The perpetually frozen city of Halas plays home to the Barbarian race. It is located in western Antonican, directly connected to Everfrost. Visitors to this frigid town may notice that it is a rather simplisticly designed, almost rural city; it simply represents its rugged inhabitants.

While comparatively smaller than other cities such as Freeport or Qeynos, it has everything the young Barbarian needs: merchants selling various wares, spell vendors, and class trainers for beastlords, berserkers, rogues, shamen, and warriors. One can also find facilities for various tradeskills: baking, brewing, blacksmithing, and pottery can be practiced.

The Barbarians' love of alcohol is reflected in the number of pubs, bars, and cantinas in the city: McDaniel's Smokes and Spirits, Sells' Food and Alcohol, and McQuaid's Bar and Stout are all within stumbling distance of each other. It is rumored that only the dwarves rival their ability to hold their liquor. It may be this, along with the dwarves' sence of duty and honor, that contributes to a strong relationship between the two races.

Of note, the banker of Halas, Kevon McTarnigal, is a member of good standing with Rogues of the White Rose, the Barbarian rogue guild. Doing quests for the Wolves of the North (the Barbarian warrior guild) or the Shamen of Justice (the Barbarian shaman/beastlord guild) may make banking in Halas more difficult.

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