EQ Mob:Emisarry of Erollisi  

You say, 'Hail, Emisarry of Erollisi'

Emisarry of Erollisi says, 'Greetings hero, I see that you have come from lands far and wide to witness all the joy and love our god of love has provided for us. Blessed be the hearts that [1] with emotion at the sight of one's desires. Every time a heartbeat quickens when that feeling overtakes someone, well that's where Erolissi Marr resides, within all of us. Even those who hate, still love to hate.'

You say, 'swell'

Emisarry of Erollisi says, 'Indeed hero. Our god speaks to us in many ways! However, there is often a type of love that is overlooked during these times that may not be as flashy or as exhilarating as the [2] of the romantic kind, but it is even more important to all of us no matter what corner of the plains we hail from.'

You say, 'love'

Emisarry of Erollisi says, 'That is correct. There is a young maiden in Cabilis who is looking for love but may be confused as to what the very idea of love is. Mayhap you could hark upon a [3] to spread the joys of what love truly is to this young soul.'

You say, 'quest'

You have been assigned the task 'I Guess This is Growing Up'.

Emisarry of Erollisi says, 'Go with love, oh cherished hero. The maiden can be found at Tink N Babble.'

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