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I have lived in Norrath since before the lands of Kunark were born. I have traveled to many strange and far off places and seen sights not to be believed. I have fought monsters that can make your blood boil and lived to tell the tale. Many good friends I have found and some I have lost. I started out with Sisters of Orion, a young and new shamaness not knowing that one day I would lead these brave and honorable women. As the world around us changed we adapted. We spread across the lands and soon found new homes. We are still found living in the ways of the Sisters to this day. As a shamaness I am called upon to buff the weak, speed the slow, slow the fast and even heal the injured. In my travels over the years I spoke with many a people. Many told me of their plight. I walk the path of life secure in the knowing that I am freed from the fear of evil and that dying is only one journey of many that I will take in my quest of life.