not to the Haggle Baron, so it is possible to find items here that the Haggle Baron doesn't believe in.

Vekin Palace

The imperial palace is where Emperor Vekin resided but it was destroyed along with all of Ganak's hatchlings, leaving the iksar without an heir to the throne. This palace was like no other. Inside one could not only find the opulent chambers of the Emperor, but also a vast underground dungeon. Vekin enjoyed the art of torture and made it a part of his everyday life. The palace is still under construction, but remains the home of Emperor Vekin. The palace complex also has a large structure that serves as a prison with a torture chamber, barracks for the city guard and a pit where the Froglok slaves are locked up at night.

Fortress Talishan

This large stone structure is the guild hall of warriors. Commander Vygan was a formidable Drill Master of the Legion of Cabilis. His numerous victories as a Warlord of the Outlands earned him the position of commander of the reformed elite Iron Guard. Commander Vygan's appointment to Iron Guard was a secret promotion as he served as a Drill Master within Fortress Talishan in Cabilis. He personally picked all the finest warriors to be placed within his Iron Guard. He was also sent mages, priests, shadowknights and tradesmen to induct into the secret brotherhood of the mariners that formed the Iron Guard. If you choose to be a warrior, your guild is the Fortress Talishan in East Cabilis.

Temple of Terror

This is the guild hall and temple for the Shadow Knights and shaman who worship Cazic-Thule, Lord of fear. The East Tower leads to catacombs east of the main city filled with newbie creatures and deadly pit traps. These lead to an underwater tunnel that comes out underneath the eastern boat dock. The Temple of Terror requires all young Scaled Mystics to perform the daily tasks.The tasks are necessary to the upkeep of our order as well as our brothers, the Crusaders of Greenmist.

The Dented Helm

This is an armory of sorts. Low quality weapons and armor can be purchased here.

Mishnew's Herbs

This shop offers various herbs and potions.

The Gauntlet

Surrounded by standing and toppled statues, the Gauntlet serves as the main arena for Cabilis.

The Block

This large structure serves as the bank of Cabilis

Court of Pain

This enclosed garden houses the monk's guild. Here you can find merchants selling monk supplies and iksar history books. [1]


- Capital of the Empire eventually overran by revolting slaves and attacking dragons during the end days. Now the home of the plague dragon Trakkanon.
A Monster Mission in Everquest relates the eventual fate of the grand city of Sebilis:
Sebilis is a city under siege! The froglok and sarnak slaves have revolted, threatening their captors. Trakanon and his dragon allies have burst free from their 600 year imprisonment. The combined forces are tearing the Iksar city inside out, annihilating everything in their path. Retrace the footsteps of Trakanon and look for the ancient book of the dead.[2]


