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Big 'ol geek. Played EQ back in the day (from Planes to GoD). And now...I'M BACK! Also play CoH/CoV. I just love games, especially MMOs. I'm big into the tradeskill thing as well as the whole guild concept. I currently administer a guild on the Freeport server. We were level 90 until my co-founder, due to real life issues with me, deleted the guild leaving a great group of people confused and angry. I am now attempting to rebuild Night and Day guild on the Freeport server. The guild is based on the philosophy that it's your $15 so you play the way you want as long as you contribute to the guild and respect your fellow guild members. It's a very relaxed atmosphere. We eventually, once again, want to provide somethnig for everyone, i.e. grouping, raiding (not required), tradeskill fests, or just chit chat on our Teamspeak server which actually hosts various games. It's a thriving little community. YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US!!!!