Fobbin Fizzlefoot At birth I was unwanted by me parents because I had a blue light glowing around me. I donít know their names but I could care less. I was dropped off on the doorstep of Joework Farmerfoot, who took me in his arms and called me his son regardless of the light. Later on, I was given the name of Fobbin by me father, Joework. Joework had no wife and was glad to have me for company, but he was looking forward when I could help him in the farm. As time went on, I grew and started in the farm but felt no joy when we harvested a great crop of jumjum. One time as my father and I where working in on the farm Motto had snuck behind us and started to attack me but my father got him off. They where fighting for along time and I saw that me father was losing. I wished I could help in some way and then a blue illuminating light surrounded me and then around my father and my he felt much better and defeated Motto. He then told me that I was an orphan and that I had a mysterious blue light glowing around me at when he found me. I was shocked, mad, frightened, and relived because I now knew why I did not like to work on the farm. I told this to my dad and he took me to the mayor, I then received a letter to see the leader of the cleric guild. And now I start my life as Fobbin Fizzlefoot and my journey as a Cleric!!! Fobbin Fizzlefoot Cleric of Rivervale Follower of Bristlbaneís Wisdom Nameless server