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Lizard Man is a race of sentient bipedal reptilian creature native to Antonica, created by Alliz Onu and Cazic-Thule. They come in green and brown varieties depending on the specific race of Lizard Man. They are one of the races that have their own Bane DMG modifier.

There are native green Lizard Men in the Mountains of Rathe, on the faction Lizard Man.

There are native green Lizard Men in The Feerrott on opposing factions. The Tae Ew on Allize Taeew faction follow Cazic-Thule. Their enemies are on Allize Volew faction.

There are native green Tae Ew and brown Thul Tae Ew in Cazic-Thul.

The names of the tribes of Lizard Men and the name of their Queen Mother can be spelled backwards to reveal secret, hidden programmer messages: Alliz Onu = Uno Zilla, Allize Taeew = We Eate Zilla, Allize Volew = We Love Zilla.

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