Now known as the City of Mist, a rich trade city ruled by King Rak'Ashir and Queen Neh'Ashir which slowly succumbed to a dark curse after the death of their young daughter, causing great concern among the spirit world. Quite a bit of information concerning Torsis is revealed as part of the Shaman Epic quest as the spirits wish for prospective Heyokah to repair the damage done to the spiritual plane by the dark shroud that surrounds the City of Mist. During the course of the quest the Spirit Sentinel relates some of the history of Torsis:
''Spirit Sentinel says 'Good, good, Do you know this place, this forest? The wasichu call it the Emerald Jungle, but we know it only as the terrible place. Where there is no spirituality, we are weak. The lost city in the middle of this jungle is a great void of belief not only absent of spirituality, but actually draining it from others. We are here to neutralize that void. The void is like the sky, and nothing escapes its gaze. If it senses us, it will drain us away and sometimes it turns our minds, making us like the wasichu, crazy for things with no meaning.'
Do you feel the darkness of this place, the forest? To eyes not trained to see beyond physical appearances, it seems like any other forest. But you know, as do we, of the mantle over the city threatening all of us. We must rub it out.'
You say, How do we rub it out?
Spirit Sentinel says 'There are many such mantles scarring the universe and each is very different from the last. Removing them requires that we learn how they were created and go about reversing the damage done. We cannot enter under the mantle for long which is why we search out Heyokah such as yourself. We need you to enter the city and find out what you can about the city's demise. We hope you will do this for the cause of balance but if you desire none but your own power, we shall grant that as well.'
You say, 'What city's demise?'
Spirit Sentinel says 'It was known as Torsis. During its history it amassed great wealth and power yet it eventually crumbled. No one understands what happened. The men of the world ask themselves how a nation as successful as Torsis could ever fall. Some blame plague, internal unrest, the constant encroachment of the forest, and marauding bands of monsters but we alone know what happened. Just as Tabien and Glaron lost sight of their spiritual paths, so did Torsis. Without the awe and inspiration of that which was greater than themselves, they eventually withered away. The mantle was born long before the last days, though, and what we need to learn is how it all began.'
You say, 'I will learn how it all began.'
Spirit Sentinel says 'Excellent! Go into the city and gather what evidence you can. The ghosts who still walk the streets may hoard precious memories that will aid us. Take this booklet and combine what you find in it. Then bring me the completed report. From there, we will know where to look next.'
Spirit Sentinel says 'So, the truth is found! Nak mourned over the loss of his child instead of relishing the blessing of his god, Cazic-Thule. His wife and the High Scale then abandoned him in disgust, but even that was an aftereffect of what caused the king to turn his back on his faith. The child is the key! If we put the child to rest, Nak may repent of what he has done and the mantle may be lifted. The most difficult task is now at hand. Find the child, then take proof of her passing to Nak. I can feel the mantle's foundation crumbling! Now, go!'
Spirit Sentinel says 'What is this? The scale of Rak'Ashiir's father? Then Rak has repented his mistake? But why is the mantle still in place? If Rak has repented, then the mantle should have dissolved since he was the one who initiated its construction. But is its initiation the key? How could we have been so blind? Kirn said Rak'Ashiir had the blood of his people on his hands but that is false. Rak merely pointed to a path that would lead them to destruction. It was the people who chose to follow. Now all is lost.' [3]
You say, 'What is lost?'
Spirit Sentinel says 'The mantle was the product of thousands of faithless individuals. Not the single shroud we believed existed. Torsis is now truly cursed for all eternity as a great stain upon the universe. ''
More of the History of Torsis is revealed via the books all written in Lizardman a Shaman is asked to discover during the quest for the Spear as Fate as well:
Personal Diary Page
I heard last night that there was some kind of commotion at the castle. Guards were shouting, spells went off throughout the halls and many died. Some say there was an assassination, some say a band of frogloks attacked under the command of a dragon, some even say there was some divine intervention. I have no idea why any god would strike against Lord Rak Ashiir. He is a paragon for the cause of Cazic-Thule. I hope whatever it was sticks to attacking the castle and not my shop though.
Crier's Scroll
Hear all of Torsis! Our beloved Lord Rak Ashiir will be appointing another High Priest into the Cazic-Thule clergy in two days. A festival will be held in honor of the event and the High Scale will be present to judge various contests of skill in arms. Booths will be set up selling various wares and food to all. Cazic guide us all.
Merchant's Letter
The list should all be in order except for the swatches of silk. I won't need such a large order in this quarter. Her Divinity Drian made it known to me that they would not need as many new robes this coming season as "none were quite ready to don them." My colleagues have all been confirming that the church is buying less and less these days. It seems Rak Ashiir has decided the royal donation to be cut. However I'm sure we'll find new customers soon and our orders will be back to normal shortly.
Written Announcement
Hear all Torsis! It is with great regret that we inform you of our Queen, Neh Ashiir's disappearance. Our best scouts have begun searching the surrounding countries for her trail. The Lord Rak Ashiir also authorized the hire of mercenaries to venture into the Froglok Territories to search for traces of the Queen. All interested parties should report to the royal Quartermaster's office. Fear not citizens, our Queen will be found. Wisdom guide us.
Priest's Diary Page
Well it appears our Lord Rak Ashiir in his "wisdom" has cut our church's donation yet again. He claims it is to bolster the ranks of our garrison as many were wiped out during the Froglok incursions. However, I see more and more soldiers everyday, more than I ever have. And they are all equipped in the best armors the city's smiths can craft. This along with the recent replacement of our Bishop Screks with that coin grubber Biliaz leads me to suspect our King is planning on all but destroying our church entirely. I don't understand it, perhaps his missing Queen has driven him mad.
Student's Log
Missed mass again today. This is the third time this week now. It is a worthy sacrifice however as I was able to attend the Master's National Coin exchange class. Perhaps the clergy will change the time of their masses, then I'll be able to attend regularly. Although with the appointment of the new Arch Priest it appears mass may be discontinued altogether. I honestly hope so. I could attend many more classes as well as spend more time rubbing elbows with merchants at the bazaars. I think I'll have to miss tomorrow's mass as well. I heard the Laughing Leech Guild is taking members again.
Historical Article
Neh Ashiir's disappearance will always be cloaked in mystery. We of Torsis have a saying that goes "Neh's chances." We all know this is used to define an innumerable variable but not many know of its relation to the event in the early years of our fair city. For as many people as there were in Torsis there were that many theories regarding Neh Ashiir's disappearance. Others say there were political tensions between the queen and her lord, so much so that she had to leave to escape death. And for good measure a few pointed to the stars and said that people from beyond the sky took her. One thing all agreed upon however is that the relationship between the royal couple was decaying. Political scrutinizers noted small personal habits between the two that implied a separation of intimacy during their public appearances. Many even tie the highly publicized Crusade of Kirn into the disappearance of Neh as Kirn left the city only a few weeks before. It is recorded in many texts that the visage of Rak'Ashiir reflected his despair over his wife's vanishing although it is a well known fact that it was mostly an act played by the King to keep up his illusion of nobility. Perhaps one day we will find the truth but at this point it would mean little to the public.
Head Housekeeper's Log

