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The Plane of Music

The Plane of Music is a section of the Plane of Magic granted to Ayonae Ro, Demi-Goddess of Music by her mother Druzzil Ro. In Everquest the Plane and Ayonae herself were corrupted by the influence of the newly ascended Mayong Mistmoore who moved to take the Plane of Music for his own after becoming a demi god. Thus what lore available for the zone is about the corrupted Plane of Music otherwise known as The Theater of Blood.

Organ music played by an unseen performer exhales from the gargantuan pipes jutting from the southeastern cliffs of the isle. The cloud cover thins, momentarily revealing a low-hanging harvest moon suspended in the horizon of the eternal night sky...

Eodue the Pure

Eodue the Pure, found patrolling the entrance to the Theater of Blood, speaks of a great evil that has ravaged the Plane of Music. Her six companions were among those inflicted with the curse, transforming them into their current raging forms: Gnarlibramble, Valik the Cruel, Mad Mary-Anne, Maestro Tan`lor, Vasella Fireblood, and Anastasia the Thought Drinker. Eodue's in game text follows in which she discusses the origins of herself and her companions as Echoes of the music of the greatest mortal bards on Norrath before they were corrupted by Mayong's influence:

Creation of Echoes of Music in the Plane of Music

Eodue the Pure says 'In this blessed place it would sometimes come to pass that the echoes of music from the mortal realm would be heard. If that music is pure enough, and its creator wise enough, it will sometimes take on physical form and reside here with us. I was one such being, and there were six others with me. I was created by the immortal notes of Selo himself and I am the eldest of the Muses. My six companions were inspired by Jonthan, Tuyen, Rizlona, Denon, Cassindra and Ervaj. Alas all save me have fallen to the curse that lives now in this place.'

You say, 'Tell me about Jonthan.'

Eodue the Pure says 'Yadanu was formed from the pure essence of Jonthan's music. Yadanu could use his pure clean voice to strengthen and empower those around him. Now he is twisted and evil and has taken the name Valik the Cruel. In his selfishness he has turned his focus inward and seeks only to empower himself.'

You say, 'Tell me about Tuyen.'

Eodue the Pure says 'Aedai was the pure manifestation of Tuyen's genius. Tuyen was skilled at weaving together the elements and Aedai was no different. Since the coming of the curse, however, she has slipped into madness. Mad MaryAnne is her name now and she twists and flings the elements of this world about in fits of rage.'

You say, 'Tell me about Denon.'

Eodue the Pure says 'Raelo sprang from the mind and heart of Denon. If Raelo had a fault it was too much pride, and that pride has mastered him now. He calls himself Maestro Tan`lor and he holds command performances where he forces the benighted denizens of this plane to sit stupefied for hours while he pontificates in the theater.'

You say, 'Tell me about Rizlona.'

Eodue the Pure says 'Sialaen was constructed from the very thought-stuffs of Rizlona's magical music. Some say that Rizlona's songs could light the world afire and Sialaen surely tried! Despite her fiery nature she was beloved by all. Now that the curse has corrupted her she goes by the name Vasella Fireblood.'

You say, 'Tell me about Cassindra.'

Eodue the Pure says 'Hiarith was the inspired creation formed by Cassindra's music. Under the influence of the curse that rests in this place he no longer radiates peace and healing. Instead he sucks the very mind and soul from those around him. Gnarlibramble is his name and he sulks in the woods of this plane. Beware his prickly nature!'

You say, 'Tell me about Ervaj.'

Eodue the Pure says 'Aelly was more beautiful than you can possibly imagine in your wildest mortal dreams, and was born from the soul of Ervaj. Now she is twisted and cruel, all thanks to this inscrutable curse and its dark master. She is renamed Anastasia the Thought Drinker. Fear her insidious ability to turn your power against you and steal the essence of your soul.'


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