Beginning Diplomacy (VG Quest)  

Vanguard Quest
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[1]Beginning Diplomacy
 · Qalia/Hathor Zhi (-15,-10)/Hathor Zhi
 · Diplomacy
Speak to Nalzen Hun'tlar in the central chamber of Hathor Zhi.
Dark Elf Diplomacy
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Beginning Diplomacy

Nalzen says, "There is a time for blades and a time for words. True power lies in knowing not only when to use one or the other, but when to use them both."

"I am going to teach you how to win an arguement. Carefully read the dialogue as the process unfolds. I'll explain Expression, the push and pull of discussion, and how to win."

Quest Summary

Speak with Nalzen and read through Beginning Diplomacy Tutorial: Strategy.

Then, hail Nalzen and choose the parley option entitled Parley.

Follow Nalzen's instructions and they will tell you how to win a parley.

Quest Objectives

  • Parley Part One
  • Parley Part Two

Quest Rewards

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