At the initial release of EverQuest, the Froglok race were an NPC residing in the connected NPC cities Upper Guk (living) and Lower Guk (undead), which is located next to Innothule Swamp.

At the release of the Legacy of Ykesha expansion in February of 2003, the in-game lore explained that the Frogloks were blessed by Lord Mithaniel Marr and lead to overthrow the trolls. The now sentient Frogloks overtook the trolls and claimed Grobb as their own city, renaming it to Gukta ("New Guk"). Trolls fled to the Teir'Dal city of Neriak.

Frogloks, at this point, became a playable race. Players were able to play Frogloks as clerics, paladins, shamans, warriors, and wizards.

During the events of The War in 2005, the trolls reclaimed Grobb with the assistance of the Teir'Dal. Gukta was relocated to the Rathe Mountains. The Frogloks, distraught at their loss, took to darker magics and deception to assist in gaining their old home back. Frogloks can now, in addition to the aforementioned classes, play as necromancers, rogues, and shadow knights. In 2014, Monks became a playable class for Frogloks.[1]

Frogloks have a medium build, ultra vision, and a starting swimming skill of 125.

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