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Alternate Advancement

Alternate Advancement
Category EQ AA
AA Costs page info


EQ Wiki Tribute
EQ Wiki Guild Tribute
EQ 1-3K Tribute Items List (sortable)
EQ 3-10K Tribute Items List (sortable)
EQ 10K+ Tribute Items List (sortable)
Alphabetical List of Tribute Items




How to read Spell Data information and how to determine sticking and stacking
EQ Wiki Focus Effects
Best Focus Effects upto Level 75
Samanna Level 75 Focus Effects
Cached version of above
Mana Preservation upto Seeds of Destruction
List of Overhaste Spell Effects
Audio Triggers

Spell Data

unknown145 Seems to have something to do with Expansions or Continents for Transport spells, other spells seems to indicate a type of spell, like vision related, or disease, etc.

Spell Effects IDs


Stuns without a level specification are capped at level 55, otherwise whatever the Spell Data specifies, i.e. Chaotic Strike VI:
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 225
2: Stun (1.00 sec/70)
Means stun upto level 70 mobs, that are not immune.
Personal Stats and Resists
Secondary Modifiers (Mod2s) from Samanna
HP Regen cap, is 35 to 65, then +2 / level above 65, as the Samanna does not clearly explain this cap.
Worn Haste is capped at Level+1%; Worn Haste + Casted Haste (Increase Attack Speed) caps at 100%, Worn + Casted + Overhaste (Increase Haste v3) caps at 125%.
Quiver Weight Reduction (WR) Percentage / 3 = Bow-only stackable innate Overhaste, and is not capped, so theoretical max bow haste = 158%, and practical max bow haste = 155% from Fleeting Quiver.


Zone Unlocks by Level
Exp Distance = 500 from mob death spot. Highest = 1.5 * Lowest + 1 round fractional results down (with a minimum of 5 levels difference and a maximum of 30)
Lowest = (Highest - 1) * 0.666 round fractional results up
Grouping Level Ranges table
Table of Levels
Low XP Spots
Where to Level 65+
65-70 XP especially for Mage


About using Maps and /loc command to navigate
Details of Map File Contents
In-game Map File Layers


Mapfiend Map Packs Select All Maps and hit the Download button.
Elite Gamer MapQUest packs
EQ Resource Have to download each expansion separately.
Rasper's HoT maps archive
Allakabor mirror of EQAtlas site
Another mirror of EQAtlas site


You need to set the folder to have read and write permissions. Right-click on the maps folder, select Properties. On the first tab, uncheck Read-Only. In Vista, you also need to go to the Security tab, select your user name, click Edit, select your user name on the new list, in the bottom list, uncheck any Deny, and hit Ok, hit Ok.
If that doesn't work, and is often the case when installed to the program files directory, then you may need to take ownership.
Usng Winzip for you Mapfiend map packs

Setting Folder Permissions to allow installation of maps
Printable Hand-drawn maps
Mirror of above site

General Information

Wayback Machine archive of showing differences between f2p (Bronze and Silver) and All-Access (Gold)
INI and User Files
Patch Notes 2
Just Returning Patch Notes
Game Terminology
Instanced Zones
LDoN Expansion Overview
Advice on Mercs
Controlling Mercs


Lucy Item Database Definitions
Clicky Items


Head: Cowl of Mortality * Shissar Scale Headband * White Dragon Helm
Face: Mask of the Dragon Slayers * Gantru Warmask * Grimling Skin Mask
Ears: Yellow Fang Earring * Trillion Cut Harmonagate Silver Earring * Stilmoon Hoop
Neck: Zlandicar's Talisman * Trillion Cut Harmonagate Silver Pendant * Choker of the Wretched
Shdr: Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons * Shawl of Perception * Matchless Dragonwing Mantle * Engraved Bone Pauldrons
Arms: Netherbian Scale Vambraces * Cracked Sleeves
Back: Hierophant's Cloak * Sibilisian Berserker Cloak * Cloak of Flames * Cloak of Crystalline Waters * Onyx Drakescale Cloak
Wrst: Bracelet of Quickness * Putrid Skin Bracer * Silver Bracelet of Energy
Rang: Polished Stone Luck Piece * Bloodstone of the Dance * Eye of Narandi * Thundercrest Garden Shovel * Foulpresence of the Broodqueen * Jewel of the Mind's Eye
Hand: Velium Encrusted Gauntlets * Ice Silk Gloves * Slime Blood of Cazic Thule
Prim: The Horn of Hsagra * Festive Doll * Insignia of Broken Skull
Seco: Orb of the Infinite Void
Ring: Ring of Lightning * Trillion Cut Harmonagate Silver Ring * Djarns Amethyst Ring * Chipped Ring of Bloodcalling
Chst: Matchless Dragonhide Breastplate * Phase Spider Carapace * Elder Spiritist's Breastplate * Loam Encrusted Robe * Fungus Covered Scale Tunic
Legs: Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings * Spirit Channeler Leggings * matchless Dragonleg Breaches * Dragonscale Greaves * Elder Spiritist's Greaves
Feet: Boots of Concentration * Mithril Boots * Black Acrylia Boots * Sandals of Ire * Blood Weave Lined Shoes
Belt: Racnar Hide Belt * Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt


Cultural Supplies

Defiant Armor

Defiant Req Rec
Crude 00 10
Simple 05 20
Rough 15 30
Ornate 26 40
Flawed 37 50
Intricate 48 60
Elaborate 59 70
Elegant 70 80
Extravagant 80 90


Basics of Augmentations
Best Defensive Augs
Slot 4 Augs with a Proc
Omens of War Augments


Containers - Newer wiki page.
List of 10, 9, 8, and 4-7 slot bags


Lucy Damage Bonus charts.
Easy comparison using ratios of Dmg / Dly: Primary Ratio + 1/2 Secondary Ratio = total Dual Wield Ratio; 2H Ratio = Dmg / Dly with same ratio 2Hers having more average damage for longer delay due to how damage bonus is figured.
Lucy Item Damage Bonus Tables
Old Alla Weapon Comparison Formula
Practice Weapons - Low delay weapons that are good for practicing weapon skills.
Riposte Weapons - List of lower level weapons good for Riposte Disciplines.
Special Procs
Aggro Procs
PB AE Weapon Procs
Items with Snare (mostly weapons, but some clickies)
Twinkable Backstabbers
Some comments on Weapon Procs
Some Weapon Quests
Fabled Ranger Weapons


All Potion Belt Slot Enabling Items


Fanra's Graphics Settings Guide

Unsorted Bookmarks

Downloading Maps
power source
Ranger bowing
Twinking a New Ranger?
How to Macro?
How does Tribute work?
Rasper's Repository Links -- About how Lucy works
Help please! d3dx9_30.dll not found
D3DX9_30.dll missing? help !
List of Bags
Focus Effects in the Classic World
Mage aa sweet spot
Merc upgrade?
Loyalty Tokens
Fellowships: how do they work?
Chat font size on the typing line
4-404 error fixes

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