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Donilla Half Elf Ranger. My Mother is Human, a lady-in-waiting to a minor noblewoman. My Father is an Elven Ranger, who served the nobleman for a time. It was a time of war, and of arranged marraiges between the minor nobility. While my mother cared for her husband, she was drawn to this foreign warrior, and discretion was thrown to winds. Things could not continue of course, and when the current hostilities ceased, my Mother and Father parted, each to pursue their chosen ways of life. The nobleman's Holding was near Elven Lands and there is much Elven blood in the Human population of the area. So my Elven features went unremarked, and caused no gossip, when I was born 8 months after my Mother's Human husband returned from war. When I reached adulthood, I had a chance encounter with a seeress. She saw the truth of my lineage, and the whereabouts of my Father were revealed to her, and to me. With my mother's blessing, but in secret as my true parentage must remain unrevealed, I journed many a long day to Surefall Glade. I made myself known to my father, and was accepted. It was he who instructed me in the ways of the Ranger. And now I journey the lands of Norrath as a Ranger, like my Father.