Rile Sathir  

After thwarting his father Venril's attempt at immortality Rile is quick to assume the throne and continue his father's empire building. Rile establishes the Crusaders of Greenmist, named for his own weapon the Greenmist forged by Haggle Baron Dalnir, which is of course in turn named after the divine punishment that drove away the Shissar and freed the Iksar.

During his reign of conquest Rile is aided by his three trusted generals, Kurn Machta, Karatukus and Chosooth. Canonical lore about Karatukus and Chosooth is very limited but much more is known about Kurn Machta of the infamous Kurn's tower which is built for him during this period, supposedly to cater to his abilities as a grand torturer. For Karatukus a tower similar to Kurn's is built in the North Wood, now Warslik's Wood, from which he is to enslave and torture the Giants of Kunark. For Chosooth the five towers of Teraaz are built, also known as Kaesora. Finally Rile orders the construction of a southern stronghold known as the Karnor.

In addition to the building done on the continent aided by the legions of giant slaves forced to build for their iksar masters, Rile orders the construction of a grand imperial Navy. With the aid of Captain Vlzk Irontail it is a force to be reckoned with, rumored to even engage in acts of piracy on the ancient elven empire of Caerthiel. It is this grand navy that proves to be Rile's downfall however as Rile's flagship and the armada is attacked at sea by the rogue blue dragon of the sky Trakanon, who feels the Iksar must be curtailed before they become too great a threat and goes against the wishes of the Ring of Scale, destroying Rile at sea. For this Trakanon would be imprisoned by the Ring of Scale for 600 years [1] for going against the orders of Jaled Dar and starting the Iksar Dragon War.

Rile's reign is over and his bones rest in their watery grave for a very long time, but they would eventually emerge from the depths and play a role in the return of his father Venril Sathir.


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