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Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve

The Rathe themselves reside in an area known as Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve. It is a vast and open space of the plane where their essence intertwines with every fiber of the realm. Their bodies of earth and flora feed eternally upon the life-giving warmth of the plane's own sun.

Warlord Gintolaken

Gintolaken is leader of the Storm Taarids of Earth. The Storm Taarids are the most trusted guardians that The Rathe will call upon. Forged from rock, stone and muscles these towering creatures serve as the last line of defense for the Council of Twelve.

Avatar of Earth

The Avatar of Earth is summoned upon disturbing the Rathe Council. [1]

The Rathe Council Chamber

The Rathe Council Chamber is the original seat of The Rathe beings who govern the Plane of Earth. Its appearance reflects the essence of the powerful beings who rule here. Great stonework vaults linked with tunnels define the interior, which is patrolled by stone golems and guarded by many different kinds of creatures native to the Plane.

The Rallosian Army is attempting to destroy all thirteen members of The Rathe Council to seal Rallos Zek's dominion over the Plane of Earth as well as Norrath. Should this happen, with Rallos gaining control over the source of the Rathelings' magic, the balance of power among the gods would tilt inexorably in Rallos Zek's favor, and Norrath would enter an age of endless disorder and destruction. [2]


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