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My earliest recollections stem from my days as a youth fishing off the docks in the protected glen of Surefall. My mother was from Quenos and father from Kelethin the tree city. Being half elf I was both loved and shunned by the locals in Quenos. The latter being the reason I spent most of my time in Surefall. I found the peacefulness and beauty of the glen much more appealing than the hustle and bustle of city life. I knew my life would end up in service of nature and solitude. I was given responsibilty to raise bear cubs that were orphaned by poachers that raid the bear sanctuary. A job I relished and eagerly took on. My father went away during this time and was killed by undead creatures that roam the Kithkor forest on his way to defend Kelethin from the orc armies trying to capture the city. I have since had an aversion for orcs and the mindless undead that were my fathers demise. I began my studies in earnest from that point on and became a Druid and bear protectorate within Surefall. I was soon given taks to protect animals from poachers within the Karanas. My travels took me farther and farther from Surefall and soon I found myself in the city of my father. I found I was more welcome there than anywhere I had been before. Yet I was still an outcast to some. It was there I met and was befriended by a half elf paladin named Botar Kin. He was my protector and mentor though we followed different paths in life. As I grew in power it was I who also was his protector. We have had many adventures and many close calls but there is no other adventurer I would rather share the road with. My life is still unfolding and there is much to see and do for the greater praise of Tunare.