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Finndo is... ummm... well... Finndo.... He believes himself to be a nearly immortal prince of some long forgotten, mythical court of beings he terms "Shadow Walkers." He states that he was snared by his fascination of Tunare's beauty, and punished by that goddess for daring to love her by being shrouded in mortal form and trapped within the precincts of the world of Norrath. It is true that he has no past of which anyone knows: no memories of him as a child, no logical speculation as to whom his parents could have been. Finndo wandered into the walkways of Kelethin one day, no one knew him, and no one wished to approach him too closely for there was a sort of palpable intensity about the youngish looking elf that discouraged closeness. Still, Finndo acted as if he had been born and raised in the city. He knew the paths of the Faydark, and all of Faydwer, as one who had walked them his entire life. Strange as well is his pretentious choice of surname...for Oberon is the mythical, great King of Faery, and one who is spoken of with awe--when his name is remembered at all. Finndo is an enigma...and it is suspected that that is exactly the way he wishes it to be.... But such unflattering things are not uttered often in his presence, as Finndo is quick to anger, and is rarely unarmed. Of himself Finndo has been wont to say, "All that I ask of my goddess is that she grant me sharp blades, arrows that fly true, an endless supply of enemies, and boon companions with whom to share the slaughter. Anything else is mere candy and fluff."