  1. New wash basins must be acquired. Servant Hujin will see the Quartermaster and place the order tomorrow.
  2. The chandelier in the main hall was finally repaired tonight. Payment must be sent to the contract holder tomorrow.
  3. Advisor Snith ordered that I personally find and acquire 3 dozen finely made vials. What they are for he would not explain and was very firm that I do this as quickly as possible. Best to make haste to fulfill the order, rumors abound of the Advisor's mastery of the arcane.
  4. We've been low on candles for the last week. There is no explanation for the shortage of wax says our civilian contract holder. Perhaps I should send a Palace Reaver escort with the next pick up crew. The craftsman may have the intelligence to figure the symbolism.
  5. It is imperative that we return the High Scale's Icon to the church as discretely as possible. If Rak Ashiir returns from his journey early and discovers it was found in the royal bedroom it may prove disastrous. I cannot decide whether to place it ourselves with help of our Black Guard, or to approach one of our contacts in the church. The less people that know of this the better. It might be prudent to ..remove.. the servant who found it within the sheets.

Neh'Ashiir's Diary
..another bazaar.. I was asked to judge..wrestling contest. It must have been the ten thousandth one... .week. Oh how I grow weary of...political monotony. The earlier days were much..exciting, crusades against..unworthy and smashing our opposition. Kirn's life must be epic indeed. He.. at me again during.. match. Hmmmm. [4]


The Five Towers of Teraaz or Kaesora, known for its magnificent library and as the imperial rookery for the lineage of the emperor.


