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my story is on http://www.parisx.net i was one of the first on the server Sullon Zek, this first unforgotable night where the players of everquest were 4000 online !! with my troll shaman gorgorbey (hopefully the gorgorbey french hero ogre well known in france was not taken), then i rerolled as a goodie when i went to lvl 39. I personnaly found that GOODIE way was the best challenge on SULLON SEK ! me and my friend are never anonymous ! or just in secret raids or also when are going far in ennemy lands. so we want to show them and newbies can call us as they see our lvl for some informations about sullon zek. (and it happens a lot of time) So after going to lvl 45 ranger and paladin we decided to reroll again :) Druid and Chanter then at lvl 17 both i rerolled for a final caracther i will stick to ! The Bard i raised to 25th ! i was loving it ! and it ended in the last 2002 may. then now i am relaxing on the Kane Bayle Server ! you know SZ is a very stressing server. I finally came back to the bard :D