Rez is short for resurrection.

When a player dies, he loses a significant amount of level experience gained. Until the the Guild Lobby was introduced (and thus, the ability to summon one's corpse immediately), the player's corpse and gear remained where he fell, but the player is returned to their "bind" point naked. The player needed to return to the zone in which he died to retrive his corpse and gear. Resurection needed to be done in that zone to restore most of the lost experience.

Rez can refer to anything from reanimation (a cleric's level twelve spell that simply returns you to your corpse with no experience return) all the way to Reviviscence which provides you with a 96% return of lost experience from the death. There are many variations of rez's that have increasing pecentages of experience returned. Clerics have the best resurrection spells, with paladins providing experience returns not far behind but topping at 90%. There are additional forms of rez's including items with a clickable effect and alternate abilities.

Necromancers can rez with the spell Convergance at level 53, and returns 93% of the experience lost. The utility of this spell is offset as it consumes an Essence Emerald, which can only be created by another level 45 or higher player sacrificing him or herself (causing a death that cannot be reversed with another form of resurrection). Necromancer resurrections are thus quite costly to perform and generally not a expected role outside of the raid environment.


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