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Starting shortly before the release of the Legacy of Ykesha expansion, I've explored Velious and Kunark. I've raided Shadows of Luclin and Planes of Power. After a break of several years, I'm in Norrath on occasion as a casual player. Having little interest in grinding levels for the sake of grinding levels again, I'm generally content to two-box in most zones released prior to the Omens of War expansion, exploring the stuff I missed the first time.

Despite having only played on the PC version of EverQuest, I used to lurk on the forums of I was quite the fan of EQ Atlas.

Primary Characters

Biertrinker Oktoberfest (Master Brewer)
Barbarian Warrior of Halas (Wolves of the North)
Disciple of The Tribunal

Nootaikok Frostcaller
Barbarian Shaman of Halas (Shamen of Justice)
Disciple of The Tribunal

Sopona Poxcaller
Erudite Shadow Knight of Paineel (Heretics)
Disciple of Cazic-Thule

Morbidity Bonecaller
Erudite Necromancer of Paineel (Heretics)
Disciple of Cazic-Thule

Moksha Bladecaller
Half-Elf Rogue of Freeport (Coalition of Tradefolk Underground)

Dharmapala Soulcaller
Half-Elf Paladin of Freeport (Knights of Truth)
Disciple of Mithaniel Marr

Retired Characters

Kroduk Tekulve, Keymaster of Luclin
Redeemed Half-Elf Rogue of Freeport (Coalition of Tradefolk Underground)
Disciple of Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane

Articles Created

Ability: Safe Fall
Ability: Slam
City: Halas
City: Oggok
City: Paineel
City: Rivervale
Tradeskills - Languages of EverQuest
Tradeskills - Make Poison
Tradeskills - Spell Research
Special Titles

Articles with Significant Reworking or Expansion

Ability: Feign Death
Class: Rogue
Race: Dwarf
Race: Erudite
Race: Froglok
Race: Gnome
Race: Half-Elf
Race: Halfling
Race: High Elf
Race: Ogre
Race: Troll
Race: Vah Shir
Race: Wood Elf
City: Kaladim
Cities of EverQuest (expanded)
Classess Available in EverQuest (clean-up)
"Int" Casters (clean-up)
"Wis" Casters (clean-up)
Soloing in EverQuest (clean-up, slight expansion)
Tradeskills (article generated, titles added)
Races of EverQuest (reorganization)

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