Plane of Valor  

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The Plane of Valor

[1] The Plane of Valor is designed to challenge prospective mortal heroes who wish to gain access to the Halls of Honor.

The first structure that adventurers encounter in the Plane of Valor is the Amphitheatre. This great arena-like structure is protected by the Soldiers of Marr. On occasion, forces can be seen gathering together here for purposes known only to them. A well-maintained cemetery can be found to the Amphitheatre's right. After the battle with Aerin'Dar, a burial site was constructed using glass and stone from the Glassy Wasteland. This cemetery lies as a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Battalion of Marr. It is bordered by a beautiful forest, creating a respectful and peaceful place of rest for the fallen devout of Mithaniel Marr. Thin trees stretch upward creating a dark shadow throughout the forest, while a few good sized clearings seem to prove sufficient spaced to make camp. Occasionally a wandering spirit will roam through the graveyard in hopes of being laid back to rest.

The Glassy Wasteland was once apart of the Forest of Marr. During the Battle with Aerin`Dar the forest, which ran up to the river, was completely decimated. The trees, which once grew tall, were now encased in glass. The rocks were also encased in glass. The forest quickly began to die.

The Forest of Marr is a lush and plentiful forest. Many different species of plant and animal life dwell within the forest. The Command Center, which Captain Ryglot oversees, is located within the Forest of Marr.

The Undead Houses are also located with the Forest of Marr. During the Reign of Decay Bertoxxulous sent a single tsetsian fly into the Plane of Valor. This fly quickly released its larvae into the plane causing a few of the inhabitants to grow sick. The inhabitants became tainted with the plague and grew very ill. Their illness transformed their very being into the undead. Several skeletons lurk around the area. The Undead Knight, who was once a Paladin of Marr, hovers around his homestead forever tormented.

Beyond the reach of the forest are the Plains of Marr, a wide area with rolling grass and fertile lands full of rich vegetation. Many magnificent and noble creatures, such as the unicorn and Pegasus, have been known to stretch their legs on these plains. A large river surrounds the forest, feeding the fertile lands with its life-giving waters. The river winds through the woods, becoming shallow in places. At one point it is fed by a magnificent waterfall that hurtles from a large cliff face decorated in a cascading carpet of green mosses and ferns.

At the top of the river bend, two large guard towers connected by a suspension bridge are stationed on either shore. This river crossing leads to a wasteland of glass, a unique environment where the substance of glass is featured in both terrain and inhabitants. Beyond the wastelands lies the Canyon of Marr which hosts a variety of dangerous creatures such as drakes and glass golems. At the end of the canyon, one can find the entrance to the Halls of Honor.

Arein'Dar, the Crystalline Dragon

Many generations ago a great battle was fought on the Plane of Valor. The Battalion of Marr waged war against a great foe known as Aerin`Dar, the Crystalline Dragon. This dragon wreaked havoc upon the Forest of Marr and the inhabitants of the plane. The great leaders of the battalion rallied their forces up in what is now known as the Glassy Wasteland. A great battle was fought, but the battalion was no match for Aerin`Dar. Many great men fell during the battle. However, during the battle Aerin`Dar made the mistake of unleashing the glass shards upon itself, ultimately encasing itself in a prison of glass that stood between the Plane of Valor and Mithaniel Marr's realm of the Halls of Honor. Time passed and the battle became only a memory. Soon the memories began to fade and all that was left were remnants of glass and the story scribed into the Book of Marr.

Generations passed and the inhabitants moved into neighboring areas within the Plane of Valor. The Battalion of Marr moved back into the area and began to set up a command center within the Forest of Marr. Soon after the Command Center was operational troops were dispatched into the Glassy Wasteland to assess the vitality of the land. After the assessment report was given to Captain Ryglot he gave the order to setup a perimeter around Aerin`Dar's prison. The perimeter was constructed and an observation deck was created to help monitor the dragon.

An order from the military council was given to exterminate Aerin`Dar. Troops were rallied, but soon after they gathered, the mission was aborted. Che Virtuson was needed immediately for another mission in another realm. The Battalion of Marr quickly regrouped within the Halls of Honor. It was decided that Che Virtuson would dispatch their company to another area in preparation for an upcoming war.

