Every year, EverQuest has special events for Halloween. They call them the "Nights of the Dead."

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Halloween Quests
Quest Group Min. Lvl Initiator Zone Reward Year Notes
Aragol's Seance Solo 15 Aragol
Crescent Reach Fiery Rock Candy 2006
The Bone CollectorGroup (3-6 players)10Barsin, the Bone CollectorKithicor ForestBristlebane's Ticket of Admission,
2005prerequisite for Bone Mask of Horror
Bone Mask of HorrorSolo20Zigan RibshardPlane of KnowledgeBone Mask of Horror (scales according to your level)—Illusion Frost Bone skeleton2005Mega-quest: a series of five quests. One must complete Trick or Treat for the Old Man (solo quest), The Hungry Halfling (solo task), Missing Costume Pieces (shared task), The Bone Collector (group task), and Out With the Old (group monster mission)
Carry the TorchSolo1RongolWest KaranaUnlocks Scarecrow Roundup2008
Digging Their GravesSolo1Edmund StrangewaysPlane of KnowledgeUnlocks The Hunt for Tattooed Flesh2009Lockout before repeat is ~18 hours. The shovel has a recast delay of 1000 seconds; bring the pain.
Find the Black CatSolo25Syxa JewlbornKithicor ForestScrumptious Jack-o-Lantern2006
Great Zombie AttackSolo1Crazy CharlieKithicor ForestCrystallized Candy Corn2006
Haunted CaveSolo20Jillian FlorantineCrescent ReachPirate's Gold2006
The Hungry HalflingSolo10Mippie DiggsKithicor ForestBristlebane's Ticket of Admission, illusion potion2005Tradeskill quest (baking and brewing), prerequisite for Bone Mask of Horror
The Hunt for Tattooed FleshSolo1Edmund StrangewaysPlane of KnowledgeFrightening Writ
(Scarecrow mercenary),
Title: The Gravedigger
2009To complete this quest, one must perform Digging Their Graves five times.
Lycanthrope's CureSolo30Laryen LycanthropeRivervaleGummy Bear Delight2006
Making Candy ApplesSolo25Wicked WinniePlane of KnowledgeCaramel-Coated Candy Apple,
Delectable Gummy Bears
Missing Costume PiecesShared
(1-6 players)
20A Dressed-Up HalflingKithicor ForestBristlebane's Ticket of Admission,
Armor (scales according to your level)
2005Level-adjusted: at different levels, you will be sent to different zones and receive different rewards, prerequisite for Bone Mask of Horror
Monster MashSolo35LurghKithicor ForestCandy Corn2006
Necromancer's GardenShared
(1-6 players)
11Leavalin MossbiteGreater FaydarkFloating Skull Potion,
Worm Skull Muffin
2008Clickie the skulls to death! The Floating Skull Potion has a required level of 70, but the stat food can be used by all. 20 hour lockout on completion.
Nektulos Ghost RiderSolo1Grom ShivesNektulos ForestCloak of Death2007
Out With the OldGroup (3-6 players)20Cathil and A Silly PuppetKithicor ForestShield of the Void (scales according to your level)2005In order to request this task, you must first obtain Bristlebane's Ticket of Admission from one of a few other Kithicor Halloween tasks, prerequisite for Bone Mask of Horror
Scarecrow RoundupSolo1RongolWest KaranaScarecrow Potion,
Spiced Crow's Blood
2008Someone must complete Carry the Torch in order to spawn the mobs who will help corral the scarecrows. The Scarecrow Potion is level 70, but the stat drink can be used by all.
Skeleton ZappingSolo10MultipleStarting citiesGinormous Jawbreaker2006
Terror of Illis TaberishShared
(1-3 players)
10Illis TaberishPlane of KnowledgeVampire Bat2010
Under Your SkinGroup (3-6 players)85Rhaeda EvelPlane of KnowledgeStambles the Reincarnate
(undead bunny pet)
2010It is necessary to do Terror of Illis Taberish first
Toadstool SurpriseSolo1a wizened hermitPlane of KnowledgeFreemind Spore Earring2006
Toxxulia Pie FlingSolo10Marta StalwartToxxulia ForestTasty Squash Pie2007
Trick-or-Treat for the Old ManSolo10Old Man DraykeyKithicor ForestBristlebane's Ticket of Admission, snack food2005Collect 10 candies, prerequisite for Bone Mask of Horror
Troublemakers in FaydarkSolo1Silas LightweaverGreater FaydarkFirework: Nagafen Fire2007
Undead RisingSolo15Corporal GravlinQeynos HillsFirestorm Torch2007


In 2014, seven Halloween-related achievements were added:


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