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The Lineage of Sathir records the line of the first Emperor of Sebilis, and the Emerald Circle that ruled for a time after the imperial line was extinguished. Each ruler has their own more detailed post contained more information, this entry is simply a short synopsis. All members of the Sathir line are listed chronologically:

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Venril Sathir:

Venril Sathir was Chieftan of the Kunzar tribe in the days after the Shissar were driven from Norrath and the Iksar were newly freed and split into five tribes. He soon began his conquest of Kunark however uniting the five tribes into one single Sebilisian Empire with himself as Emperor. Venril married eldest daughter of the Obulus wizards Drusella Sathir and had a son Rile. Towards the end of his reign Venril began to seek a way to cheat death and extend his reign for all time, eventually he is said to have made a pact with Innoruuk, forsaking his creator Cazic-Thule, in exchange for sending the sick and elderly to be sacrificed to Innoruuk's well of souls Venril was granted the secrets of Lichdom. However his son Rile interfered with the final ceremony ending his father's reign and assuming the throne.

Rile Sathir:

Rile Sathir reigned for many years after his father and oversaw a great expansion of the Sebilisian Empire. During his reign many military outposts and other structures were built to expand the empire's control to all corners of Kunark including Kurn's Tower, a similiar tower in what was called the North Woods (Warslik's Woods), The Five Towers of Teraaz or Kaesora and the Karnor or Karnor's Castle. He also built up the Sebilisian Imperial Navy to patrol the waters of Kunark and engage in limited exploration and even piracy. It was Rile's expansion and love of his Navy that proved his undoing however, as the Blue Dragon of the Sky Trakkanon was no longer content to continue the Ring of Scales prefered method of dealing with "lesser" races, subterfuge and spying, and felt the Iksar constituted too great a threat to be so subtle. Trakkanon and a small group of rogue dragons swayed to his banner attacked Rile on the high seas, sinking the imperial flagship and all aboard including the Emperor, ending his reign and starting the Iksar Dragon war.

Atrebe Sathir:

Son of Rile, Atrebe Sathir took after his grandfather Venril and mastered the dark arts of necromancy, delving into ancient Shissar magics. In his hidden laboratory of Kor'Sha deep in the Frontier Mountains Atrebe created the Sarnak race by combining Iksars and Dragons as well as the Sokokar, a flying mount for his armies created from the crossing of Frogloks and Dragons. With his newly created air force Atrebe brought the war to the Dragons, putting his army on equal footing. Atrebe was killed in a mysterious explosion during one of his experiments ending his reign.

Ganak Sathir:

Ganak Sathir moved quickly after his father's death, killing his older siblings and assuming the throne. It was during Ganak's reign that the war with the dragon's reached its peak, the Imperial air force with their Sokokar mounts fought the dragons of the Ring of Scale to a standstill. In the end the war was decided in the skies above the Field of Scale, thereafter known as the Field of Bone due to the climactic conclusion of the final battle between Emperor Ganak and Jaled Dar, leader of the Ring of Scale. Both leaders were destroyed in the titantic clash, their bodies raining down on the battle field and blasting the once verdant field into a desolate wasteland.

Chottal Sathir:

Chottal Sathir ruled the empire for a very short time, assuming the throne after his father's fatal battle with Jaled Dar. So outraged by the loss of their leader the dragons of the Ring of Scale attacked the Royal Palace and the Royal Rookery, in one fell swoop killing Chottal and ending the line of Sathir in one final act of retribution. This ended the long Iksar Dragon war, both sides having taken great losses and unable to continue, choosing instead to retreat to their own lands and rebuild.

The Emerald Circle:

Without an Emperor to assume the throne for the first time in the history of the Sebilisian Empire, the lords of Sebilis settled on ruling through a council system composed of five members called The Emerald Circle, representing the five tribes before the unification. However while the dragons had retreated and ended open warfare they had not changed their mind about the threat the Iksar represented. The Ring of Scale simply reverted back to their normal methods of subtlety and subterfuge, using spies and misinformation to turn the various cities and groups of Iksar against each other as well as formenting disent within the ranks of the slave races of the Giants, Frogloks and Sarnak. Eventually the Emperald Circle broke apart, seperating into five states again and fighting amongst each other over reasources while slave revolts and the arrival of the goblins from Faydwer continued to weaken each state. The final blow was delivered by Trakkanon himself who during a massive slave uprising attacked the capital city of Sebilis and took up residence within to prevent any from returning. During these End Days the continent was under seige by the gods Tunare, Brell and Karana who unleash their powers and destroy most of the remaining cities of the empire scattering the remaining Iksar people to the wilds of Kunark.

Venril Sathir- The Lich:

Many years later through a long and convoluted series of events Venril Sathir eventually completed his transformation into Lichdom. Upon his return he found his empire in ruins, his capitol taken by Trakkanon and his people scattered across the wilds of Kunark, living in small tribes. Venril immediately set out to recover all he could from the ruins of his empire and amassed his findings in Karnor's Castle, his new seat of power. Wary of letting anyone know of his return Venril bided his time, building his strength and assembling an army of undead and lycanthropes called Drovargs to guard his castle. To this day he schemes and plots hidden in Karnor's Castle, waiting for the day he can rebuild his lost empire and punish the Ring of Scale.


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