Plane of Rage  

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The Plane of Rage

It is said that when one mortal kills another during a fit of rage that the killer is sent to the Plane of Rage when they die. There, in this war-torn plane of Sullon Zek, maiden of Rage, her minions and subjects wage an eternal battle. All newcomers to the Plane of Rage must endure the Seething Wall. At first, the subjects see an all-consuming darkness. Then they feel cold, leathery flesh and the pinch and scrape of armor against their bodies, crushing them from every direction. They also smell the stench of death on the cold air. More strangely, they begin to feel the urgent need to destroy and vent their unrelenting rage. They feel the power of Sullon Zek's rage calling to them. All creatures that find themselves in the Plane of Rage want nothing more than to fight for Sullon Zek and earn her respect. It doesn't matter how many they have to kill to gain her approval. With this eternal desire, every creature in the Seething Wall moves forward, shoving its way out to the edge. Ultimately, they come to stare out over The Devastation battlegrounds, anger growing in their hearts, waiting for Sullon Zek to call them to battle one by one.

The Devastation

Few of the souls warring on the fields of the plane give it a name. To most it is simply the place where they must fight or die and return to the rot and stench of the Seething Wall. If they refer to the battlegrounds at all, they call it The Devastation. The Seething Wall, the place of the armies' continual rebirth, surrounds The Devastation, looming over it as a reminder of the price of death. This wall is infinite, squirming with struggling bodies all aiming to please the Maiden of Rage. And from the torn ground of The Devastation, the armies can see their destination -- Sverag, the Stronghold of Rage. As soon as the bodies fall from the Seething Wall into The Devastation, they immediately find an alliance to strengthen their numbers to fight to the Mistress of Rage and earn her respect. The lands around them at the outer rim are dried and cracked and thoroughly trodden. They are littered with shattered stone from broken walls, fortresses and towers. The look of the land changes daily as battles rage across it. Structures are built and destroyed as armies vie for positions of power and fight the constant influx of enemies from the wall. And during this eternal war, the balance of power is always shifting.

The armies of the lands set up camps as quickly and frequently as they can by building low walls and tents at any point they feel is strategically sound. They usually do not last long. If opposing armies don't destroy them, the quaking earth will. Many creatures of Rage believe the ground trembles with Sullon Zek's rage. And as the swords continually clash and blood soaks the dry ground, every creature's prize looms at the center of The Devastation -- Sullon Zek's tower. Only by gaining control of Sverag, the stronghold, will the right to serve Sullon Zek be earned.

Source: EQ PoR Manual


Razorthorn, situated in the middle of the Plane of Rage, inside the borders of the stronghold, Sverag, was built by Rallos Zek. Some legends say he attempted to make the tower a comfortable place for his daughter. There are others who would suggest it was meant as a prison to keep Sullon in check, for Rallos feared his daughter's strength. Whatever the reasoning, it is clear the god of war knows little about comfort, as the towering structure has only one door, is entirely windowless, and is full of dark corridors and steep, winding stairs.

The Grand Librarian of the Plane of Knowledge, Maelin, has come up with a way to gain access to Razorthorn. An item known as an Enraged Flesh Charm will grant people entry into the tower. Those wishing to venture into the tower of Rage must complete a quest in order to do so.


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