Veksar was an opulent resort enjoyed by privileged nobles and generals of the empire. It was built near a small freshwater spring with legendary restorative properties, this small outpost was considered one of the finest treasures of the realm. Highly-ranked Iksar from the empire came here to cure their illness and extend their lives with the mystical waters. This town was originally created by the Kylong tribe of Iksar, but was assimilated into the ranks of Venril Sathir when he united the five tribes. Many legendary Iksar lived there.
Veksar was guarded from the constant attack of dragons and the skulking bands of goblins living in the nearby hills. For years the city thrived with all sorts of visitors. Soldiers harmed by the war were sent there to mend their wounds. High-ranking officials came here to relax and escape the tedium of war. Even Iksar commoners came here desperate to cure whatever ailed them. Since the war with the dragons was always escalating, a massive dome was built overhead to keep the attacks of the dragons away. In spite of efforts, the dragons found a way to attack.
Trakkanon sent many dragons here to scout out why this town was so popular. After learning about the Iksar being healed, he know that he had to take action on the city. He formed a plan to first cripple the cities walls so that their own dome would trap them, and then flood the water of the healing spring. This would not only trap them, but also dilute the waters, preventing any further healing from taking place. Garudon would lead in the direct attack of the town.
During the formation of Trakanon's ranks he did not garner the support he desired. One of the first dragons to come to his side was Garudon. He quickly grew to be Trakanon's most trusted ally, and aided in drawing support from the dragon ranks. Because of his high ranking position Garudon would lead the fight against Veksar.
Dragons clawed at the supporting pillars of the dome. The town began to shake and the dome began to fall. The Dragons fled from the pillars, but one was trapped. Garudon was caught in a snare set up by the town's defense. Crumbling to the ground the dome sealed their fate. Garudon fought with the Iksar from under the dome with no hope of escaping. The Dragons then called upon the waters to flow, and flood the valley. The spring was flooded, its magical properties lost forever. The soldiers finally brought down Garudon. With his last breath he let out a flame that scorched much of the dome and then fell from the air, crashing through the ceiling of the theater that was built to entertain the Iksar on the mend. Most of his bones still remain there, while others were ground up in necromantic ceremonies.[5]


— Second port city of the empire, swallowed by the Bay of the Moon due to the actions of the gods of light during the end days of the Sebilisian Empire.


— Port city and main base of the Imperial Navy, the ruins of Danak are now the dark outpost of the Overthere. The old commander of the shipyards, Captain Rottgrime, still wanders about in a semblence of his old duties concerned only with protecting the Danak shipyards and provides a bit of information about what the outpost of Overthere once was:
Captain Rottgrime has a multitude of cracks and holes in his skull from his many battles. 'Attention, marine!! You will go into battle and fear nothing! You shall prevail over one enemy and then you shall be sent back into battle! We shall not allow those sarnak to overtake the Danak shipyards! Is that clear, marine?!!'
Captain Rottgrime says 'Stand up straight!! That's correct marine!! YOU shall not allow the sarnak to overtake the shipyards!! Head out to the frontlines, marine!! Kill the berzerkers and return their war braids to me!! For every four, you shall earn your wages!!! Now get to the front, marine!! Move it!! Move it!!'
Captain Rottgrime says 'Great job, marine!! Word of your heroics shall be passed on to the Admiral. If you don't have a shield, then take one. If you do, then get back to the front lines. This is no time for R n' R!! Move it, marine!! Or you'll be pushing Danak till the cockatrice crows!!' [6]


— Howling Stones, original home of the Kunzar tribe that was turned into a great mausoleum and tomb for Venril's wife Drusella Sathir.

Forts and Outposts


The Laboratory of Atrebe Sathir and Birthplace of the Sarnak and Sokokar. Reference to the fabled Kor'Sha is very, very rare in Everquest although a passing reference to it does appear and its connection to Atrebe as his laboratory and eventual grave as Atrebe met his end due to a failed experiment in its halls.
While I try to refrain from ever using EQ2 canon lore as Everquest lore in this case I'm willing to make an exception as; 1. Kor'Sha existed well before the split in the timeline that seperates EQ and EQ2 as alternate dimensions / timelines and 2. The information on Kor'Sha in Everquest is so limited and its first real recognition let alone implementation was in EQ2.
Regardless of how different the Laboratory may be in the future of EQ2 and the present of Everquest it did exist as a secret outpost of the Sebilisian Empire in the past and only that lore is relevant and posted here. Therefore the existence and basic information about Kor'Sha during the time of its construction can be considered canon lore to both games, although some may debate the point.
''Kor'sha is an ancient imperial iksar laboratory and experimentation facility. It is also the birthplace of the Sarnak race. The facility itself was a closely guarded secret, and only a very few iksar knew of its existence, let alone where it was hidden.
Because of its importance to the Empire, the construction of Kor'sha was of the highest craftsmanship, in order to ensure its continued service and operation. '' [7]

