Plane of Tranquility  

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The Plane of Tranquility

Sympathetic to Zebuxoruk's plight, Quellious allowed Zebuxoruk's followers to establish a permanent commune on one of her many island sanctuaries. The followers quickly established a static portal to the Plane of Knowledge, as well as several buildings and merchant areas.

The Plane of Tranquility consists of a few buildings and portals on a lone island cradled within an endless, serene sea. An impassable mountain ridge occupies the center of the isle, making the landscape impossible to view in its entirety as one travels the perimeter. A long, narrow waterfall can be seen cascading down the mountains, falling into a large lake that feeds several calm streams and brooks that wind their way through the land. Stretching along one side of the island is a beautiful tropical beach lined with palms and crystalline waters. On the other shore, rocky cliffs drop steeply into the ocean. The scarce buildings and landmarks are built so that they are open and exposed to the gentle tropical climate. Koi ponds, sand gardens, and detailed portals are placed about the island, all beautiful in their modest construction.

During the daylight hours, the sky is a clear azure blue dotted with white clouds that gently roll in and out with the soft stratospheric winds. At night, however, shimmering auroras shoot across a deep indigo sky, the countless stars glittering like diamonds upon a velvet drape.

Upon the island, the elders of tranquility engage in planar research using a technique wherein their essences channel power into several portals that open into the deeper, unexplored planes. To their dismay, they discovered that the willpower and mana that was required to maintain these portals eventually took a tool on the channelers' health. Specific routines were developed that included meditation, wearing and a specialized diet that seemed to slow the deteriorating health among the elder channelers. Exploration of the deeper planes has enabled scholars to gain a better understanding of the nature of reality and the role which mortals play. However, further complications with a few of the portals have reinjured the elders. The only means to help them may lie through the portals themselves.

Quellious, Goddess of Tranquility

Gentle, graceful and innocent in her child-like manifestation, Quellious is the consciousness and embodiment of tranquility. She is a deity who embraces the softer light of goodness and peace of the inner-self in harmony with the surrounding environment. Conflict is a thing that Quellious opposes most deeply, though she would not dare impose her beliefs on those who are unwilling to stray from their bloody paths. In the recent struggles to have taken hold between the astral and material realms, Quellious has chosen to politely and quietly bow out of involvement.

Though her plane has manifested, she herself cannot be found. It is believed that the plane itself is the embodiment of her consciousness for this particular chapter of history, though none are certain and no mention of her has been made upon the whispers of the greater plots that lurk the inner planes. Those deities composing the rest of the pantheon are content with her lack of interest in their affairs, for she surely would oppose many of their ambitions. Unfortunately for those whose hearts and minds wish for the same peace as she, Quellious is not a deity of action. Instead, she prefers to remain in a state of clam balance and harmony, waiting for the divine sanctity of the infinite cosmos to be restored of their own accord.

Her mortal followers within the material universe strive to achieve tranquility in all things within and around them, and rarely involve themselves in conflict. The recent turmoil to embrace their world, however, has forced many Quellious' followers to regrettably abandon their passivity and peaceful ways as they enter the battlefield in order to defend their communities and beliefs.[1]


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