Captain Ryglot was ordered to stay behind with a small platoon of men. They were ordered to watch the land while the rest of their company was away.

The Halls of Honor


The Halls of Honor are home to the Truthbringer, Mithaniel Marr, and the heroes of eras past and present. Architecturally, this realm is impossibly beautiful and pure, carved entirely of white marble and accented with golden and silver metals. It is adorned with various ornaments, ranging from statues of unrivaled realism to elaborately decorated vases.

Four mausoleums reside in the far corners of the Halls of Honor. The sacred heroes of Mithaniel Marr, those who had committed acts of selfless bravery and valor in their mortal existence upon the prime, can be found within these mausoleums. The four mausoleums have unique themes that reflect the different kind of actions that brought each hero his recognition and praise from the deity.

Between the mausoleums lie the Hero Shrines, where two greatest heroes lie. Though mortals may not know of their valiant efforts, these heroes are forever inscribed in the Book of Marr for sacrificing their lives in order to uphold their honorable beliefs.

The Halls of Honor are defended by the Battalion of Marr, the peacekeepers of honor. Their prime mission is to keep the halls free of unwanted visitors. Small units patrol the halls and ensure the peace. If they encounter any resistance, deadly force is used without bias or hesitation. The halls of Honor follow a strict code of respect and honor, and those who do not show the ruling god and his chose heroes the respect that they deserve must be death with.

Mithaniel Marr resides in within a grand temple. No mortal is allowed entry to this scared place of purity and honor, and those who dare to defy its laws shall meet a most merciless fat at the hands of the temple's heroes.

The Four Mausoleums

Bravery of Trydan Faye

Trydan Faye represents Bravery. Long before the Age of Turmoil began Trydan marched before a mighty dragon known as Rydda'Dar and defeated this great beast of burden with the Armies of Berr. Rydda'Dar had plagued much of the surface world for many years. Towns all across Norrath feared this vile creature. For when Rydda'Dar appeared death walked in his shadows.

Trydan led an army deep into the Kingdom of Stone before it was sealed off from the surface world to rid the lands of this fierce beast. Hundreds from all walks of life marched down into the depths of Stone to the dragon's lair and attacked.

Surprised by their presence Rydda'Dar roared loudly at those who stood before him. Trydan stood motionless, unaffected by the screeching sounds bouncing across the room and held his burning sword in one hand and an ornate shield in the other.

The cavern grew warm as Rydda'Dar prepared to unleash an inferno, his chest expanding with the large breath he took. Trydan knew this was their chance and he raised his sword pointing at the beast and yelled, 'NOW!'

Trydan raced towards the foul beast plunging his fiery sword into the depths of Rydda'Dar's body. A single scale loosened while Trydan's sword pierced the tough exterior of the dragon. Rydda'Dar raised his sharp claw swinging towards the crowd at his feet, catching many off guard, flinging many across who landed motionless on the ground.

Before long, there were only three left standing before the dragon -- Trydan and the dwarf twins of House Ogrebane, Rythorn and Relthak. The dwarves charged the large beast with their plated axes raised. Rythorn swung towards Rydda'Dar's clawed feet, while Relthak ran towards the dragon's underside. Rythorn dismembered a talon and as the dragon struck back, Rythorn was sent flying across the lair.

Relthak took his chance and swung violently towards the dragon's belly and a single scale fell from it. Rydda'Dar took notice of the little dwarf under his belly and decided to make a little meal out of him. Just then, a single arrow pierced Rydda'Dar's head causing the dragon much pain and surprise. Rydda'Dar looked back and saw Trydan stood poised in an archer's position. Angered by the mortal, Rydda'Dar reared with a deafening howl. Just before Rydda'Dar lowered his front legs Trydan fired another arrow.

Rydda'Dar and Trydan began to move toward each other. Rydda'Dar found his movement slow and limbs tired. He slumped to the ground with his head resting on the cavern floor. Heavy breaths, which came from the beast, moved the surrounding rubble. With each breath getting slower and slower Rydda'Dar knew his time had come.

