Norrath Timeline  

This is a timeline of events in the EverQuest universe.

Abbreviations used in the timeline:

59663721EverQuest II beginsin game /time
59563711The ShatteringEQ2 Tome of Destiny ch.11
59063661End of The Rending
  • collapse & flooding of Cabilis
  • flooding of collapsed areas
  • collapse of Sub-Tunaria, destruction of Highpass
  • melting of Velious
  • floods
  • earthquakes
EQ2 Lighting the Torches of Forewarning book
58163571Beginning of The RendingEQ2, survivor in Castleview
58163571Rallosian Army Defeated in Qeynos, Freeport, Cabilis
  • Halas conquered
  • Gukta conquered
EQ2 Tome of DestinyHistory of the Iksar book guess
57913546Rallosian Army AroseEQ2 Tome of Destinyguess
57963551Attack on the Nexus. Breaking of the Spires.EQ2 Tome of Destiny ch.3, ch.11
54663221War of the Fay, Sealing of NeriakEQ2, survivor in Willow WoodLighting the Torches of Forewarning book
53953150Planes of Power accessed, Timeline Splitin-game /time
53773132Luclin discovered by Al'Kabor, Vah'Shir re-establish contactin game /time
53653120Planes of Growth and Mischief discoveredinference
53573112Velious discovered by gnome explorers in the vessel IceBreakerin-game /time
53453100Kunark mission to save Firona Viein-game /time
53363091Lanys T'vyl, Daughter of Innoruuk, invades Highpass and is defeated by Firona Vie
53443099Planes of Fear, Hate, and Sky discoveredinference
53363091Adventurers defeat Lady Vox and Lord Nagafeninference
53283083The Hatch to Underfoot is broken beneath Paineel. Master Yael seizes Old Paineel. New Paineel is built.EQ1 History of Paineel
53203075EverQuest releasedin-game /time
52133075Magical civil war of Erudites creates The Hole. In this crater the Heretics create the city of Paineel. The Shifting of the Vah Shir.Maps of Myristguess
52993054Antonius Bayle IV crowned.Maps of Myrist
52753030Antonius Bayle IV born.Maps of Myrist
52142969Antonius Bayle III born.Maps of Myrist
51912946Fayspires and Klik-Anon destroyedinference
51912946Antonius Bayle II crowned.Maps of Myrist
51552910Antonius Bayle II born.Maps of Myrist
51402895Highborne destroyed by PrexusEQOA
51352890Arcadin (Erudin) founded by Erud. starting the Age of EnlightenmentEQOAguess
51352890Freeport FoundedEQOAguess
51302885The reign of Antonius Bayle I begins as the city of Qeynos becomes a great city of man.Vahlar-DevMaps of Myrist
51202875Highborne founded by EruditesEQOAguess
51052860Antonius Bayle born.Maps of Myrist
50002755Fall of the Combine Empire. Katta and Seru emigrate to Luclin.Vahlar-Dev
49962751Erudin born.EQ2 Tome of Destiny
49802735The sands of Ro overtake the ancient city of Takish-Hiz, and the elves emigrate to Faydwer.EQOAguess
48002555Most recent date for birth of the Combine EmpireOn Languages by Geoffrey-Dev
43322107Highpass foundedseen in-game
22450Marr twins enlighten 24 barbarians, creating the Human raceErudin by Aradune-DevEQ2 History of the Barbarians guess