Karnor's Castle

Current home to Venril Sathir Karnor's Castle was originally a military outpost in the Dreadlands. Now inhabited with Venril's Drovarg and Undead minions and surrounded by Drachnid agents of Mayong Mistmoore presumably there to keep an eye on Mayong's ancient enemy Venril.

Kurn's Tower

Kurn's Tower was built for the Warlord Kurn Machta during the reign of Rile Sathir. During the height of the Iksarian Empire of Old, Kurn was one of Rile Sathir's most loyal subjects. Obsessed with torture, Kurn was the perfect choice for an imperial executioner and interrogator. Not wishing to fill the walls of Sebilis with the screams and tortured cries of their enemies, Rile ordered the construction of a great tower beyond the city walls where Kurn could perform his grim duties.
For decades, Kurn perfected his art on the most hated foes of the Sebilisian Empire, with many individual cases lasting years. Kurn's obsessive nature led to the tower's downfall. One evening, while engaged in the torment of his most prized subject, quite possibly Dag the Blasphemer, another prisoner escaped and descended into the nethermost depths of the dungeon, which Kurn had been using as a storage place for several obsolete and failed torture devices. From there, the prisoner managed to dig a tunnel, escaping the confines of the nightmarish tower. Unfortunately, the route the prisoner carved opened up a portal for the Burynai race.
Enraged at their discovery, the Burynai invaded the tower through the prisoner's tunnel, vowing to destory the threat they deemed the tower of torture posed to their culture. Within days, the tower was overrun by Burynai necromancers and shamans. Kurn was captured, his execution only stopped when the tribal elder became fascinated with the discovery of his torture infrastructure. The tribal elder ordered the tower sealed and guarded, assuring that any who dared to enter the domain would be swift to die. His own torture devices used against him, Kurn was subject to the Burynai's experiments.
Eventually, over a year later, the Iksar would finally perish, only to be resurrected as an undead servant by the disappointed Burynai elder. To this day, the undead remnants of Kurn lurk in the innermost depths of his dungeon as a crusader, existing only with the savage will to torment any that enter the confines of his chamber.
Information about the purpose of Kurn's tower comes via NPC dialog from Galdon Vok Nir:
Galdon Vok Nir says 'Kurn's Tower!! Such a dangerous place for one to wander. It is a place of great suffering. Kurn was well known for the torture of many races, mostly the giants named the Kromdul. Long after the destruction of the tower by an unknown foe, the Kromdul returned to retrieve Kurn's body for sacrifice to their gods. They did not find his body, but rumor has it they found Kurn's favorite torture weapon. What happened to it, only they would know.
Among the inhabitants of the tower remaining there to this day are Kurn's cook, Mirgon Dower, who now offers a quest in exchange for his favorite food and a head to eat it with, another inhabitant, the Skeletal Jester drops a note relating to the quest:
Within the tower lies the corpse of Mirgon Dower. A faithful servant of Kurn's deadly tower. He served Kurn and kept him very well fed. Now it is time to replace his head. His new head did glow once upon a time. Now there are no eyes, no tongue, to taste the sweet honey flesh. And so the years flow. When all are back together the magic will once again glow.[8]


Supposedly a hidden fortress outpost of a minion of Venril Sathir near the outpost of Firiona Vie, used to keep an eye on the elves of the city and report to Venril any interesting information. Almost no canon lore exists to truly validate its existence but it's included in the interest of being thorough.


Original name of the Warslik's Woods Goblin fort, very limited canon lore to substantiate however.


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