Trydan stood before the fallen dragon where he removed his helmet and placed it on the ground. Trydan knew the dragon would no longer be a threat and he knew that he was suffering. He stretched his right arm out towards Rydda'Dar and his palm began to glow an illuminating white. The light began to grow in power and in size until it slowly moved away from his hand and touched Rydda'Dar's body. In a flash of blinding white light, Rydda'Dar's body was gone. All that remained in the lair were the bodies of those who had fallen and a single dragon scale.

High above in the Planes of Power Mithaniel Marr watched from the Halls of Honor. Intrigued by this noble paladin's unwavering fear and heroism, Mithaniel Marr blessed Trydan. Many years later, Mithaniel Marr summoned an aged Trydan into the Halls of Honor where he was asked to remain and he accepted the honor.

Chivalry of Alekson Garn

Alekson Garn's was brought up knowing he'd be a person of difference. His family was not wealthy, but they were content with their lives and what their gods had given them. Alekson Garn soon grew from being a boy and into a man. He used his charm and proper upbringing to travel far in life. One day, while traveling through the Northern Desert of Ro, Alekson came upon a band of crazed nomads tormenting a poor woman.

Alekson drew his sword from his side. As he approached the nomads he knew he was outnumbered. Several nomads circled the woman, while the rest took their pleasure in engaging Alekson.

The woman started screaming and Alekson knew he had very little time to act. He quickly moved past the first of the nomads who engaged him, striking each one as they came near. Then the woman's screams suddenly stopped and Alekson's heart skipped a beat. He quickly moved past the others who had first engaged him and rushed towards the crowd circling the woman. His palm began to glow and in an instant one nomad was quickly brought to his knees. The others quickly dispersed after seeing one of their own brought down so easily.

Alekson found the woman. Her clothes were torn and her face and arms were bruised and beaten. Alekson immediately checked for signs of life, but he was too late. He had taken too long. Distressed with the outcome of the woman's death he placed both of his hands onto her body and began to pray to his god, Mithaniel Marr. A silent prayer was said over and over, nearly inaudible.

Alekson's hands began to glow once more. But this time the illumination grew strong, momentarily blinding Alekson's eyes. Then just as the light grew strong, it faded away. To Alekson's surprise, the woman, who he later learned was Eraiza Laine, began to breathe life.

Mithaniel Marr chose to bring Alekson Garn up to the Halls of Honor for his valiant effort in saving the young woman. His chivalrous act granted him a place among the noble men of Honor. When death came, he awoke in the Halls of Honor to forever rest in peace and harmony.

The Sacrifice of Rhaliq Trell

Rhaliq Trell's was born to lead. His father served in the Army of Berr and taught him everything he knew about military leadership.

During a great invasion of their city, Rhaliq and his band of men were forced to abandon their homes. Armies of men began to flood through the city, disrupting their once-peaceful land. Many of the townspeople were forced into a nearby sanctuary to hide. It wasn't long before the invading army discovered where the townsfolk were hiding and its commander sent troops to get rid of them. Rhaliq, also in the sanctuary, watched the troops coming at the windows as the rest of the people in the sanctuary all climbed down hidden stairs that led to a tunnel that would lead them to the forest nearby.

But it was too late for everyone to escape. The troops were soon standing before the sanctuary with their swords drawn. Rhaliq looked at the number of townspeople left and knew he if didn't do something quickly, they would all certainly die.

In a valiant effort, Rhaliq opened the sanctuary doors and walked out to face the troops. Twenty-four men stood before him and six quickly moved to engage him. The sound of metal on metal filled the air. Two men fell before Rhaliq felt pain.

Rhaliq screamed in anguish, but did not stop swinging his sword. But his effort wasn't enough to keep him alive. Another sharp pain filled his body and blood rushed to his mouth, spilling out onto his armor. His eyes grew heavy and the world turned to darkness.

Rhaliq's death was not in vain, however. He had given the townspeople enough time to escape. Rhaliq found himself reawakening, fully dressed in ornate armor, and seeing Mithaniel Marr before him. His first words were to ask of the fate of the townspeople and when he learned of their safety, tears of joy ran down his cheeks. It was then that Mithaniel Marr asked him to remain in the Halls of Honor as an example to all. Rhaliq Trell graciously accepted.

Honor of Heroes

The final mausoleum holds the tombs of the honorable that have passed in Norrath over many years. Guards walk this area ensuring that all the tombs are left in peace.


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