A.G.A.N.TimeEvents Source
03032787The Shissar encounter the Greenmist and are never seen again on Norrath. The Iksar are freed.
  • The Five Iksar Tribes grow in power (Kunzar, Jarsath, Kylong, Nathsar, Obulus).
  • Much was built during this time, including Charasis built by the Kunzar tribe, Torsis built by Lord Rak'Ashiir, and the resort of Veksar built by the Kylong tribe.
Before Green bookVenril the Chief EQ Atlas site Veeshan's Peak access quest Veksar quest
28533171072Venril Sathir born in Charasis as heir to the Kunzar chief.guessCharasis book
31333451100Venril Sathir becomes Chief of the Kunzar, discovers the library of Kotiz, begins to war the other tribes.Venril the Chief
35033821137Under Venril, the Kunzar Tribe conquers all others, forming the Sebilisian Empire. Sebilis built. Swifttale Caste formed under Grandmaster Tynn.Venril the ChiefEQ atlas Swifttale book
37034021157Rile Sathir becomes Emperor through treachery, disrupting Venril's transformation into a lich.
  • Rile Sathir's reign is marked by a rapid development of the navy, leading to control of the seas throughout Norrath.
  • For Kurn Machta was built Kurn's Tower and for the Vampire Lord Chosooth, the five towers of Teraaz (now known as Kaesoria.)
37134031158Rile Sathir forms the Crusaders of Greenmist.Shadowknight NPC in Cabilis
40634381193The Greenmist Khukri is forged by Haggle Baron Dalnir for Emperor Rile.Greenmist questThe Forbidden Tome book
40634381193Going against the decision of the Ring of Scale, Trakanon attacks the Armada of Rile in the Timorous Deeps, sinking it. The Emperor is slain.Captain of the Seas book
40634381193Atrebe Sathir becomes Emperor.
  • Using dark magics deep within Kurn's Tower, Emperor Atrebe breeds Sarnaks and the Sokokar flying mounts. The fortress of Chardok was later built for the Sarnak.
EQ Atlas site
45634881243Trakanon's defiance leads to a civil war amongst the Ring of Scale. As a result, the Sebilisian Empire reaches its height of power as the Emperor's creations lead to great victories against dragonkind.?
46034921247Ring of Scale reunites, turning the tide of war in their favor.?
46034921247Ganak Sathir becomes Emperor.?
50035321287Emperor Ganak and Dragon Lord Jaled-Dar destroy each other in the final battle of the war. The great Sathir dynasty is broken for all time. The Emerald Circle is formed to govern the Empire.?
50035321287Chottal Sathir begins his short lived reign. After this, the great Sathir dynasty is broken for all time. The Emerald Circle is formed to govern the Empire.Maps of Myrist
95039821737The Decline and Fall of the Sebilisian Empire.
  • With the unseen support of the Ring of Scale, the empire falls to slave uprisings, goblin invasions, and forest giant attacks.
EQ for Macintosh manual
95039821737The dragon Garudon perishes while destroying Veksar, which then sinks to the bottom of the Lake of Ill Omen.Spirit of Garudon quest
95039821737Fall of the Sebilisian Empire. The dragon Trakanon destroys the capital of Sebilis, is mortally wounded, turns self undead.Crusades bookguess
105640881843During The End Days, the spirits of Tunare, Underfoot and the Rainkeeper destroy the ancient cities and libraries of the Iksar. Whether this is literal or metaphorical is not known.
  • Charais is entombed.
Shaman questCharasis book Maps of Myrist
130043322087The empire is no more.
  • The five tribes of the Iksar suffer greatly.
  • Goblins take control of Karnor's Castle.
  • Sarnak, giants, and the undead of the fallen reside in the crumbling ruins of once great cities.
  • New Sebilis is founded on the ruins of Cabalis, an ancient port town.
EQ Macintosh manualMaps of Myrist
131243442099Karnor's Castle is retaken by Crusaders of Rok Nilok. They fail to take Cabilis.Crusades book
150045322287Iksar Empire re-established, centered on and limited to Cabilis.?
201350452800*The amulet of Venril Sathir returns to Charasis
  • Venril seizes Karnor's Castle with a drovalg and undead army.
209351252880High Elven beachhead thwarted by Venril Sathir's froglok army.Maps of Myrist
218152133075Fall of Torsis (City of Mist)Shaman epic
229353253080Second High Elven landing encounters forest giants and is destroyed. Dark Elves establish themselves on Kunark.Maps of Myrist
231353453100High Elves establish themselves on /time


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